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WWE RAW 11/12 Ratings Breakdown ~ Jerry Lawler's Return!

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Wrestling fans and wrestling critics alike. It is time for your weekly dose of the Deluxe Lounge. Let's see how WWE faired on the go-home show to Survivor Series 2012. By the way, I'm keeping the intro short for a reason. You'll find out why as you continue reading. Let's get to it.

The November 12th WWE RAW did a 2.86 cable rating with 4.19 million viewers. Well, it doesn't look like much hasn't changed when it comes to TV ratings in the WWE. They continue to hover around the 2.9 - 2.5 portion of the ratings where they've been since September. Granted, it is at least in the high 2.0s and not the lows like it was a few weeks ago. Still, it is below average. What stopped the show from reaching average this week? Find out yourself.

Randy Orton and Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio lost 74,000 from the opener. Both of these matches are harmless and have a purpose. Create interest for the Traditional 5-on-5 Survivor Series match. It isn't a big loss, which is a good thing. However, a promo segment before the match could have been nice. Maybe it could have kept the viewers from tuning out.

The angle with Vickie Guerrero, AJ Lee, John Cena and Dolph Ziggler as well as Big Show vs. William Regal gained 468,000 viewers. For an angle that is completely stupid and in a pretty random spot of the show even, this is a BIG growth in viewership. I guess people really do care about AJ Lee and John Cena. Maybe fans have just accepted it for what it is and are just having fun with it, despite how horrible it is. It is like Twilight. People know it is shit, they know the acting is wretched, and know the movie has no plot, but they go to scream and drool over heart-throbbing vampires. Lee and Cena drank a lot of blood in this segment. Also, the match between Show and Regal was actually pretty decent. It's always nice to see William Regal on TV. Let's hope we see more of him in the future.

Layla vs. Kaitlyn and clips to hype Jerry Lawler's return lost 234,000 viewers. Ugh. Okay. The diva's match? Harmless. It set up the Survivor Series match between Eve Torres and Kaitlyn nicely. But those video packages to hype up Jerry Lawler's return...? Here we go.

[Soapbox rant]

Are you fucking kidding me???? There was actually someone backstage filming Jerry Lawler while he was dead on the stretcher. Absolutely disgusting! The one thing fans want to forget is the image of Jerry Lawler almost dying from a heart attack and here is WWE SHOWING us the footage of him actually DEAD on the stretcher. WTF? What kind of sick human being would actually use THIS as a way to hype up a return? Wouldn't it be more necessary to just say he is returning on this night and mention the heart attack? Hell, why not just show Michael Cole announcing it? We don't NEED to see him dead on the stretcher. Disgusting. I'm surprised it didn't lose more viewers, but then again, we do end up losing them later on so ...

[rant over]

Okay. Let's continue.

Lawler's return with the segment involving CM Punk, Paul Heyman and Mick Foley gained 745,000 viewers for a high 3.38 quarter hour rating. The end of the angle lost 876,000 viewers.
I'll bet money that most of you are reading this blog just to see how this segment did. Well, the numbers speak for themselves. When Lawler comes out, we have a pretty big growth in viewership. He does his speech and then CM Punk comes out with Paul Heyman. Punk says some harsh stuff to Lawler, claiming that the beat down he gave him in the steel cage match is the reason he got a heart attack. That was typical heel move 101. Now -- what proceeded afterwards is what apparently lost the 876,000 viewers. Following the comments from CM Punk, Heyman starts coughing and faints to the mat in a very over-the-top, animated, and overdramatic fashion. Punk panics, holds up the X, and goes over to perform CPR that looks absolutely rehearsed on Heyman, and Heyman revives almost immediately. Foley comes out to condemn CM Punk for his actions and literally tells him he hopes he loses at Survivor Series 2012. That's about it.

Okay, let's go ahead and address the elephant room. Did I personally find the segment offensive and necessary? Honestly, yes, it was offensive. Do I think WWE went too far? No. Here is the reason why. First off, I can guarantee you Jerry Lawler was okay with what happened in this segment; otherwise it would not have happened at all. Punk and Heyman would not have gone through with their actions if they knew it would offend Heyman.

Secondly, and most importantly, IT'S EDGY TV! One of the things that made the Attitude Era such an exciting time to watch wrestling is the idea that anything can happen. Men getting their privates chopped with a Singapore cane, old women giving birth to a hand, women getting power bombed through tables, bikini contest, boob shots, etc. If WWE is willing to go as far as to mock an actual heart attack that just tells you how limitless their boundaries are. This segment re-established the idea that ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN on RAW, which is what we desperately have been missing for years.

Personally, I enjoyed the segment. I thought Heyman's actions were comical and really made light of a dark situation. Hell, they even got Lawler to have fun with himself when the ambulance arrived for Maddox's match and he said, "Oh look, my ride is here!" Haha. I can understand why people were offended and definitely understand the lost in viewership. But I'm sorry. I've been BEGGING for WWE to get edgy for years and when they finally do it, you expect me to bitch? No sir! I love it. GIVE ME MORE! Well, if we're going to be appropriate ... FEED ME MORE!

