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The Future Biggest Wrestling Company...TNA

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The Future Biggest Wrestling Company...TNA

Let me start of by saying, this is my 20th blog in EWN. I wanted to do something different for a change, something I have not blogged about before. I came to the idea which is...TNA! I never done a TNA blog before, except from now. Anyway, lets get on with my 20th blog!

The good about TNA
I have been a fan of TNA since the past few years. I am impressed by their majority of wrestlers. My favorite wrestlers are AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, and Christopher Daniels. I enjoy watching AJ styles and Daniels intense rivalry, over the years, but I do feel they have had to much to do with each other, however, they do pull off having great matches which usually is match of the night. I don't recall seeing anyone moving the speed of Samoa Joe at the size he is. He isn't just athletic, but also as tough as he looks, or even tougher. When TNA did put these men in a match together; it was a all out brutal brawl these men gave to each other. Apparently, it was the best match in TNA history. WWE may be bigger than TNA, at the moment, but when comparing TNA to WWE's roster. TNA have more quality wrestlers by the mile. You better not get me started on WWE's Woman Division. WWE like to focus more on entertaining then wrestling, and that is very stupid because with out the wrestling. WWE should just be called W.E. Regardless, WWE still managed to make it work, but making the loyal fans very unhappy. TNA may use major story lines, now and again, but at the end of the day its the wrestling which they have the main focus on.

The Faults of TNA
TNA may have good consistent matches, but they do have many faults which prevents them from being big. I will discuss a few. TNA do have good matches, but I feel sometimes there put together out of the blue. The Triple Threat Tag Team match, at Bond For Glory, for instance. I felt AJ and Angle where randomly put in the match because they didn't have anything to do. It was obvious they wouldn't win, and if they did win not much people could get behind there recent teaming. This is because they haven't really had that much build up, being in the match. I also don't like there Consistent absent with superstars; one minute there here next week they're not. They like to take at least 3-4 months off, then return, and shoot up back to the main event scene. I know wrestlers need a break, every now and again, but not a regular basis. I am not suggesting they should have a Vince schedule, not the slightest, but if they take a break let them take a big break. If they want to wrestle, let them wrestle for a long time with out taking a longed out break. Lets say 2-3 years contract, and when there contract is up, let them take a 6-12 month rest before resigning. Many fans also like to blame, TNA faults, on Hogan, and Bishop. They blame them for the numerous past stables in TNA that ended up going in a bad direction. They dislike them for keeping themselves in the spotlight most of the time, and overshadowing superstars that really sell. I think the best thing that happened since Bishop, and Hogan gained control is Aces & 8s; lets hope they don't eventually mess that up to.

TNA's Obsession With Former WWE Superstars
I was going to write this in 'The Fault of TNA' paragraph, but I felt I could write a paragraph solely on this, lol. TNA love to take superstars from WWE; WWE is famously known around the world so taking famous superstars is a must, for TNA. The only problem is they usually take guys who are former WWE superstars; this makes TNA look cheap because their basically taking WWE's unwanted trash. When they do have WWE's superstars they sky rocket them to the main event scene, and they eventually go on to win the big one. This has happened to many superstars such as Jeff Hardy, Kurt angle, Rhino, Mr Kennedy,Christian and Rob Van Dam. I could go on, but TNA have taken more than 20 superstars from WWE so I won't. They use WWE's unwanted group to go over their own talent who have earned the right to be at that top spot, which the unwanted group have taken. I just don't understand this, TNA have great talent but would rather use old rusty superstars such as Chavo Guerrero, than their own hard working talent. Does TNA realize that gives them a bad image? The worst thing about it, most of the time it never ends well. Then that opens the question, was it all worth it? But, that's most of the time. Let's look at former WWE/WCW superstars who have helped make TNA a better place.

I am going to say, in a particular order, which former WWE/WCW superstars have helped themselves, and TNA to be a success.

