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Michael Burnside

What if WWF 1984 was booked 21st Century style?

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Alternative Universe 6
If you look back at the old WWF title histories you will see that the reigns from the 60s, 70s and early 80s are longer than the reigns of today. Bruno Sammartino first reign in the 60s was over 7 years and Bob Backlund’s first was from 78 to 83.
It was a different time.They didn’t have monthly PPVs or a weekly TV shows were constant big storylines was played out.So for this What If I’ve decided to pick a year in the WWF’s past and rebook it with 21st Century schedule and match types.I’ve chosen 1984 as that was the year when Hulk Hogan first captured the WWF title.
I’m not going to write out entire PPV cards and every single RAW for the full year as that may be slightly too mammoth a task but I will give a few matches for each PPV and what happens on the RAWS inbetween PPV.
ROYAL RUMBLE 84– Sunday 29th January
WWF Championship
Iron Shiek (c) V Hulk Hogan
On Boxing day the Sheik defeated WWF champion Bob Backlund when Backlund’s manager threw in the towel after being slapped in the camel clutch. Hulk Hogan is the new comer who challenges the Sheik for.Hogan powers out of the camel clutch and defeats the Sheik with a few punches and a leg drop. Hulkamania has begun.

Royal Rumble match
Bob Backlund, dispite losing the title on boxing day enters the rumble at lucky #27 wins the Rumble by elimating Paul Orndorff who drew #3. Backlund gets a standing ovation.

Mean Gene is standing in the ring and welcomes his guest, the NEW WWF champion, Hulk Hogan. The crowd goes mad when the Hulkster comes to the ring. He cuts a promo about the power of Hulkamania when the Sheik comes down.He says Hogan was lucky and wants a rematch. He throws salt in Hogans face and lays a beat down. Refs come down and separate the two. A match is made for next week. Hogan of course defeats him.
Bob Backlund is announced as a number 1 contender for Hogan’s title at wrestlemania.Bob tells Mean Gene that he’ll be honoured to face against Hogan and may the best man win.During the next Raws he has several matches with Paul Orndorff who wishes to be number one contender for Hogans title. Backlund defeats him via DQs and countouts.
NO WAY OUT– Sunday 19th February
Hulk Hogan & Bob Backlund vs Iron Sheik & Paul Orndorff
A tag team match where the 2 men who will face each other at wrestlemania, will tag together. The team initially works well together until Hulk gets taken down by a cheap shot from Orndorff as he goes to lay the leg drop on Sheik. The crowd chant Hogan’s name, inspiring him to Hulk up or make the tag to Backlund. Hulk eventually fights back laying both Sheik and Orndorff out. He then walks over to tag in Backlund but Backlund jumps off the apron and walks back down the isle. Why has Backlund abanded him? This distraction costs him as he get double teamed and spiked piledrivered. He falls out of the ring to the floor, knocked out and the ref counts to 10. Sheik and Orndorff celebrate in the ring. Backlund carries on walking to the back as Hogan receives another piledriver to the floor outside.

IC championship
Don Muraco (c) V Tito Santtana
Santanna defeats Muraco and begins his first reign as IC champ.

Mean Gene calls down Bob Backlund to explain why he deserted Hogan. Backlund explains how he was champion for 5 long years and was never beaten for the title. He never quit and so should still be champ. But Hogan walks round like the belt is his even though he never beat the champ.At Wrestlemania he will make things right and destroy Hogan and takes back what is his.
During the Raws leading to Wrestlemania, Backlund squashes jobbers by applying the double chickenwing submission and forcing them to tap out, while having a demented, evil look on his face. After each victory he looks into the camera and laughs. “Hogan, your next.”
On the last show before 'mania, Backlund in a match against Jimmy Snuka applies the chickenwing submission and refuses to release it.Hogan comes running down and makes the save. Bob runs though the crowd and looks back at Hogan who is standing in the ring glaring at Backlund.

