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TCB: Vol. 2 The Great Comparison

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What's up everyone it's Heavy here bringing you volume 2 of TCB(Takin' Care of Business) now in the first edition of this series i talked about tag team matches that i personally would love to see.However in this blog i will be talking about something that really has been bothering me as of late, which is comparison of wrestlers.

Goldberg and Ryback
Now of course the main comparison that we seem to be hearing of alot today is Goldberg and Ryback. this comparison really bothers me alot and no offense to any fans but its ridiculous already. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME PERSON. everyone says that Ryback is copying Goldberg and trying to be the Next Goldberg.. well he's now and ill explain why i think why.
1. The Look
Ryback is clearly bigger than Goldberg. However Goldberg was just more lean and cut. Just because Ryback is bald doesn't mean that he is stealing Goldberg's look because if that was the case then everybody would be copying each other. Clearly their ring attire is Different Ryback sports the singlet while Goldberg had the MMA tights going on.
2. Ring Work
Now if you ever watched a Goldberg match then you would know that he dominated whoever he was in the ring was and maybe getting beaten down every now and then. We can't say that him and Ryback wrestle the same because Ryback is just getting started with his in ring character work. Goldberg did this for every match he had and remained undefeated, Ryback has lost already.

Shawn Michaels and Dolph Ziggler
Now this one is Just starting to appear and even during Ziggler's matches the commentary team is making this comparison. This one is just crazy because there will never be another Shawn Michaels, and yes Ziggler does some moves similar to Shawn and resembles the confidence of him but so what?? I mean if that's all it takes to be compared to Shawn Michaels then anybody could come close. Shawn knew how to cut a promo with real emotion and could tell a story. Ziggler is just getting comfortable on the mic and still has a long way to go to meet up to Shawn's promo skills.

Side Note:
The main point if this blog is to get you as fans to realize that every wrestler is his own man. You can never recreate anybody no matter how hard you try. The reason's the greats are so great is because there was nobody like them before and there wont be anybody like them in the future. accept and embrace who every comes on that TV screen and don't compare them to wrestlers that you loved in the past because if you do that then you might as well stop watching wrestling because no one will ever satisfy you.

Well that's it for this edition of TCB i hope you enjoyed and i'd love to hear your feedback. Please leave comments (good and bad) Below. Vol. 3 COMING SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Heavy's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by blink
    Ok so no more opinions were needed. Just the few very bland ones you used. Which in turn led to a very bland "blog". I still say it coildve used more. Hell if this was just a rant on the boards itd be fine. Oh and the dolph and hbk comparisons are because they are both phenominal in the ring. Nothing to do with promo skills. Watch an old hbk match and then watch a dolph match. Youll see why the comparisons are being made. And yes every superstar should be their own man and not try to copy another, but the wrestlers arent making these comparisons. The fans are. And i did think before i judged.

    yes I'm aware they both are amazing in the ring believe me I was a huge hbk fan and a huge dolph fan, but what I mean is you can't compare two things without comparing everything about the two, that's why I can't say that he resembles Shawn because dolph still has a lot left in his career.
  2. kylos's Avatar
    The Ryback and Goldberg comparisons are more to do with fans missing the attitude era and taking a dig at Vince more then anything.

    Zigglers been compared to.. Mr Perfect, Billy Gunn, Ric Flair and now Shawn Michaels. It baffles me when a guy gets compared to those legendary performers that the WWE don't push him.

    Onto the blog itself, it needed a lot more. I was expecting you to do a lot more comparisons then just them two examples, with a lot more detail into the actual comparisons.
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