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Best Number One Contender Concept

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Hey wrestling fans. Savior here with a little time so I figured I'd shoot a blog out there. It's sort of random, as few of the titled concepts are really in play at the moment. I've come up with the top concepts right now that both TNA and WWE use to determine future title contenders. The four biggest concepts going right now are. The purpose of this blog is to get some conversation going as there are lot of opinions out there. I also want to hear ideas from people on how they can either improve on, or replace some of the concepts that are used. I will rank these from least favorite to most favorite.

Money in the Bank Ladder MatchL One for Each Title

Money in the Bank was a great concept. As a showcase at Wrestlemania, it developed into a PPV theme. They now have two matches at the annual PPV, one for each title. Over the years, the matches haven't been quite as exciting, and have featured many less high spots than when it was exclusively a Wrestlemania event. Until John Cena cashed it in on Raw 1000, the MITB winner has become champion in their attempts to cash in. Dolph Ziggler currently holds a briefcase for the World Heavyweight Champion with speculation that he could be cashing in at any time now.

To make this concept better, I think they should do away with the two matches and the themed PPV. I think the MITB has become watered down. I think it would hold much more meaning if they went back to what it was before. One case, either title up for grabs. However, if they need to have two, have one for the WWE/WHC Title, and one for the IC/US Titles.

Bound For Glory Series

In old school AWA fashion, TNA has developed a series of matches with a point system to determine the winner of the series, and the number one contender at the Bound For Glory PPV. Unlike AWA, where there were teams and captains, BFG Series is every man for himself, with one winner taking the opportunity. It started last year where Bobby Roode was the winner and got the title match versus Kurt Angle at BFG 11. Jeff Hardy made a huge comeback this year, and won the tournament and got the title shot, after Samoa Joe and James Storm spent most of the tournament switching between one and two. The tournament runs all summer long, going from June until Sept, concluding with the final four facing off at the No Surrender PPV.

I would improve on this by having eliminations as time goes on. This way, they can avoid the predictability of having bottom dwellers face those contending for the lead, late in the tournament. So, if they're a month into the tournament, Also, instead of wasting time having those who have no shot at winning the tournament still taking part in matches, they can move on and start a new feud or whatever. Also, don't have series matches at House Shows.

X Division "Option C" - Destination X

In a concept similar the Money in the Bank, Austin Aries set a new precedent by getting Hogan to put into effect, Option C. Now, the X Division champ has the opportunity to cash in his X Division title for a World Title match at Destination X. A great concept that has brought new meaning to the X Division and has opened it up to everyone, not just "cruiserweight" types. This concept is very new, so we'll wait to see how the trend works out. If this continues to be a stepping stone for guys like Aries to get title shots, where maybe by the time next year rolls around, Zema Ion or Joey Ryan, or Kenny King will be in that position, then it's a successful concept that should be a main stay. I also love the open X Division Title Ultimate X match that takes place at the PPV as well.

Royal Rumble: Winner Gets a Title Shot at Wrestlemania

For a very long time, this has been a main stay. It wasn't originally for a title match, but stipulation has given it much more meaning. Save for one year, when the actual title was on the line for the winner, the majority of the Royal Rumbles have been used to determine who headlines Wrestlemania for the title. The Royal Rumble is seldom a stepping stone for unexpected superstars to headline Wrestlemania. It creates some drama with a superstar who would last a really long time in the battle royal and then fall short. Just a few years ago, it was Shawn Michaels last opportunity to get his rematch against Undertaker, he was eliminated late in the match. Guys have reaped the rewards of record-setting time in the rumble match, like Rey Mysterio and Chris Benoit, who rank #1 & #2 respectively. Others have spent considerable time, only to fall short, like Bob Backlund and Kane.

I wouldn't change this concept in anyway. The ultimate prize is at stake. And it's also too risky to try and use this as a stepping stone for a high mid-carder because we're talking about Wrestlemania being about 8 weeks after and there's no time to properly build someone into the type of draw that can headline biggest wrestling event of the year.

There you have it guys. These are my top four. I know it was quite random, but there's not a whole lot happening in the wrestling world today, so I figured I'd freshen up the blog board a bit. I'd love to hear your ideas on how you would rank these concepts or how you would make them better.

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  1. Ozzy Mandias's Avatar
    I don't see the point in having a MITB for the IC/US titles. It is so easy for anyone to win those titles these days that having a ladder match and such for it would be pointless. If those titles are changed to be made more prestigious then maybe, but I would keep the concept for a World Title situation.
  2. bazzing32's Avatar
    would be interesting to see the rumble winner and mitb winner cash in on the same championship
  3. alcrissam's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by bazzing32
    would be interesting to see the rumble winner and mitb winner cash in on the same championship
    see here's my problem. ^^THIS^^ is the shit creative NEEDS to write, NOT their crap they have been writing as of late. greatest comment ever.

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