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Aaron Gratton

Gratton’s World of Wrestling: WWE, Hmm...

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Raw, Smackdown and PPV’s – no matter the WWE programme at the moment, I find myself going into a state of ‘hmm...’

As a Brit, I religiously record my weekly wrestling fix of Raw and Smackdown (and PPV’s every month) because they’re on when we across the pond are soundly tucked up in bed. Usually, I can’t wait to enjoy the feast that’s been recorded the night before – I attempt to avoid social media (or use it as sparingly as possible) so as not to find out what happened.

That’s usually the case. However, lately, things are a little different. There isn’t really much happening that’s giving me much of a reason to put myself out to press the play button. I love it, don’t get me wrong, but when I’m watching I find myself thinking about how much I can fast-forward (not including the mind-numbing amount of adverts) in order to get through it as quick as possible.

Raw is three-hours, and it has been for a little while now – enough for creative to have got a grasp of the new schedule. Have they? Well, I think we all know the answer to that one. It’s far too long. It feels as though we’re watching a poor PPV every week with Raw being the same length (apart from Wrestlemania).

As a result of Raw becoming three-hours, this sees Smackdown wrestlers (not that separate rosters really exist anymore) get more TV time, even involving all blue-brand promos and matches on Monday nights. This wouldn’t be so bad if when it comes to Smackdown that literally half of the show wasn’t used for showing what happened on Raw. I don’t mind a quick recap, that’s fine, but replaying of whole segments? No. It’s boring, it’s unneeded and it’s time that could be used for something far more productive.

I’ll come back to Smackdown a little later in the post, for now I’ll carry on with Raw. Currently, the two main storylines are John Cena and AJ’s ‘are they screwing or not?’ programme and the WWE title picture between Punk with Heyman, Ryback and (again) Cena.

Does anyone care if AJ and Cena did get it on? The only thing amusing about this is seeing how the two continue to dispute whatever evidence is thrown at them. I was convinced that after the hotel video evidence, Vickie Guerrero could have played a clip of Cena fingering AJ and Cena would have passed it off as a mere itch that his friend couldn’t reach.

Seriously, this storyline doesn’t have any relevance, because what happens if either is proved? If Cena and AJ are clean, will AJ be reinstated? Nope. If they’re found out, will AJ be fired from the company where Triple H is COO because he screwed the boss’s daughter? No. My guess is that the story will go on that nothing was happening while AJ was GM and they get/got it on later.

It’s probably a good job it’s PG, could you imagine the IWC discussing Cena in the sack? John Cena in the bedroom would be; has five moves, lets the other person do all the work and eventually finishes on top.

Let that thought sink in for a bit.

Right, let’s move onto Smackdown.

I have always been a Smackdown guy. Over the years since the split, even though the blue-brand has never played out the high-profile stories, it’s where talent has been used to showcase what they can do - solid matches and, to be fair, solid writing.

But now, I watch a two-hour episode in little more than 45-minutes after skipping all unnecessary segments. Adverts on their own can shorten the viewing time by a good 20-minutes, then replays from Raw are a sizeable chunk and most weeks, for some darn reason, there is a section called ‘From The Vault’ where a ‘classic’ match is shown in near-entirety. Years this has annoyed me, YEARS! What’s the point of it? If you want to watch old matches then go to WWE on demand or watch WWE Vintage, but don’t use precious time on what was the better show that could so easily be used to build up one of the many unused talents hidden away in dark matches (DEAN AMBROSE).

When I’m skipping more than half the show, I find myself asking why I even bother anymore, why am I continuing to watch? And you know what; I’m struggling to answer it. Why am I watching Smackdown? Nothing happens. Yeah, Orton and Del Rio had a bit of a scrap, but it was shown on Raw (in a short bite-sized clip, might I add), so I wouldn’t miss it.

It’s a good job that Kane and Bryan are still gold, other than them, the only other guys worth watching (that regularly appear on both shows) are Dolph Ziggler, Damien Sandow, The Miz and Wade Barrett. That’s six people. Some may argue that Sheamus and Big Show deserve a mention – well, there’s their mention. When you’re going to only give me six guys worth watching on a programme that can easily be cut down to a 45-minute show due to Raw overkill, especially when I can see them on Raw anyway, don’t be surprised if I’m not too upset if I miss the odd week here and there.
As for Raw, the answer is simple – go back to two-hours. Oh, and need a new writer? HEYMAN’S RIGHT THERE.

‘Till next time.

Aaron Gratton (@ABGratton24)

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  1. ewantu2's Avatar
    They have made Smackdown pointless, You don't need to watch Smackdown to see whats happening with the WH championship since most of the build happens on RAW. And also they stop making Smackdown look as good as RAW since they always show reply's of RAW on it, and RAW never plays reply's of Smackdown. Also it's not they need recaps if i missed something i can just go on youtube.
  2. Harperson's Avatar
    Almost word for word how I feel regarding the state of the WWE. Spot on, and for everybody else who think they're a blogger - take heed. Spelling and grammar were top notch, and the plotline was easy to follow. Well done!
  3. MjBryan17's Avatar
    I stopped watching each show every week, I catch one here or there now. No need to watch every week with all the recaps. I catch up anyway. If I watch every week I get extremely bored, just watching the same clips over and over again. Great blog, keep'em coming.
  4. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    When I heard about the AJ/Cena angle kicking off a few weeks ago, I laughed. The most questionable part is, why would Cena deny it. AJ's hot as shit. I'd hit that 6 times a day if I was Cena.

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