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What really grinds my gears? Episode 3 - Revenge of the Hulkamania.

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"Sigh, so it has come down to this. After so many years of watching wrestling, after watching so many great wrestlers, one of these guys just won't go away. I am talking about Mr Ego himself, the Red and Yellow Power Ranger, 'Thunderlips' in all his glory ... It can only be Mr Hulk 'Look at me I am still cool' Hogan.

You would think that wrestling fans would embrace a legend like Mr Hogan, but with the world we live in, we see a society where those big icons are slowly getting old (and somewhat annoying) while no one new is coming through. We have to endure stars like Justin Bieber, John Cena and Lady Gaga, while we look back at the glory days, with men like Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson, and even Hulk Hogan.

So I am sat there watching TNA wrestling. A company who wants to become cool, but they cling on to dinosaurs. Full respect to what dinosaurs did for our planet, but they became extinct, and they were replaced by much cooler, much younger species. As long as people cling to the past, you cannot move forward, and that is what really grinds my gears."

Episode 3 - Revenge of the Hulkamania.

Yes, I went there. It was an easy target, but it had to be done. Mr Hogan will always be one of the most loved, and at the same time, overrated superstars of the wrestling industry.

It is difficult now, with many of the children only being born in the 90s and 2000s, they never got to embrace Hulkamania in its prime. It was a true phenomenon, you can't even compare him to guys like Cena. The only man to be on the same level when it came to merchandising and all-round awareness is Stone Cold Steve Austin. It is difficult to see anyone reaching that level again, it is true that Cena may sell some merchandise, he may have a lot of Facebook/twitter followers, but he is not "cool" to the point that he gets a loud ovation every single time he steps into an arena.

Hogan was like that, he got the crowds to go insane for him. He had the build, he had the catchphrases, he had the move-set. Although it was an incredibly predictable move-set, people didn't care, they paid to see the move-set, and back then you didn't have people calling each other "Marks", and you didn't have people complaining because he wasn't "Wrestling". People were seriously behind him, but he only got there because of help from certain individuals like Vince McMahon, Randy Savage, and other wrestlers who helped to put him over, and build him into a mega star.

He was becoming pretty stale in the early 90's, people wanted change. His politics helped to keep him afloat in the main event picture, until he decided that Vince and the WWF was no longer good for him, so he jumped to WCW. We all know what happened after that, he turned Hollywood and went full-blown heel, forming the nWo, and keeping himself alive for a few more years.

And then guess what? He fell off the cliff. He got to the point where he was no longer the biggest draw. Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Attitude era changed all that, and his larger then life character was no match. He attempted to revive Hulkamania in the WWE not long after WCW went down, but he never quite reached the same level, he was too old, too out of touch with what wrestling had become. He needed to step aside and put over younger talents.

hulk-embed_380x223_926439a.jpgI'm not cool anymore??? When did that happen???

He lost his edge in WCW. Instead of helping to put over the talent of the future, he used his creative control and influence to keep himself, and friends in the main event scene. This created a rift between the mid-card and management, and they were very frustrated. They were doing a lot of the hard work, while guys like Hogan took cuts from their merchandise sales.

What does this tell you about the man? It tells us that Hulk Hogan has one of the biggest ego's in wrestling. He is all about the money, and hogging the spotlight so he can make that money. He has tarnished his legacy by repeatedly creating negative media attention on himself and family. He also made many enemies in his career. Let's go through a list:-

Bret Hart - Back in the early 90's, Hogan and Bret Hart did not get along. Vince wanted a match between the two at Wrestlemania, but Hogan refused. He didn't want to get in the ring with a ring general like Bret. Bret would have made him look like an amateur.

Shawn Michaels - When Hogan came back to the WWE for his last run, he fought Shawn in a match. HBK purposely mocked Hogan by over-selling his moves during their match. This was a dig at Hogan being some kind of wrestling god, and how everyone over-sells his move-set during his matches.

The Iron Shiek - This man helped to put Hogan on the map, when Hogan defeated him for the WWF title. The Iron Shiek was more of a paper champion, as Bob Backlund did not want to lose to Hogan. The Iron Shiek hates Hogan with a passion, and always talks about how he helped to put him over, but Hogan never appreciated it. You can often hear him say "F**k" the Hulk Hogan."

