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Brad Roach

How to fix Monday Night Bore?

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The Monday Night Bore

This is my first blog ladies and gentleman so bare with me on this one!

If there is one thing we all have in common its our frustrations with the current state of the WWE and its abysmal 'product'. As i sit here watching Raw i seem unable to enjoy it because even the smallest details frustrate and annoy me. I just want to walk backstage and tell Vince how to run the show, and here are the things i would say:

Introduction to Raw-
From the moment Raw's broadcast begins i find myself annoyed with the theme song. The theme songs to Raw have gradually degraded but this one takes the biscuit. the WWE has always stayed true to its rock and metal routes, its what its always been about, the music goes with the destruction and chaos that SHOULD explode on a monday night. The current theme song does not only apply to the main stream status-quo but it can not be related to professional wrestling whatsoever. WHOOPS did i say wrestling??
That terrible Recap section at the start of Raw that makes it look like a episodic soap drama also needs to go.

The Ropes!! - This one is simple the ropes NEED to be RED end of.

The Set-
Sometimes less is more, and in the case of the set this really rings true. HD screens as far as the eye can see. Strobe lights, lasers, flashes and bangs. The Raw set we all once loved now acquires more lights and props than the Las Vegas strip. A show that was once about feuds and pure professional wrestling is now about how expensive they can make the set look. It really takes away from the matches when the set makes you think someone has slipped you some LSD.

John Cena- What can i say. Give us a break and take some time off. We all need less super Cena for a while.

The Divas Division- The womens wrestling in WWE took a turn for the worse once Trish and Lita left and there are no signs of improvement. How can the audience relate and get into the Divas when they have no airtime. Even when they do its just thrown together into two minute matches that have no storyline or meaning.

Where are the Monsters? - Everyone loves a monster. Someone who would come down to the ring and when you saw them coming down the ramp you knew shit was about to go down. Ryback is the closest thing nowadays to a monster but its hard to feel his character when his dialogue solely consists of his requirements for food. And for anyone who has kane on there mind as they read this section, his reputation as a monster was destroyed a long time ago.

Time To Step Up-
After seeing Randy Orton, John Cena and the Big Show in the main event picture for so many years i have started to know them in the ring more than they know themselves. The key to wrestling is suprising the audience and leaving them on the edge of there seats. All these guys cause for me is a YAWN. Time for Damien Sandow, Dolph Ziggler and Codey Rhodes to move up the card.

I feel like i have let some of my anger out now its in writing and thank you for reading. But i dont want to end this Blog on a negative note. So do i have anything positive to say? Yes I do.

Thank you to CM Punk for carrying the WWE over the past year. He and Daniel Bryan are the only reason i have a tiny bit of Faith left in the WWE. As long as true Wrestlers like this stay alive in a WWE ring we are safe.

Please comment and tell me what you think about the current state of the WWE, positive or negative i would love to hear your opinions!

Until next time!

Brad Roach

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  1. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    Welcome to the world of blogging.
    Couldn't agree with you anymore.
    The set reminds me of the set that WCW used for Nitro during their dying days in early-the fall of 2000.
    The theme song isn't that bad, but for a wrestling show, absolutely not. In my opinion, the last good theme song that we had for RAW was "To Be Loved" by Papa Roach. Burn It To The Ground was ok, but it had nowhere near the amplitude as To Be Loved.
    It's time that we start to see less focus on Cena, and more focus on the CM Punks in the world. Cenation is not Hulkamania! Give Cena a vacation for God's Sake!
  2. #BITW's Avatar
    wwe is never going to change, just want tna at least its not meant for children and its entertaining... i fell asleep during raw yesterday lmao
  3. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    How can you title this blog, Monday Night Bore, and then thank CM Punk and Daniel Bryan? CM Punk is the epitomy of the boredom that Raw has become and Kane is carrying this Team Hell No thing.
  4. Brad Roach's Avatar
    interesting. I can only see CM Punk making the show better not worse. He was of the only true profesional wrestlers left on the roster along with a few others, daniel bryan, damien sandow, dolph ziggler and tyson kidd.
  5. TheRealOutlaw's Avatar
    So when do you start working for WWE? You seem to know what it takes to make Raw better and know the wrestlers so well. It's easy to sit down and make a list of what should and needs to be done. Cena=sales, sales=money, money=Vince. Why would you have the top merch seller take time off? If you think Punk has carried the company this year then you've not watched enough WWE this year.

    Someone please call Vince and tell him to make the ropes red. That way WWE will be saved. WTF does the color of the ropes have to do with anything?

    Bottom line is if you're so unhappy with WWE then watch something else. Vince is not holding a gun to your head and making you watch. WWE will NEVER go back to the attitude era, nor will you ever see WWE like it was in the past. So people can accept it like I have and continue to watch, or they can change the channel.
    Updated 11-13-2012 at 04:43 PM by TheRealOutlaw
  6. TheRealOutlaw's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DK Wrestling Savior
    How can you title this blog, Monday Night Bore, and then thank CM Punk and Daniel Bryan? CM Punk is the epitomy of the boredom that Raw has become and Kane is carrying this Team Hell No thing.
    100% agree.
  7. Brad Roach's Avatar
    I wish i did work for the WWE im damn sure i could produce a better product than they have at the moment. The WWE is a juggernaut, yes John Cena might rank on the top of merchandise sales but thats not what its about. If you are saying to me that the product can be crap as long as the merchandise sales are good then you are deluded. John Cena taking time off would hardly effect the massive profits the WWE makes. Yes Punk has carried the company, he is the one of the only guys in the buisness that has kept true wrestling fans watching. As for the ropes my point was that the ropes have always been iconic to raw, they have always been red to represent raw, they shouldnt have changed to white it ruins a long-lasting tradition. I believe that this is not the WWE for the rest of our life's as wrestling fans. It will always evolve and it will always change, i don't like what it has evolved into and this blog is a description of just some of the things that would improve that evolution.
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