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Booking TLC 2012: Twists, Turns, Surprises!

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This is a hypothetical card for TLC. I believe it is not only do-able, but has a chance to be very entertaining, and usher in a "new" PG era, much reminiscent of the Atttude era due to the shock value, twists, turns, and above all, the great entertainment we used to know and love. There will be a lot of character development and something to look forward to in the weeks not just before, but after the TLC PPV as well.

TLC 2012 - The PPV with Attitude!

TLC Match: WWE Championship
Battle of Respect
CM Punk vs. Mick Foley

Story Behind Match: CM Punk retains at Survivor Series to keep his reign intact. Mick Foley, tired of CM Punk and his antics despite being the WWE Champion, challenges him to an “Old School” TLC Match. He dares Punk to beat the respect out of him and show him and the WWE Universe that he really is the best in the world. In the build-up, Mick Foley shows his Pre-PG Mankind side, even going as far to say that even at this stage in his career, he will fight for the legacy of the gold. One of the stipulations: If Foley loses, he must admit that CM Punk has his respect and that he is the Best in the World!

Match Results & Outcome: After a grueling TLC match reminiscent of the Attitude era when hardcore was actually fun, CM Punk (without any outside interference or help) snags the belt and celebrates atop the ladder saying he is the Best in the World. He comes down as Mick Foley gives a speech, gives Punk his praise, and extends his hand. Punk shakes his hand, then delivers the GTS. Not only turning even more heel, but adding to his character as well. (Note: Punk will obviously be expected to win, but this match could take him to physical limits. Yes, Foley is VERY limited now, but if Vince can dish out AND take punishment, I think Foley has is it in him if he feels the fans truly are behind him. The point of this match is to push Punk's name value and add to his legendary reign as WWE Champion. Plus, I'm sure Foley won't mind.)

Tables Match: World Heavyweight Championship
Big Show vs. Randy Orton

Story Behind Match: Story not really needed. The WHC has lost most of its steam. I like Sheamus, but his run as champ could have been a LOT better. Putting Orton back in the hunt may add prestige and entertainment back to the title.

Match Results & Outcome: Big Show choke slams Randy Orton through a table to retain his title. Orton will not give up the hunt, however. Read on to see how his loss will come into play.

Fatal 4-Way: #1 Contender’s for World Heavyweight Championship
Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Wade Barrett vs. Christian

Story Behind Match: Including a returning Christian, these four grapplers argue and plead their cases to get a WHC match. Booker T books this match as a result. The build-up will include tag team as well as singles matches, with all four getting at each other’s throats.

Match Results & Outcome: Christian wins! Going into the next PPV, Christian is cemented as the #1 Contender. However, a disgruntled Randy Orton challenges Christian’s spot. Orton beats Christian on an episode of Smackdown. (If all goes well with WWE and their booking wisdom… Orton will become the new Champion at the next PPV, and Christian will immediately attack him, resparking their feud, but THIS time with a lot less cheating and whining. Meaning, this feud will have meaning and actually be entertaining.)

WWE Diva’s Championship
Eve vs. Mystery Opponent

Story Behind Match: Eve prances around week-in, week-out saying she is the most dominant divas in WWE history. Vickie Guerrero, unpleased with Eve’s claim as the top Diva at this time, tells Eve she is hand-picking her opponent for TLC to see if Eve can back up her claim. On the night of TLC, Eve arrogantly awaits her opponent, saying she can take on anyone. The lights go dim, then the strike of a piano is heard… KHARMA returns to WWE! Eve looks shocked and scared, and begs off the match

Match Results & Outcome: Kharma charges the ring, delivers her finisher to Eve. She stands on the top turnbuckle and holds up her title. She points to the back (locker room) and says “Come and get it!” then starts her evil laughing away. This will add shock factor. Not to mention, perhaps the Divas Division will become watchable once again.

Chairs Match: United Sates Championship
Antonio Cesaro vs. R-Truth

Story Behind Match: Let’s say WWE continues with their current feud. As the feud progresses, R-Truth is becoming more serious and is booked to appear as a legitimate threat to Cesaro.

Match Results & Outcome: Antonio Cesaro retains the championship. Hopefully, he can move onto another “big” name to build his run even more.

Ladder Match: Intercontinental Championship
Kofi Kingston vs. Justin Gabriel

Story Behind Match: Kofi Kingston at this point should be a tweener. His mean streak is starting to show more and more, especially since he’s worried Gabriel might have a chance at beating him. Gabriel gets more promo time, developing a more superstar-like persona.

Match Results & Outcome: Kofi Kingston wins. This match would obviously have its highlights and high spots. If WWE played their cards right and actually gave these two something to work with, I think this could be a very good feud and match. Depending how they work together, this feud should continue for at least another couple of months. By the end of the feud, Gabriel will have more respect and fame, while Kofi becomes a heel, giving the WWE Universe something different from the norm.

Triple Threat Tag Team Ladder Match: WWE Tag Team Championship Team Hell No! vs. Team Rhodes Scholars vs. Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara

Story Behind Match: The ultimate test of teamwork. This alone speaks wonders considering the current angle with Kane & Daniel Bryan.

Match Results & Outcome: Just as Kane is about to nab the WWE Tag Team Championship while all others are incapacitated, Prime Time Players do a run-in, knocking Kane off the ladder. They then quickly climb the ladder and snatch the title belts. As they speed down, their opponents begin to come to and realize the belts are being stolen. Kane and Bryan begin chasing them into the parking lot. This feud continues with Kane & Bryan becoming closer, tougher, and more dangerous. A twist to what we see now.

Triple Threat Tables Elimination Match: #1 Contender’s for WWE Championship
Ryback vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. John Cena

Story Behind Match: For one, this match will help insure that Cena will not be handed another title spot. If anything, suspense could be put into this, since obviously the fans will ultimately have no idea who’s going to win. Ziggler should play mind games with both men in attempt to cause heat between them, some of which can result from the Survivor Series match. Even though Ziggler has “The Briefcase” Vickie puts him into this match to give him a shot.

Match Results & Outcome: Sike! Cena wins. Here is why… Dolph Ziggler can still move into the Smackdown side of things, not to mention, Cena and Ziggler should continue their feud, except entertaining and realistic, even with Ziggler costing Cena his title match. Ryback on the other hand: After Cena pins Ziggler, Ryback is pissed. He delivers the Shellshock to both men and stands seemingly tall in the ring. As he is screaming “Feed me more!” BATISTA shows up out of nowhere, power bombs Ryback, and walks up the ramp. (This will build-up a battle of the behemoths/powermen as Batista tells the WWE Universe that he was and still is the toughest, meanest SOB in the WWE. I personally think this feud would be believable and fun.)
Let me know your thoughts!

-Mr. Jay

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  1. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    Not a believable card. Sorry bro. If they did eventually do CM Punk vs. Mick Foley, my best bet would be the first RAW of 2013.
    I'll have a response blog of this up later.
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