The Ultimate Warrior - If you never saw his shoot videos on Hogan, I highly recommend it. The Warrior goes into details on his life, and how he lived a crazy life filled with drugs, parties, and "swinging" with his wife. Warrior thinks Hogan is trash, and could never find a way out of the business, because he is useless. Warrior found work outside of wrestling, and was able to make a living, while he claims that Hogan continues to take the spotlight and bury the talent of today, to make himself look good. A lot of what he says in his videos are very informative, and can be backed up.

Scott Steiner - I made a blog about the recent Twitter war between Steiner and Hogan. I highly recommend you read that blog, Steiner goes into many subjects relating to Hogan's influence since he came into TNA wrestling. He totally rips him apart, and although he may not be the greatest when it comes to putting a point across, his points are dead on. Don't underestimate Steiner's opinions when he shoots off like he does, he only does that when he has something legitimate to say.

Linda Hogan - Of course, his ex-wife turned on him too. She said many bad things about Hulk during their separation, and afterwards. Claiming he was sleeping around during their marriage, and this was confirmed in the latest "sex tape" scandal.

Vince McMahon - I think Vince hated him for leaving to go to WCW. He only brought him back as he saw it would be good for business, but I feel that Vince thinks he made Hogan, and made wrestling what it was... while Hogan claims it was him who helped put wrestling on the map more then Vince did.

Steve Austin - Steve Austin in his ECW days, he did a promo on Hulk Hogan, and ripped into his character in style. I suppose he was frustrated that he was being held back, while guys like Hogan and Flair continued to be pushed in the spotlight. It was those promos that got him noticed by the WWF and recruited by Vince McMahon.

Hulk Hogan has made many enemies over the years. He has also had many scandals, including the Sex tape scandal, the car accident in which his son was found guilty in injuring John Graziano, and the headlock incident in which the guy sued him for performing it wrong and injuring him.

He also made a reality show, showing his personal life, which became pretty popular, but at the same time, taking away the illusion of his character. This helped to launch Brooke Hogan's career, as she made an album, and now works for TNA wrestling.

Hogan continues to hog the media spotlight to keep his name relevant, despite being 59 years old, and is still regularly shown on Impact Wrestling.
Since he and Bischoff came into TNA in 2010, the company has been heavily criticized for taking away the six sided ring, recruiting many of Hogan's friends, and older wrestlers from the WWF/WCW days, as well as making negative comments about TNA wrestlers such as AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, and Bobby Roode, while praising a rookie like Garrett Bischoff.

It really makes me cringe to see Hogan in a ring, or doing anything anymore. His back is pretty much destroyed, yet he insists on being physical, and if he was able to wrestle, we would probably see him having wrestling matches too.

It was too funny to watch him come out at Bound for Glory, and destroy the majority of the Aces and Eights with one punch to each of their heads. It looked incredibly robotic and fake, and made the group look so weak. When can a group of thugs get laid out by a 59 year old man with a crippled back? Only in wrestling folks.

You may love him, you may hate him, but no one can deny the mans success. He changed wrestling forever, and we will probably never see anyone else like Hogan, but it really is time he found ways to make money outside of wrestling. He doesn't need to be on a major wrestling show every week, he doesn't need to be taking airtime away from the very hungry stars of today, he just needs to become more of a trainer, more of an ambassador who looks on from far away.

The world loved you Hogan, but now you really did make yourself look like a joke. It is difficult to take Hogan seriously anymore, specially since he jumped ship from the WWE after being inducted into the Hall of Fame, that should have been his last major appearance.

0.jpgShould he have continued making sporadic appearences in the WWE, instead of jumping to TNA?

Your time is over Terry, it's not the 80s anymore, Hulkamania is dead. Just look after yourself and try not to get anymore crippled. No one in the wrestling business should end up in a wheelchair or worse. Too many wrestlers died because they didn't take the time to rest, they did too many drugs, and was on the road so much, it should be a lesson that every aging wrestler should know.

So let's all raise our glasses ... to a Legend who tarnished his own legacy. Let's hope he stops doing that, or we will just have to enjoy the ripping of Hulkamania for many more years to come.

"Hulk Still Rules"

And that is what really grinds my gears.

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  1. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    as for Hogan putting over people in WCW. I remember Hogan putting way more people over in WCW then he has ever in WWF. even in his 2000 era run in WWE. He put over Rowdy Piper which was sencless, The Giant, Lex Luger, Billy Kidman, Sting, Goldberg and several others which is wayyyyyyyyyyyy more than his WWF and WWE tenture.

    Hogan was never a respected performer and the same things he did in 85 he did in 97 his performance never changed just are maturity.

