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Marqus Stewart

The Missing Points: 1st Edition

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Welcome to the first edition of my new blog The Missing Points. My name is Marqus and for those that don't know I am a life long huge wrestling fan. I've bounced around this country searching for a dream and a career that I love. I recently came to the realization that wrestling is the only thing I've consistently loved my whole life and I needed to incorporate into my life more. My passion is just as strong as it was when I was a kid and I needed to make this a active part of my future. I hope to one day have my own radio show or even make it to the big leagues as an on air personality. For now I'll let this blog be my stepping stone to bigger things.

I read a lot of other sites blog's and articles. Everyone always points out the obvious topics to talk about but I feel some points are missed that help you see the bigger picture. I choose this forum to talk about such things. So here we go with our first point.

#1: The Survivor Series Switcheroo: Last week on Raw it was announced that at the Survivor Series PPV, there would be a Traditional Survivor series match pitting a team of Superstars captained by Mick Foley vs. a team of superstars captained by the WWE Champion CM Punk. This was because of recent promos and cheap shots that have been delivered over the past few weeks by the respective captains. Well for whatever reason those plans were quickly changed. This past Monday WWE Chairman Vince McMahon came out and announced a new main event. It will be a Triple Threat match for The WWE Championship. CM Punk will defend his title against Ryback who he defeated at HIAC under controversial circumstances, and John Cena who was pulled from the match due to an elbow injury that required surgery. Many fans where highly upset over this decision and I don't understand why. I'm excited for this match! The match may not be great but usually when you put Punk and Cena in the ring together something good comes out of it. I'm more excited about the significance of this match. The Monday after Survivor Series, if Punk is still the champion then he would have held the WWE Title for one full year. A FULL YEAR PEOPLE?! No one does that anymore. Punk doesn't have the size and look that most champions have had in the past. Before Punk the only smaller superstar to hold the belt longer than 4 months was Shawn Michaels. That was about 15 years ago. Times are changing from the big bulky guys holding all the gold. Punk is proving that with charisma, drive, and hard work, anyone can be the back bone of the company no matter your look or size. There are a lot of smaller wrestlers not just on the roster but coming up through development as well that need to believe they have a real shot at making it. Plus you have to look at where this is leading to and I'm not talking about WM29. Before that, the WWE Champion has to face The Rock at The Royal Rumble. Punk has been building a tremendous legacy with this title run. He'll be facing an even bigger one if he's still champ by the Rumble. As big as all the other matches and victories have been, none will be bigger than that. Another successful title defense before then would only help. Especially one over 2 superstars in one night with the reputations of the franchise John Cena and wrecking ball Ryback. Some folks are worried that another loss for Ryback will hurt his rise to stardom. I disagree. Ryback has plenty of time to be a seasoned main eventer and not a flash in the pan. One thing we've seen over the last year or so is that superstars who are rocketed to the top too soon fizzle out real fast. Ask Sheamus and Del Rio. John Cena will be fine because well...he's John Cena. Punk needs the victory. With a win at the Survivor Series and a potential successful title defense at the TLC PPV, (possibly against Foley) Punk will roll into the Rumble with huge momentum. This could turn into a classic match and be the start of a great Road to Wrestlemania. Punk is having a year that won't be match for quite some time in the future. Years down the road who knows. We may talk about this more than the infamous shoot promo. Pipe Bomb!

#2-Zig then Zag: Since CM Punk was taken out as one of the captains for the traditional Survivor Series match, a replacement had to be named. That replacement would be Smackdown's MITB winner Dolph Ziggler. This was sort of a big swerve since it seems they were building a match pitting John Cena vs. Dolph at the PPV. I was excited for this match because Ziggler has been putting on stellar matches since winning the contract. His short feud with Jericho put out some quality matches and although he lost several times to Sheamus, that matches were good. A show stealing match versus Cena would have proven how ready he is for the main event and a victory would have cemented the fact. But the match is off and I'm even more excited about that simply because I hated the story this match was getting built off of. The Cena/AJ Lee affair is not that entertaining especially if you watched this story play out over the summer in TNA. Ironically with their AJ(Styles). Anytime it looks like WWE is stealing ideas from TNA you should be worried. But I'm glad Ziggler is in this match not just because he's the captain but because of one of the opposing team members he will have to face: Randy Orton. The buzz on the web is that the road to Wrestlemania will feature a feud between Orton and Ziggler that will lead to a World Title match at WM29. For those that don't know the traditional survivor series match is Orton's signature match much like the HIAC match is for Triple H , and the I Quit match is for Cena. If memory serves me right, Orton has only lost once in this match and that was last year. I can see it coming down to Ziggler and Orton in the end and Dolph getting the win. This will definitely be something to hold over Orton's head and brag about over the next few months. This could even be the final act that compels Ziggler to cash in the MITB contract and win the world title. I hope once he does he can finally break away from Vickie. Though the pair worked well in the past and her crowd heat has definitely helped him get over as a heel, it's time for a change. Either way it's Dolph's time to shine. He has been a great worker in the ring and he is funny as hell. If you've never seen his web show WWE Download or watched him on ZTLIS you need to check him out. With Vickie gone, he won't have to share the mic as much and hopefully he can showcase more of his personality. Putting Ziggler in this match could be a surprising springboard into the main event and the beginning of a great world title run.

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