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Top 5 WWE 13' Entrances (Main Roster)

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Hey guys Knox here hoping all is well. Its been a long time since I've did a blog, August 17th to be exact. Been super busy with college and simply trying to graduate on time. I truly hope everyone is good in life and I'M BACK NOW!!!!!!

I wanted to blog on something fun. I've noticed the THQ crew has been very lazy with entrances and updating them on the games. WWE 13' isn't perfect but you can see a huge and I mean huge improvement in the entrances so I wanted to blog on my favorites.

I'll also do one on the Attitude Era Roster in the future once I unlock everyone. Anyway guys, here it goes, hope you enjoy.

Main Roster
Updated Entrances (No Triple H, Christian, Swagger...etc.)
Realistic Crowd Noise
Realistic Character Model
Realistic Entrance Moves
Realistic Lighting
Realistic Timing

Top 5 WWE 13' Entrances (Main Roster):

5. Randy Orton
The lighting was a tad off but the moves were as real as it gets. The backwards walk he did when he entered the ring is what sold it for me. And I have to throw in something about his facial expression, the nailed it. That's what makes Orton, Orton.

Bonus: Cody Rhodes
I'm sure everyone was excited to see a perfectly updated Cody Rhodes. I never could use Cody on the last two games because his entrance and gimmick is always outdated but this year its on track and the entrance is close to perfect.

4. Heath Slater
His was awesome as well especially as he hits the apron and does his signature taunt, this was a cool entrance.

3. Brodus Clay
This was also a great entrance, the timing was off a bit near the very end but the character model was too perfect. I wish he had his signature hat and coat on but that doesn't take away from a great entrance. For some reason on the actual game, he doesn't come out with Naomi & Cameron...?

Bonus: Cm Punk
I was close to putting him in the actual countdown but the very end threw me off when he did the wrist roll. He hasn't done that on a regular basis since 2006 lol but the entrance was crisp as well.

2. Justin Gabriel
This was very close to being #1. Just the whole jog to the ring and excitement in the character was great. It really looked as if Justin did that entrance himself.

1. Ted Dibiase Jr.
The crowd noise and motions is what made this #1. Many will disagree because they don't see enough of Ted to really critique this but as a Dibiase fan I can tell you that this entrance was 100% crisp and perfect without a doubt. The very initial walk he does as he first appears is as perfect as it gets. I'd suggest you guys to YouTube an actual real life Dibiase entrance and compare the two to see just how perfect it is.

Hope you all enjoyed this. It feels great to be back on this wonderful site and I'll continue blogging as long as I can. Please leave feedback and this wouldn't be a blog if I didn't plug my music so check out the link below guys. Thanks and be safe. Until then.

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  1. cpattersoniv's Avatar
    You should've expanded it to include everyone in the game. Bret Hart's is great. X-Pac.

    The one I don't really like is Brodus Clay. He's ALWAYS come out with his hat and track suit. There's no excuse for omitting that. I have Cameron and Naomi in my game. I don't know why you're missing them.
  2. Big__Meat's Avatar
    I think you have a bug in yours. Idk if you know about this but WWE 13 has been bug ridden. I'm sure you have come across a lot of them but I guess that depends on how much you play it. Anyways my Brodus Clay has the dancers during the entrance.
  3. Ozzy Mandias's Avatar
    I find myself playing as Jericho simply for the entrance. The stance and face he pulls after he turns around is spot on.
  4. tikayoh's Avatar
    I have experienced a few bugs but for the most part its a decnt game. I don't like Brodus but his entrance was spot on. I hate cam and naomi on one of match then not the other. Santinos was very accurate and cenas was better than last years. Ortons was likely my second fav, jericho was far away number 1. Honorable mention to cody, ryder, ziggler, miz, kofi. They did focus on entrances.

    Knox man, hit me up about music. I fux witcha. I did that john cena diss song that got about 10,000 spins on We should collab. Welcome back bruh
  5. Pagey21's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by knox
    Check this out Pagey21,

    ive always found his entrance boring i like his music because it suits him coz of his dad other than that its quite boring not alot of entrances are exciting though ive always liked undertakers at mania
  6. Rockstar83's Avatar
    There are some good ones, Punk. Jericho...etc.
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