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Best moment at every single Survivor Series!!

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What is one of the best ways to hype up this years Survivor Series? Talk about its rich history over the years naming off the best moment from every single Survivor Series. Based on my opinion of course.....reminder:10 best moments in the history of Survivor Series will be posted some time before Survivor Series.

87.Bam Bam's last ditch effort-You along with myself probably figured when you first saw the match that the end of the match would be Andre/Hogan, but Hogan got eliminated by countout. Bam Bam was all that was left on Team Hogan to face Bundy, Andre, and 1 Man Gang. Eliminated Bundy and 1 Man Gang only to lose to Andre at the end. 1 of the biggest moments in the history of Bam Bam's career.
88.Fuji is the "Boss"-Demolition wasn't doing what Fuji wanted. Ended up eliminating them thanks to him pulling the ropes down. Demolition attacked him and left. Powers of Pain came over and dusted him off. Won the match and hoisted him in the air at the end which led to a WM match.
89.Warrior vs Heenan-No one knew this was going to happen. Heenan wasn't advertised to compete. I believe it was Tully who was the one who didn't compete for the Heenan family. All night, there is some fight or argument in the Heenan family. Heenan came out at the end with ring gear on. It came down to Heenan and Warrior like we all wanted. Warrior got his hands on Heenan with fans leaving happy.
90.Debut of the Deadman-Million Dollar Man's mystery partner was revealed to be dominant monster who later becomes one of the biggest names in this business. In my opinion, bigger name than Million Dollar Man's. Dominated the whole match not getting knocked off his feet. Making the Birdman look like bird poo on your car.
91.RIP Hulkamania-If you named a Mr.Survivor Series, I'd probably have to say Mr.Survivor Series is the Undertaker because all of the great moments he has had at this ppv. Perfectly fit his gimmick as well. This was the first time the WWE title was defended at Survivor Series and the Deadman beat Hulk Hogan with mainly cheers to my surprise. Disappointing though looking back cuz Hogan won it back 2 days later only to lose it at the Royal Rumble in the Rumble match.
92.Beginning of a great rivalry-HBK/Bret Hart rivalry really began when they fought over the WWE title. I believe this was the first time they went at it for the WWE title. Put on a great match. Who woulda thought those two would main event Survivor Series again 5 years later for the same prize and a different result. A result wrestling fans still talk about to this day.
93.The King of Hart's feud begins!!-The best feud between brothers in my opinion. It started when the Hart brothers teamed against HBK and his knights. Looks like it is going to be a clean sweet for the Hart brothers til Bret according to Owen costs him the match when he ran the ropes and bumped him off the apron. Owen came back out arguing with his brothers. Owen's best feud by far!!
94.Hart throws in the towel-Bret defended his WWE title vs Backlund and the only way the match could end is if Bulldog or Owen throws in their towel. Bulldog trips and hits his head off the steps. Backlund has the chicken wing on Bret for the longest time while Owen is crying on the outside saying he is sorry Bret. He convinces Helen Hart(mom) to throw in the towel for Bret because Backlund is going to break his arm. She does and Bret loses the WWE title as Owen grabs the towel Helen threw in. He runs to the back with his hands in the air as his hollywood performance worked.
95.Bret goes thru a table-Why this means something? Well, it was the first time according to Bret that anyone went through a table in the WWF. The physical match Bret had with Deisel was the best of the night. After he went through the table, fans stood in shock. Diesel throws him in the ring and gets school boyed and loses his WWF title to Bret.
96.The making of 1 of the biggest names in the biz-Bret came back to wrestle Stone Cold. A feud that was the best of 97. The feud ended up making Stone Cold a star. His match with Bret was the best of the night.
97.Montreal Screwjob-It is the best and worst moment in Survivor Series history. Why is it the best? Most talked about moment in the history of the ppv. Still talked about til this very day. Survivor Series 97, what moment do you think about? Exactly!!
98.Corporate Champion-Survivor Series 98 in my opinion, still has the best entrance in the history of the event. It also the only Survivor Series that had a tourney to decide who would be the WWF champion at the end of the night. Corporation tried like hell all night to cost the Rock a round, but it never worked. Whether it be, Kane chokeslamming Rock, Bossman throwing in his night stick, and so on. Finals, Mankind vs Rock. Everyone expected Rock to get screwed by Vince cuz he was at ringside. Rock got the sharpshooter on Mankind. Vince called for the bell as the fans booed. Classic call from JR after the music hit "Do you smell what the Rock is cooking?" JR: "Yea and it stinks!!" As Rock hugged the McMahons.