05. Bull Ray&Devon/Team 3D:
These guys have one won the most Tag Team Championships. They have had many great feuds and memorable moments such as sending abyss through a flaming table. These guys where one of the best Tag Teams in WWE, but now also in TNA. They are currently one of the hottest things right now in TNA. We all know now that Devon is a important figure in Aces and 8s, and Bully Ray was shocked to find out, but now whats nothing more to battle his past Tag Team partner.

04. Kurt Angle:
Kurt Angle's WWE contract was up, and in a few mere weeks he joined TNA. Kurt Angle became one of the top, and at one point the biggest superstar in TNA. He changed the landscape of TNA, having feuds with Samoa Joe, AJ styles and being the leader of 'Main Event Mafia'. He is the type of superstars TNA dreamed for; Kurt is probably the best wrestler TNA managed to get there hands on, from the WWE. He may be aging, but TNA still need him, and we as fans still want to see him.

03. Jeff Hardy:
At the time, Jeff Hardy was seriously popular with the fans in WWE. WWE had to let him go, because of certain reasons. TNA decided to grab him as fast as they could, as a result, Jeff Hardy is now TNA's best merchandise seller. TNA have finally found some one who could be a cash cow for them. Jeff Hardy beat Austin Aries, at Bound For Glory, and Jeff is currently TNA's World Heavy Weight Champion. I have heard rumors, Jeff was planning to return to WWE next year. I guess TNA gave Jeff the World Title as a reason to not go back to the WWE, but to tell the truth who would want to lose their best merchandise seller.

02. Sting:
He is the only WCW wrestler to not go WWE; he decided to go to TNA instead, which was at its early stages, at the time. He is the first inductee in the TNA hall of fame. I do like when he's present with Hogan by his side. These two where one of the most important wrestling figures in WWE/WCW, so it's kinda cool them being side by side holding weapons such as baseball bats and chairs.

01. Jeff Jarrett:
Who where you expecting? If it wasn't for this man having a brilliant idea there wouldn't be a TNA; there's nothing more to say than that.

TNA Can Be The Future Biggest Wrestling Company
‚ÄčTNA is the WWE's biggest competition, at the moment. TNA is watching WWE, and WWE is watching TNA. TNA have a few things WWE don't have which is a strong Woman Division, and more quality wrestlers. The right thing TNA have done so far is by going live in the summer, and apparently will continue the rest of the year. TNA have a loyal fan base, so most ratings in TNA is never to high or to low. TNA are winning over places like England and Australia, better then WWE. They are going in the right direction. I live in England and TNA do treat us fans very well. I am going to boast and say I was at the very first ever episode on TNA, in England. Anyway, in England we can watch the PPV for free. The only downside I would say is, I believe, if TNA really want to take a risk they have to get on a better channel to attract more views. In England they are on the former channel Bravo, which is now known as Challenge. If they want many English fans to watch, they should go to the sports section where WWE currently is. Since it's taped for us in England, it would be more convenient to bring it to the sports channel, and I guarantee more people would watch it. WWE Raw is featured live in sky sports; which showcases at 2am in the morning. I'm sure TNA could easily steal more WWE fans. TNA is taped so it would be on Sky sports late in the afternoon, so more people would watch it instead of waiting to watch WWE. I don't know much about US Networks/Channels, but I do know the infamous one's, such as 'USA','ABC','CBS' and etc. I believe, WWE is shown on 'USA'. I am not saying TNA should just jump and go in a big Network/Channel, but a decent one if they're not already. Ratings is the only thing holding back TNA from reaching WWE status. TNA have only been around for a decade, it will be a hard journey, but the sky is the limit for TNA.

Thanks for reading my 20th blog. I hoped you enjoyed it; let me hear your thoughts about TNA and my blog. Do you think they will reach WWE's popularity one day? Is there anything else you would like to add? If there is just leave a comment. Anyway, peace.