WRESTLEMANIA Sunday 1st April
Hulk Hogan (c) V Bob Backlund
The match we’ve being all waiting to see. Former champ Bob Backlund against the current champion Hulk Hogan. Backlund fights like a demented madman and causes the Hulkster to bleed. He slaps on the chickenwing hold and laughs hysterically. It looks like curtains for the Hulkster until he powers out, punches Backlund and leg drops him for the 3 count.
Other matches on the card include Paul Orndorff going up against against IC champion Tito Santanna. It ends up in a double count out. Sergeant Slaughter defeats the Iron Sheik by pinfall.

Backlund is still not satisfied that Hogan is the better man and as far as he is concerned, his grudge against the Hulkster is not over.He demands a rematch at Backlash in an ‘I Quit’ match. He never said those words on boxing day and he will not say them ever. Hulkster accepts.
During a rematch between Tito Santanna and Orndorff, Backlund runs in and along with Orndorff lays a beat down on Santanna.Hulk runs down and makes the save. This leads to a series of tag matches with Hulk and Santanna teaming against Backlund and Orndorff.These usually end in no contests and double disqualifications especially when the Iron sheik and Slaughter get involved.
BACKLASH Sunday 29th April
IC ladder match
Tito Santanna (c) vs. Paul Orndorff
An intense ladder match between these two with many spots and close calls, but in the end,Tito retains.

Street Fight
Sergeant slaughter V Iron Sheik.
A bloody fight with both men bleeding. Chairs and tables are used but in the end, Slaughter slaps on the Camel clutch on the Sheik and brings it to an end.

WWF Championship I Quit match
Hulk Hogan (c) v Bob Backlund
Another brutal match with both men throwing everything at each other.Hogan is put through the announce table and Backlund takes the microphone and asks Hogan if he wants to quit.Hogan shouts “Never!!”, Hulks up, slams Backlund onto the mat and applies the Boston crab. Backlund screams “I quit!”

Its Mean Gene in the ring and he introduces his guest Bob Backlund.Bob gets on the mic and calls out Hulk Hogan as he has something to say.Hulk comes down the ring and cautiously enters, never taking his eyes off Backlund.Backlund says he wishes to apologise to Hogan.He let jealously get to him and he has let himself, the fans and all of the WWF down. He doesn’t know if Hogan will ever forgive him but he wants him to know that he’s a worthy champion. Bob puts his hand out for Hogan to shake when Big John Studd comes down to the ring. He looks at Hogan and takes the mic.Big John Studd tells Hogan that while it may have been easy to beat Backlund and force a broken, beaten man to scream ‘I quit; he cannot do the same to him. Studd declares himself unslammable and challenges Hogan to try to slam him. If he fails to slam him then he should give him a title shot at Judgement Day.
The crowd chant for Hogan, while Hogan looks around for approval. Studd says he will make no attempt to stop Hogan slamming him and stands still. Just as Hogan is about to go for a slam Backlund jumps Hogan and lays a beating.It was a trick all along.When Backlund’s finished, Studd slams Hogan and says ‘I’ll see you on Judgement Day.’
In the weeks leading up to Judgement Day, Studd randomly interferes in matches and slams both partipants, causing no contests.Hogan then will run down and the 2 would end up brawling through the crowd.
Also Greg Valentine defeats Tito Santana for the IC title on a televised show.
JUDGEMENT DAY Sunday 27th May
IC Championship Match
Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine (C) V Tito Santanna
Tito attempts to retake his IC title but unfortunately has to submit to Valentines figure four manoeuvre

WWF Championship Match
Hulk Hogan (C) v Big John Studd w/ Freddie Blassie
Many times Hogan goes for the slam but he can’t quite get Studd up.Blassie gets involved by hitting Hogan in the back with a chair when the ref isn’t looking. Hogan's down and Studd lays a beating.Hogan eventually Hulks up and goes for a slam. He gets Studd up but because of the damage to his back, he falls over. Blassie reaches to Hogans foot and holds it down, the ref doesn’t see and counts to 3. Big John Studd is the WWF Champion