    Other thing about Hogan stepping aside in WCW. Hogan couldnt just step down. Hogan had to be the main event. See in Hogans contract it states that Hogan gets so much percentage of the PPV buyrate and ticket sales for a event. So either way every PPV Hogan would get main eventer pay. So in order for Hogan to say "Hey let another guy be the main event put me at the bottom of the card cause im too old and I suck" then he be losing a big chunk of money. and for WCW to pay Hogan so much money and not main event the show that means the main eventer would get bottom card pay. WCW wasnt gonna pay Hogan for being in the main event and have him be bottom of the card or not on the card..... Nash stated Hogans unique deal on a few Shoot interviews how it was literally impossible for them to book Hogan any other way cause of his contract and the amount of money he was given per PPV.... So something like that should be blamed on WCW. I mean who is gonna lose 100k or maybe a million just to be a nice guy. I wouldn't and im sure no one on this board would
  2. Sahu's Avatar
    I'm for one who started watching wrestling from 91-92, I mean that's the time we had Cable networks popular in I have missed the Hulkamania almost entirely..n when i started watching wrestling I used to feel Bret/Owen/Mr.Perfect/Davey Smith are real wrestlers n Hulk Hogan is a cartoon character for entertainment..I mean that's what I felt at that time...

    So, my early impression of Hulk is a cartoon n then when he turned heel, it's not a huge deal for me because, I was never invested into his character...n Monday Night wars were not there in India..Raw was n is on Thursdays/Fridays (mostly Thursday) through out..n Nitro was in late hours on Saturday...

    So, only through the hype given by the announcers n the online discussion with people like you, I have realised how BIG the Hulkamania is...

    He for me is an over rated guy n I feel he's an old fellow who is stealing the spotlight from the young guys...I never wanted to see a HBK vs Hulk (but I loved HBK vs Ric Flair..I somehow love Ric Flair from his WCW days), I never liked Hulk going against Rock (I felt Rock will win because of his age..)

    In TNA, the moment he came the actual stars liek AJ/Joe n others were side lined..I never appreciated his comments over Roode...I wish he stay more of back end guy as an ambassador to market the product nothing more than that..
    Updated 11-09-2012 at 11:54 PM by Sahu
  3. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Gotta agree with Crippler here. Everyone hangs on too long. Nobody wants to fade away. Why is Hogan such a focal point? Everyone wants Flair to come back and be GM or manage Ziggler, yet the man can't even talk anymore.

    I'll admit Hogan is on TV way too much. And he is more known for his scandals and other things outside of wrestling, not so much his accomplishments in the industry. I've said in my own blogs that he seems to be turning TNA into his own personal Reality TV show, but like Dubs commented...if the company is going to pay him, why blame him for taking advantage?
  4. kylos's Avatar
    Hogan is an easy target really. I never said that others of his generation didn't also follow that uneasy pattern of falling off the radar and becoming forgotten, or just generally hated.

    There are some famous people from the 70s and 80s who kept their names intact, and they are still relevant today. I would go into all those names but I would need a whole new blog that doesn't even mention wrestling to prove the point.

    Some famous people have huge ego's, they want to carry on being relevant, they want to carry on taking the spots of the young, upcoming talent in any industry, not just wrestling, but there comes a time where that performer becomes so old, and that... sad ... that you begin to feel sorry for them. That is how I feel about Hogan, he can't really do anything but silly segments on TNA to keep his name out there, he can't wrestle, he can barely walk, all he can rely on is his acting skills, and they were never top notch either.

    As long as big names continue to cling on, it takes time and exposure away from younger, fresher names, and overall keeps the world going in the right direction. Hogan will be known as one of those guys who could just never let go, true he may love the business, but if Hogan wasn't receiving that fat paycheck, would he carry on loving the business?

    Hogan has always loved the lifestyle, the fame, the glory, and without those things, he is just a shell of his former self. Can you imagine CM Punk trying to wrestle at 60 years old, many years after his legendary feuds, many years after we thought he had retired?

    We would be sad for him too.
  5. YOUcanCALLmeCRACK's Avatar
    Frankly I'm offended that you said dinosaurs were NOT the coolest form of animals ever!
  6. kylos's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by YOUcanCALLmeCRACK
    Frankly I'm offended that you said dinosaurs were NOT the coolest form of animals ever!
    Haha, that's the spirit. I wish dinosaurs were cool again, remember Jurassic Park?? That film was so awesome when it first came out. Oh.. how the times change.. I must be becoming a dinosaur too.
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