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  1. WeDominate99's Avatar
    WWE isn't watching TNA
    Tna will never pass wwe, cmon Linda mcmahon spend 90 million dollars on her senate race wwe has money and fame
  2. Harperson's Avatar
    I think you need to wake up and smell the coffee. TNA are in no way a threat to WWE's grip of the number 1 spot in Pro Wrestling, and while PANDA remain in financial control of the company, they never will be. TNA may have some outstanding talents, but their roster is too small to compete against WWE, and let's not forget the fact that WWE have some pretty good athletes too (Ziggler, Punk, et al.). As for the woman's division, if I'm going to be honest, I think that both companies could do so much better with their talent, but it's always been a side show to the main stage, along side midget wrestling. It'll never be the deciding factor if one company becomes bigger than the other.

    As for "ratings [being] the only thing holding back TNA from reaching WWE status", are you serious? You could put TNA on at prime time, but it will never match WWE, in so much as the production values we see on TV weekly prove. TNA needs to spend BIG time to match WWE's level of production, but PANDA do not want to spend that kind of money. Another reason why TNA will never be as big, let alone be bigger, than WWE is their US arena crowds. They fail to sell out 5 - 7.5k seats, each and every time, with the unsold seats being behind the TV crews recording their shows. I'm not saying that WWE sells out every time, but they play to arenas of 15 - 20k + each and every week.

    I'm hoping that, in your 20th blog, you wanted to solicit responses from the IWC, regardless of their response. If that's the case, well done. You have made us comment. But if you are serious that you believe that TNA will be bigger than WWE, then you are very, very sadly deluded.
  3. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    When i saw this blog title, I got excited. I like hearing people's thoughts on stuff like this. But, there's a lot more to it than just this, and I'm not sure that, in their current position and the current state of wrestling as a whole, they have any chance of being the next big company. Maybe if I hit the lottery and own it, but not under the direction they're under now.

    Here are my thoughts.

    1. I like TNA's product and their wrestling, much moreso than WWE. However, I cannot and definitively say their talent is better. I think in some areas, they are. For instance I feel AJ Styles sells better than Ziggles. He's like the Shawn Michaels of TNA and I would match him up against pretty much anyone in WWE. I think A Double and Bobby Roode have really come into their own. But for other top guys like say, James Storm. I like him, but I couldn't sit here and say he's at a Randy Orton level.

    2. I agree with your fautls, but there are many many many many many more.

    3. I don't think TNA has an obsession w/ former WWE wrestlers. These guys gotta go somewhere if WWE releases them, don't they? Are people bashing ROH for having Benjamin & Haas? Too many people think that, just because WWE releases them, it's over. They should wither away and die. TNA is a viable option for these guys. I'm surprised there's not more. I'm shocked that Chris Masters and John Morrison aren't TNA mainstays right now.

    I've actually listed changes they need to make in some of my blogs in the past, so I'm definitely with you that they have the potential to possibly become a big number two. I'm not sure WWE feels threatened by them, but with their shrinking numbers, and TNA's not shrinking numbers, it may draw "some", maybe a tiny bit. But TNA has a long long way to go.
    Updated 11-14-2012 at 09:17 AM by DK Wrestling Savior
  4. Rowebin's Avatar
    Regarding the change of network in the UK, whilst moving to a sports channel may bring in new viewers it would also loose them a lot of viewers. I'm not paying for sky sports at 60 quid a month to watch one program.
  5. Robareid's Avatar
    TNA gets most of it's UK viewings on Challenge, which is freeview
  6. TheRealOutlaw's Avatar
    TNA is the WWE's biggest competition - TNA is the only other wrestling company out there that is on TV. ROH is PPV. So just because TNA is really the only other wrestling company does not make it competition to WWE.

    TNA is watching WWE, and WWE is watching TNA - TNA is watching WWE, they are looking for future wrestlers. What reason does WWE have to watch TNA?
  7. A.C. Sativa's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TheRealOutlaw
    TNA is the WWE's biggest competition - TNA is the only other wrestling company out there that is on TV. ROH is PPV. So just because TNA is really the only other wrestling company does not make it competition to WWE.
    ROH is on TV (at least in the U.S.) in syndication, problem is that they only do TV tapings once every 6 months.
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