John Studd comes out to the ring with the belt over his shoulder. Tonight he has a non title match against his old rival Andre the Giant. During the match, Blassie runs in and hits Andre across the back with the title causing a DQ. It doesn’t hurt Andre but it provides a distraction for Studd to beat Andre down. Hogan makes the save.
The next week Hogan and Andre team up in a match against John Studd and IC champion Greg Valentine. During the match, Hulk and Andre together supplex Studd causing the ring to break. Hogan covers and gets the 3 count.
The following week Studd announces that his lost the other week should be striked from the record books due to the ring being destroyed. He also issues a challenge to Hogan. He admits that he and Andre together were able to slam him, no man alone can do it. He will give Hogan the title shot at Night of champions but with a stipulation.Hogan can only pin Studd if he slams him. Hogan accepts.
WWF Championship
Big John Studd (c) V Hulk Hogan
As stipulated, Hogan needs to slam Studd before the ref will count the pin. After several unsuccessful attempts, Hogan manages to slam him with the crowd going mental. He finishes with the leg drop, ref counts to 3 and Hogan regains the title.

IC Championship
Greg Valentine (C) V Tito Santanna V Paul Orndorff V Sergeant Slaughter
A fatal fourway match where the first to score the pin wins. Lots of quick action with many near falls. In the end Valentine retains by sneakily pinning Slaughter.
In the other matches, the tag titles, woman’s title and woman’s tag titles are on the line. Andre takes on Bob Backlund in the only non title match. Andre pins Bob cleanly.

The next PPV is the Money in the Bank match. A briefcase with a guarnteed, anytime, anywhere title shot at the WWF title. Over the weeks, qualifying matches take place to see who will fill the eight spots.
Its announced that IC champion Greg Valentine will take on Hulk Hogan for the WWF championship. During an edition of Piper’s Pit featuring Hogan, Valentine jumps Hogan from behind and slaps the figure four on him, refusing to let go until the officals come down.
WWF Championship
Hulk Hogan (c) V Gregg Valentine
Valentine’s IC title is safe as only Hogan’s WWF title is on the line. Hulkamania prevails and Valentine is defeated nice and clean with Hogan powering out of the figure four before laying down the leg drop.

MITB Ladder Match
Big John Studd V Andre the Giant V Rowdy Roddy Piper V Tito Santana V Superfly Jimmy Snuka V Paul Orndorff V Sergeant Slaughter
Lots of action and madness in this match with Snuka providing some crazy off the top of the ladder spots. But in the end, Roddy Piper reaches out at the end and takes the brief case.

Piper proudly displays his mitb briefcase the next night. He also introduces Superfly Jimmy Snuka, one of the contestants from the previous night’s Money in the Bank match. Piper begins into insult Snuka not only about losing but about his heritage and makes several of his risqué borderline racist comments. When Snuka begins to get annoyed, Piper cracks him over the head with a coconut and beats him down. This leads to Snuka challenging Piper for the MITB briefcase at Summerslam.
A 4 man tournament takes place to determine who will face Hulk Hogan at Summerslam. In the first rounds Paul Orndorff defeats Tito Santana and Andre the Giant defeats Big John Studd. However in the final, Orndorff is able to beat Andre with a bit of interference by John Studd.
SUMMERSLAM 84 19th August
MITB Briefcase match
Rowdy Roddy Piper vs Jimmy Snuka
Big grudge match here with Snuka out for revenge. However, with a little interference form Cowboy Bob Orton, Piper secures a victory. He grabs his briefcase and runs out quickly.

Steel cage match
Big John Studd V Andre the Giant
Another grudge match with this one being settled inside a cage, so they’re be no countouts or DQs. The victory goes to Andre, who escapes through the door after its broken open when Studd gets thrown at it.

