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Dashing Rachel

Why Monday Night RAW needs to go back to two hours

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Ever since Monday Night RAW went to three hours beginning with the historic 1000th episode on Monday, July 23, 2012, I was very excited. It meant more matches with more Superstars, or so I thought.

Fast forward to November: a typical episode of Monday Night RAW features more focus on social media (Twitter, Tout, and Facebook), in-ring promos, and of course, recaps on the top storylines and less focus on wrestling and entrances.

It seems that WWE Creative is trying to cram everything in a three-hour episode compared to the days when Monday Night RAW was a two-hour show just like its counterpart Friday Night SmackDown.

Like RAW, SmackDown also features more social media, but seldom features recaps and instead focuses more on in-ring action.

My suggestion: revert RAW ​ back to its two-hour format. That way, RAW can feature more big names such as CM Punk, John Cena, Randy Orton, Big Show, and Sheamus while the likes of Cody Rhodes, JTG, Damien Sandow, Michael McGillicutty, and the Divas can be featured on WWE Superstars​, a show that doesn't feature in-ring segments and social media: just one hour of pure wrestling.
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  1. Dashing Rachel's Avatar
    What do you think? Should Monday Night RAW ​go back to two hours?
  2. ewantu2's Avatar
    I don't mind promos it's the recaps and Facebook i don't like.
  3. Dashing Rachel's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ewantu2
    I don't mind promos it's the recaps and Facebook i don't like.
    I agree with you, but it seems that the WWE is very high on recaps and social media as of late.
  4. #BITW's Avatar
    the social media stuff is really annoying, more annoying is the 50 recaps of stuff we already have seen. mix that with commercials and bam thats a third of the show... thought they would utilize the extra hour but it seems just to be filled with filler pointless crap and advertising.
  5. #BITW's Avatar
    pointless crap meaning pointless filler matches
  6. CrowOfMurders's Avatar
    raw is now the world entertainment supershow with wrestling,ideally a 3hour show would include more wrestling and seldom seen superstars, but social media is here to stay and wwe is bent on "capitalizing" on it. I'm not sure how they are measuring their success, but perhaps "tweets is watching"? They might go back to two hours if they keep losing ratings, but it won't ever go back to how it was, so take what you can get.
  7. cpattersoniv's Avatar
    Okay so I signed up to this site just so I could respond to this ridiculous blog.

    Yes the ratings are slipping. That's a problem, but RAW is great as is. They've cut back on the social media as of late (when was the last time they had RAW Active?) And they're featuring more wrestling as well. Have you seen the tag team matches as of late? Or any of Sheamus' matches?

    Team Hell No and the Rhodes Scholars are really developing into something special and you want to relegate Rhodes and Sandow to Superstars? Seriously?

    The problem with RAW is the writing. The Cena/AJ/Vicky angle is just awful. I personally can't stand the push Ryback is getting because I think he can't wrestle worth a lick but Punk is brilliant as always.

    They need to get rid of 3MB because seeing Jinder Mahal as a rocker is just odd and they need to develop the talents they have into something more. They're succeeding with Barrett, Ziggler, and Sandow but they're slipping with Team CoBro and 3MB.

    The ratings will go up once Cena starts wrestling full time and hopefully the month he was out opened up some eyes in creative and showed them that they need bigger pulls from Superstars not named Cena or Punk.
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