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Jason"s Thoughts: Impact Wrestling 11-8-12

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AJ v Roode with James Storm on commentary
This was a great match that had good back and forth, high flying and mat wrestling as well as some good build up for AJ/Roode/Storm at Turning Point
Rating : 4/5 ****

Sting,Angle and Brisco Segment
TIMING! TIMING! TIMING! This was a cool segment that really got me excited for whats happening at the end of the show
Rating: 3/5 ***

Joseph Parks segment
This was a excellent segment the fans were cheering and were very alive which is very suprising for the impact zone. It was a great moment seeing Bully Ray stick up for Joseph and him finally being ready to fight Aces and Eights
Rating : 3.5/5 ***

Jesse Godderz and Knockouts seg
This was better than last weeks segment and i am starting to get use to Jesse and Tara's characters but it was still pretty weak
Rating : 2/5 **

James Storm and AJ Styles seg
Epic segment it was once again more good build up for turning point
Rating : 4/5 ****

ODB vs Jesse/Tara
This was alot more entertaining than i thought it would be but not by much, what this really needs was EY to save the day but no hes not even there to save his WIFE
Rating 1.5/5 *

ODB seg
It was too short and wasnt much more than a match set up
Rating: 1/5 *

Gutcheck Discuss
Gutcheck Discuss
Thiswas a good one that really hooked you in and made you want to watch the upcoming gutcheck segment
Rating : 4/5 ****

Kurt Angle and Sting vs Devon and Doc (Director of Chaos AKA Luke Gallows)
This was a good match that started off with a awesome brawl. And holy *@#! was that beatdown awesome! It was a brutal attack with a hammer by Doc that made this episode for me and you see the look in the fans faces, they were into it and very suprised by this segment.
Rating 5/5 *****

Gutcheck segment
This was a little more relaxed for a Gutcheck segment, sure i am happy they said yes to Christian Yorke but it felt a little bland and less emotional that a usual segment
Rating 2.5/5 **

Hulk,Joey and Ryan seg
Not much to say besides that i liked the segment, but i feel it was a little to short to judge so....
Rating : 2.9/5 **

Kaz,Daniels and Magnus vs Chavo,Hernandez and Joe
This was a awesome fast paced and very lengthy match that pulled me in the whole time especially with that amazing finish.
Rating: 4/5 ****

Arries/Hardy segment
This was just a overall amazing segment, great mic work by Arries, a awesome brawl and a ending that hooks you in and makes you want to see what happens next.
Rating: 5/5 *****

Overall: 7/10 this was a great show but fell flat on some segments and was very boring at times and that is why i had to take away a few points

Extra Comments: If you missed it TNAgot some new logos on the ring for some big sponsors to a program called "Hire a vet" there is some special camo headset where the proceeds go to it, also they have a shirt you can buy online where all the money goes to red cross to help people dealing with sandy you can go to for more info and the shirt, anyway i hope you enjoyed this blog, give me your feedback in the comments and have a nice day!

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  1. Sahu's Avatar
    Seems to be a great impact...I have to see it today....offlate they r doing very well in go home to PPV impact episodes...creating good anticipation about the PPV..

    The best thing abt Jeff Hardy being champion is..we do not know how long will he keep the belt...he can lose at any moment or he can pull of some unexpected wins...anything can happen...
  2. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    I like what they are doing in TNA for the most part. The Aces and Eights story feels like it's moving along slightly again (though still, WHAT do they want??) and that beatdown of Sting was actually really believable to me for some reason. Stupid when it was done to Joseph Park in the "clubhouse" but it worked when on Sting in a wrestling ring.

    Just like I was impressed when they came up with the idea that at Destination X the reigning X division champion can trade the belt in for a challenge at the World Title I am equally as interested in who is going to win and especially who is going to lose the triple threat match between Storm, Roode, and Styles. The loser is the odds on favorite to win the title at next year's Bound for Glory but that's a long time out of the championship picture.

    One big complaint though is Matt Morgan. He's doing a good job talking but he needs to be beating more people up!
  3. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Loved Impact this week. What happened to Sting was just like, holy shit. It was vicious.

    I hope that the leader saying DOC isn't a full member yet, isn't a sign that Luke Gallows' stint isn't permanent. I like him in that role and part of this group.

    I think Gut Check is lacking emotion now for two reasons. One...Joey Ryan is now in, so there's nothing secondary to add to it. Two...Since Gut Check started, we haven't seen any of the winners doing anything. I know they're in developmental and all that but, like how WWE did Tough Enough, TNA should at least keep them fresh in our minds. I remember that girl was awesome, and hot, and now, I don't remember her name. I also remember another guy who killed it in his match, and again, I don't remember his name now. I think Gut Check would have so much more meaning behind it if they allowed these winners to be involved.

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