WWF Championship
Hulk Hogan (c) V Paul Orndorff
A hard fought victory for the Hulkster who once again delivers the leg drop followed by the pin. However, as he celebrates, Piper runs in from the crowd and clobbers Hogan with the briefcase. He hands the case to the ref who rings the bell and starts the match. Piper covers Hogan and the ref makes the 3 count. Roddy Piper is the new champion.

Hogan is angry to have lost the title by such a cheap way. He tears up the set of Piper’s Pit and cuts a promo that Piper cannot hide from the him. As long as he is wearing the title that he stole, he’ll always be a target. Roddy appears on the big screen, taunting and insulting Hogan.
During the weeks leading up to Unforgiven, Hogan has matches against Bob Orton and the Iron Sheik. Each time Hogan is successful in beating them and each time Piper appears on the big screen taunting him. Its during a match with Greg Valentine were Pipers video message plays during the match. What Hogan doesn’t know is that the video message is pre recorded and while he watches it (and Valentine is lying knocked out), Piper sneaks into the ring from the crowd and nails Hogan with the belt.
It is then announced that Piper will defend the title at Unforgiven against Hogan.
UNFORGIVEN 30th September
IC Championship
Greg Valentine (c) V Tito Santanna
Valentine takes on the man who he beat for the IC title and Santanna is finally successful in regaining it. He begins his second reign.

WWF Championship
Rowdy Roddy Piper (c) V Hulk Hogan
The crowd are all over this. They want to see Piper get his comeuppance and for Hogan to take the back. The match follows the flow of a typical Hogan match but when Piper is sent off the ropes to receive the big boot, he holds onto the ropes. He rolls out and casually walks towards the back. The ref begins the 10 count but Hogan chases after him and drags him into the ring. He hits the big boot, followed by the leg drop but as he covers, Bob Orton rushes in and causes the DQ. Piper grabs the belt and makes his escape. While Piper flees, Hogan slams Orton and leg drops.

Mean Gene is in the ring and he brings down Hulk Hogan. Hogan not happy with how Piper has managed to escape with the title. He demands that Piper ‘Man up’ and fight to the bitter end. Piper comes down, waving the title in Hulk’s face. Before Piper can get an insult in, Hogan attacks him and throws him out of the ring. Crowd goes mad as Hogan rips his shirt off and throws it at Pipers face. Piper flees.
The next week, a lumberjack match is set between Piper and Hogan for thetitl e. Andre, Tito Santana, Snuka, Barry Windham and Mike Rotundo on Hogan’s side of the ring while John Studd, Bob Orton, Paul Orndorff, Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff on Piper's. However the match completely breaks down when the lumberjacks start fighting amongst each other. Piper uses this chaos to flee from the ring with the belt
WWF president Jack Tunney annouced that Piper will defend the WWF title against Hogan inside Hell in a Cell.
HELL IN A CELL 28th October
WWF Championship Hell in a Cell
Rowdy Roddy Piper (c) V Hulk Hogan
Piper has nowhere to run and nobody to come out to help him as now he is locked inside the cell with the Hulkster. A brutal battle with blood flowing. Hulk finally gets his revenge by slamming Piper onto the steel steps in the the ring and scores the pin. Hulk takes the title for the third time.

It’s the build up to Survivor Series and Hogan and Piper are to captain a 5 man team and go into battle. The weeks leading up to Survivor Series consist of the two captains rounding up team mates

