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Kickout Fatigue: Turning Point Predictions

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I was surprised to see that no one had done a predictions blog for tonight's Turning Point ppv, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and do one myself. I will say up front, I'm actually pretty excited for this card. TNA has brought together some quality matches for tonight's show.

The character of Joseph Park is a lot of fun, but I'm not sure he was the best choice for Doc's (aka Luke Gallows) first ppv match. This one could be entertaining, but a lot depends on how overblown the "inexeperience" of Park is played up, and also how any sort of interference (more Aces and 8's members and/or Bully Ray/Sting/Hogan) plays out. I can't help but wonder when TNA is going to pull the trigger on the whole Joseph Park/Abyss thing. I admire their restraint in keeping it in the bag, but we're at a point where it could add a nice bit of spark to the long running Aces and 8's angle.
Prediction: Park loses, some kind of interference
Quality: 2.5 out of 5
Ugh. The TNA knockouts division has never once produced a match that I cared about and I don't see it happening here either. The whole Hollywood couple thing between Tara and Jessie is mindmeltingly annoying, and while in small doses ODB can be entertaining, I just have no desire to see the three of them. Eric Young can really brighten things up, he's usually a blast to watch, but even his presence in this match won't help it out much. In the end, expect to see Tara & Jessie pull off a victory, and for the dismantling of ODB and EY's marriage to continue.
Prediction: Tara & Jessie win
Quality: 1 out of 5

To say that RVD has lost a step is a deep and flawed understatement. Watching him move in slow motion during his matches pains me deeply, and yet the TNA fans keep cheering their brains out for him and thus the management keeps putting him over. I thought it was downright criminal for him to take the title off of Zema Ion, and if TNA would do that then they'll likely put RVD over Ryan without blinking. I think Ryan is a great character, and I'd love to see him have a run with the X-Division title, but Mr. PPV seems contractually obligated to win every match he's in, so I'm expecting an RVD win. The only hope comes from the possible involvement of Matt Morgan, who Hogan has barred from ringside. Morgan's angle right now could see him breaking that embargo though, and doing something to help Ryan win the belt. Either way, I expect some great wrestling out of these two. Ryan is just the kind of fresh, young talent that can bring out the best that remains in the decrepit old RVD.
Prediction: RVD retains.
Quality: 3.5 out of 5

I've seen a lot of people saying they are excited about this one, but I have to disagree. The turn with Aces and 8's has freshened up Devon's character and storyline, but he's still the same 4 moves and done wrestler once the bell rings. As explosive as he is, Angle is moving a bit slow these days himself, and only looks amazing against the right opponents. Devon is the exact wrong opponent, and I expect these two to look like the middle aged, close to retirement talents that they are. I think it would look too weak for the Aces and 8's to have Devon cleanly lose this one, so I'm expecting some interference and shenanigans to cause Angle to lose. They could freshen this one up a bit by having Angle's puppy dog Wes Briscoe turn on him and join Aces and 8's. You can also expect to see some Sting/Bully Ray involvement to help even the odds against the inevitable tide of Aces and 8's at the end of this match.
Prediction: Devon wins, typical interference
Quality: 2 out of 5

TNA has done a great job of building up this feud. Giving Magnus a chance to get a little tv time was a great decision, and he's showing himself to be a really good heel. Joe has been a great TV Champion, and the no dq stipulation should lead to some fantastic and possibly brutal action in this match. As much as I'd love to see Magnus pick up the win and the belt, TNA generally likes to establish longer championship reigns so I highly doubt we'll see it happen. I think Joe retains, but I also believe that it won't be the end of this feud that has a chance to build into a classic over the coming months.
Prediction: Joe retains, feud continues
Quality: 4 out of 5

TNA has done a fantastic job with their tag team division in recent months. Tag team wrestling matters again, it's got great feuds driving it, and I couldn't be happier about that. What I'm not happy about is Chavo. He's been an absolute mess ever since showing up in TNA earlier this year. Every match he's in, the guy messes up 4 or 5 spots, and he just looks like an amateur out there. The only time he shines is when he's ripping off Eddie Guerrero moves, which to me is less tribute and more insult. That said, I love the other 3 guys in this match. Hernandez is flat out amazing, and Kaz and Daniels are one of the best tag teams we've seen in a long time. The three of those guys will make this a fantastic match despite Chavo. As for the outcome, TNA hates to bounce titles around, so my brain says to expect Chavo and Hernandez to retain. My gut says we could possibly see an upset though, and the belts might end up back with Kaz and Daniels.
Prediction: Chavo & Hernandez retain, but maybe just maybe they don't
Quality: 3.5 out of 5

What a great match this is. It's easy to forget how awesome AJ Styles is when you see him wrestle the same people over and over and over again, but getting him in this fresh light is going to be a blast. Roode and Storm are two of the best workers in the company, and with so much on the line I expect this to be a classic 3 way. Not only is the winner the #1 contender, but the loser can't challenge for the world title for a year. It's an awesome stipulation, and one that adds a great layer to the drama. I think logically, it's easy to see who gets pinned. Roode is far too valuable as a top heel, and top heels go after world titles, so I don't see him getting pinned. And Storm has been on the cusp of a world title feud for a long time now, and I doubt they'd bury that for another year. That leaves AJ taking the terrible, terrible loss. A lot of people are saying this could lead to some BFG heroics out of AJ next year, but everyone is overlooking one thing. What about the new Destination X stipulation? Could AJ become the X-Division champ and then cash it in for a world title shot at Destination X? Or does the stipulation to this loss rule that out? Either way, you get the feeling that AJ will have a great push in late 2013, but for now, it's Storm's time. Prediction: James Storm wins, AJ Styles loses
Quality: 4.5 out of 5

The enigma that is Jeff Hardy can sometimes get on my nerves. Fans go nuts for the guy, despite the fact that he hasn't been involved in a decent feud in ages. Well, Aries is changing all of that. After winning the belt in such a great moment at Destination X, Aries got stuck with one of the biggest lame duck championship runs in recent memory. A quick rematch with Roode followed by a brawl with Aces and 8's, then drop the belt to Hardy. I was pretty upset over their misuse of Aries as champion, but his use since dropping the belt has been solid gold. He's a top notch jerk, the kind of guy you hate so bad and then hate a little bit more because deep down you kind of like him. He really is bringing the best out of Jeff Hardy, and I expect this to be a classic ladder match between the two. It's hard to know what the future holds for this feud, I have a strong feeling that it'll be over after tonight, with both men moving on to other things, but not before they deliver a show stealing performance. TNA is almost certainly not going to take the belt off of Hardy so soon after giving it to him, so I'd be shocked to see anything but a Hardy win in this one.
Prediction: Hardy retains
Quality: 5 out of 5

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