99.Rikishi runs over Austin-Certainly couldn't be Big Show winning the WWF title. LOL! Why is it the best moment? Nothing really memorable from the ppv besides that. Austin went after HHH in the parking lot, but was hit by a car. Year later, find out it was Rikishi who did it with the Rock's car.
00.HHH gets got-The two battle to the parking lot where HHH got in a car while Austin got in a 4 clift.Lifted the car that had HHH inside. Dumped it roof 1st to the street while HHH yells "No Austin No!!" I don't believe Austin regrets what he did to this day despite HHH saying he would.
01.Team WWF wins!!-I know people constantly takes shots at WCW's invasion, but I enjoyed it mainly. Certainly would have been better with stars like Hogan, Flair, Sting, and so forth. 2001 had a lot of solid cards. 2001 Summerslam stands out as one of my favorites as does 2001 Survivor Series. Vince's hands in the air after a victory for team WWF after Rock for the 1st time pinned Stone Cold.
02.EC debut-New match types arn't introduced very often which is why it is special. Especially featuring 6 of Raw's best at the time inside for the top prize in the biz. Prestige went down for the WWE title when Show won the belt. Prestige went up for the world title when HBK left as the world champion. Show has the most success at this ppv for being a replacement. HBK wins the world title again and EC debut obviously makes this the top moment of that Survivor Series. My opinion....
03.Emotional toast-If you have read any of my blogs in the past, you'd know that Austin is a top 2 if not my favorite all-time superstar. He was the GM at the time as was Bischoff. Team vs Team winner takes all while the loser has to leave. Batista sent Austin home, but the emotional toast is something I won't forget. Emotional moment for Austin fans across the world. A toast that meant a lot to me at the time. That is the moment I remember when looking back at 03 Survivor Series.
04.Orton Survives!!-I was as big an Orton mark as anyone. 1 of my favorite Raw moments that isn't talked about enough is when Orton comes out to give the world title to HHH only to spit in HHHs face. Loved it as I did when he RKO'd HHH to win that Classic Survivor Series match.
05.Raw vs Smackdown-Fans finally get a brand vs brand Classic Survivor Series match. When you were exclusive to just 1 show. Raw didn't have their best, but Smackdown did virtually -Undertaker. 2005 SS will be remembered for that classic Survivor Series match. Orton is the sole Survivor 3 years in a row.
06.Batista reclaims World title-never lost the title in a match. He was force to vacate due to injury. At the time, certainly 1 of the first times this happened. It repeated itself the following year with Edge however. Batista returned in like June of 06. Got title shot after title shot after stupid DQ after another. Batista finally reclaimed what was his.
07.HBK hesitates-A stipulation was made in HBK's rematch for the WWE title. If Orton would get DQ'd he would lose the WWE title. However, Orton wanted something to....HBK would be forced not to use the Sweet Chin Music which til this day is one of my favorite finishes to a match that is so memorable. I wonder why no one talks about it because it was great. HBK tunes up the band. Ref reminds HBK not to do it because he will lose the match. HBK hesitates to give Orton a chance that he took to hit the RKO.
08.Cena wins 1st world title in Boston!-Cena's long awaited return coming off an injury in a match with Batista at Summerslam. Returns and defeats Jericho to win his first world title in his hometown. I was wanting Batista vs Cena to main event this SS, but it didn't end up happening. Still a memorable moment.
09.Jericho's response to a fan-Another moment I ask why isn't this moment talked about? It is the best moment on the ppv. I know everyone liked as I did HBK hitting HHH with the superkick to start the match, but this moment made me laugh out loud!! A fan yells to Y2J during his triple threat match to go back to I believe Montreal. While throwing Taker back in the ring, Y2J yells..."I'm from Winnipeg you idiot!!"
10.Free or Fired-Best main event match booked at this event in years(07). Cena is the ref of a WWE title match between Barrett(leader of Nexus) and Orton. If Barrett wins, he is free from Nexus, but if Barrett doesn't....Cena will be fired. No one knew what would happen which makes it a great main event. Orton wins and Cena is fired, but is rehired after a month of attacking Nexus members not named Barrett.
11.Punk reclaims his crown-CM Punk finally wins back the WWE title after feuding with the likes of Nash and HHH before he got his rematch with Del Rio. Terrible decision to cash it in on him at Summerslam to have him not in the title picture several months later.

There you have it....the best moment in every single Survivor Series 87-11. Stay tuned for the top 10 moments in the history of Survivor Series later this week. Hope you enjoyed this piece. If I missed a moment that you liked from a previous Survivor Series that I didn't list....leave that along with any other comments either on this post or on past Survivor Series in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!!

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