Team Hogan- Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, Tito Santanna, Barry Windgam and Mike Rotundo
Team Piper– Rowdy Roddy Piper, Big John Studd, Paul Orndorff, Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff.
The match starts with lots of quick tags between both teams. The first to get eliminated is Tito Santanna who gets a piledriver from Paul Orndorff.
Next is a double elimination as both Andre and Studd both get counted out as they brawl outside. It’s 3 on Hogan’s side and 4 on Pipers.
Paul Orndorff is taken out, by Hogan’s boot to even the score and the Sheik falls afterwards to put Hogan’s team in the lead for the first time.
However, Piper and Volkoff fight back, with Piper taking Mike Rotundo out with a sleeper and shortly followed by Volkoff taking Barry Windgam out with a bear hug.
Its now Hogan going it alone against 2 opponents. He holds it well against Volkoff until he gets trapped in a bear hug.He makes it to the ropes but Volkoff refuses to let go.The ref counts to 5 but he still doesn’t release the hold. The ref has no choice but to disqualify Volkoff. Eventually he releases the hold and raises his hand in victory.The crowd boos as he leaves the ring, hands still raised.
Piper smiles, its down to him and Hogan, and Hogan doesn’t look like he’s in good shape. Piper lays the boot in for several minutes and then goes for the pin. Hulk kicks out at 2 and Hulks up.Piper throws punches but to no effect. Hogan replies with a few punches, a big boot and leg drop.He covers Piper for the 3 and celebrates in the ring.

We’re building towards the final PPV of the year.Paul Orndorff is successful in defeating Tito Santanna for the IC title.
Nikolai Volkoff is making a nuisance of himself by singing the Russian national anthem at the beginning of every show and then destroying a few of the lower card wrestlers.Hogan doesn’t see to kindly to this so they have a match at the next PPV.A tag match on the last show before the PPV of Hogan & Santanna V Volkoff & Orndorff takes place with Santanna taking the pin from Orndorff.
TLC 16th December 1984
IC Championship Ladder Match
Paul Orndorff (C) V Tito Santanna V Gregg Valentine
Orndorff defends his newly acquired IC title in a triple threat match against 2 former champions. Gregg Valentine proves victorious in this battle.

Table Match
Andre the Giant V John Studd
A table match between the 2 giants were the winner is the first man to drive his opponent through a table.Andre wins by slamming Studd through the Spanish announce table.However the decision is reversed when it is ruled that the announcing table isn’t one of the valid tables.The match is restarted and Andre sets a table leaning up in the corner of the ring. He whips Studd towards it but Studd reverses it and Andre is thrown through the table.

Chair Match
Roddy Piper V Superfly Jimmy Snuka
The feud between these 2 men continues with Snuka getting the victory after nailing Piper with a steel chair shot from the top rope.

WWF Championship TLC match
Hulk Hogan V Nikolai Volkoff
Its USA v Russia and since it’s the 80s the crowd is booing like crazy against Volkoff. Hogan comes down to the ring waving the US flag and the crowd goes nuts. In the end, Hogan slams Volkoff through a table and climbs the ladder to the title.The show ends with Hogan, standing on the top of the ladder, belt in one hand, the flag in the other.
And so ends 1984.

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  1. Michael Burnside's Avatar
    Apologies for the length of this one, folks. (I actually had to cut it down a bit cause there's a 20,000 charcater limit on blogs). Also I understand it may be during a time when alot of people werent even born let alone watching wrestling so it may be alot of names of wrestlers you've heard about but never really seen.

    The next Alternative Universe will be a bit closer- Alternative Universe 7- What if Owen Hart ended Steve Austin's career at Summerslam 97?
  2. DBOR's Avatar
    That was a great blog! It was so interesting and well thought out. Thank you very much for posting this.
  3. by_300's Avatar
    That was one of the best blogs I've read on here! Too bad you weren't on the creative team back then. I prefer your version of 1984 much better.
  4. Double Axehandle's Avatar
    A sad reflection on the "professional writers" at wwe creative when a fan writes a blog with better storylines than the crap they come up with.
  5. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Awesome Awesome Awesome Blog. Great Stuff man. Finally, something enjoyable to read rather than a bunch of Dolph Ziggler, CM Punk, and Daniel Bryan blow job blogs.
  6. True Sinister's Avatar
    Why all the rematches and street fights? You have managed to convince me there is a fundemantal flaw in how WWE currently works. It is laughable. The storylines in current WWE or downright silly. I think Vince Sr would have punched Vince in the mouth if he would have known how the future was.

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