Sin Cara, Rey Mysterio,Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel vs. Titus O'Neil, Darren Young, Primo and Epico gained 233,000 viewers. There we go! That's what I want to see when it comes to tag team wrestling. This was a very good match and I'm happy to see it gain viewers. I heard rumors we might be getting this match again, only this time it will be an elimination tag team match. SWEET! I'm all for it.

Tensai vs. R-Truth lost 253,000 viewers. Nothing special. It wasn't really a pointless match since it gave R-Truth some momentum for his match against Cesaro this Sunday. However, I can't say I really care about it. Apparently, neither did the viewers who tuned out.

Brad Maddox vs. Ryback gained 755,000 viewers for a 3.28 quarter rating in the 10pm timeslot. Well, well, well. Those are some extremely good numbers for Brad Maddox and Ryback. So far, this is the LARGEST growth in viewership for the top of the third hour. Both men should take a bow. The match was entertaining and the beat down afterwards was just as good. Ryback redeems himself from the HUGE loss of viewers he had weeks ago and Brad Maddox looks good on his debut. Only good things can come from this -- let's hope Ryback and Maddox reap rewards for it.

Sheamus vs. David Otunga lost 910,000 viewers. OUCH! As soon as we got that large growth in viewers, we lose ALL of them and then some in the next segment. An absolutely pointless match between Sheamus and David Otunga loses almost a million viewers, dropping the rating right back down to the 2.0s. Why even have this match to begin with?? Did anyone think Sheamus would actually lose to Otunga? Stupid booking and it deserved to lose ratings. Such a shame to. This match ranks as the top segment to lose the most viewers all year.

Kane and the Miz vs. Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow lost 40,000 viewers. Another match to hype up Team Foley vs. Team Ziggler this Sunday. I like the Miz as a babyface so far. I hope they continue to go with it and see how well he fairs. Miz is a likable guy, believe it or not, when he wants to be.

The first half of CM Punk vs. John Cena lost 313,000 viewers and did a 2.42 quarter hour rating. Wow. This is a.... well no. It's not a shock! Why? BECAUSE WE'VE SEEN THIS MATCH TOO MANY FUCKING TIMES ALREADY! What will it take for WWE to understand that they cannot continue to give the fans the same matches OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER again and expect them to have the same interest each time? If you listen to a great song over and over and over again, eventually you'll get sick of it. Learn how to mix things up. I'm begging ya. Luckily, things did pick up.

CM Punk vs. John Cena picked up with a 2.99 quarter rating after gaining 528,000 viewers. I suppose viewers tuned back in to see how the show ends at least. Cena beats CM Punk, FINALLY! Granted, he had an assist from Ryback, but he still beat Punk, FINALLY! The show ends with Cena and Ryback having a tug-a-war with the belt and Punk comically whining like a kid in the background. Classic shot.

For the most part, this RAW was a lot better than the usual crap we got over the last month or so. Maybe that fact that Linda isn't running for Senate anymore has caused WWE to finally loosen up on their product and have a little fun. Let's see how things progress into the next year. I'll leave you with the video of the week. A preview for the PPV this Sunday. Enjoy and see you next week.

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  1. ewantu2's Avatar
    Big Show vs Sheamus has had long build, and the WWE title match, but the rest of the matches had like 1 week lol.
  2. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    If WWE wanted to announce its return to edgy, this was the completely wrong way to do it and the viewers thankfully responded.

    It's like you say, WWE is disgusting for not only having someone shoot the footage of Lawler dying but actually showing everyone and trying to turn this into kayfabe.

    Let me ask you a question.....What's your favorite moment from the entire Attitude Era? For most people, it has nothing to do with being "edgy." but they usually are big time moments, which is what WWE doesn't understand.

    The show is just way too vanilla now. That doesn't mean every week you have to explode DX's trailer or have Austin come spray the McMahons with a beer truck but they don't even try to think big anymore.
  3. cjstonecold's Avatar
    Let's be real here. The fake heart attack angle that CM Punk, Heyman, and the WWE was very sickning. I'm sure Lawler was ok with the segment, but do people really want to see this? Obviously not. I know they try to give CM Punk more heat, but it reminds me more of the crap they pulled in past years. For example, the balls plasy with JR, Vicki and Mickie James weight..etc.. As far as edgy goes, yeah I'd agree to a certian extent. The segment never would have happened 3 weeks ago. And why? Because Linda McMahon was going for her Sentae race. The attitude era is definetly over and I miss it as well. But it's not coming back. So WWE needs to wake up and quit taking pot shots at their talent.
  4. Cynicism's Avatar
    I'm glad someone took offence at the same bit I did, the showing Jerry dead on a stretcher was very poor taste, a heel gaining heat from a consenting face, a bit cheap but I can put up with that. Why not show a highlight reel of Jerry's Career for his comeback rather than the near end of it?

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