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My WWE - Booking Punk vs Rock

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Hello again wrestling fans. It’s been awhile, but I thought I would come up with another post to ponder.
Last night I watched the Punk DVD (and recommend it to anyone who enjoys Punk or any other off these vids) and got to thinking about the run he’s had with the title. After holding on to the title after HITC and being put in a traditional survivor series match (something I would love to see more of), it’s become apparent that in all likely hood, the RR will be Punk vs. Rock. This is gonna be a good thing.

First off, if you recall the “Pipe Bomb” promo, Punk didn’t shy in his feelings about Rock coming in and automatically being the main event at last years WM. In trying to rebuild the prestige of the WWE Championship to some of it’s former glory, something being done with Punk’s long (and in my personnel opinion, needed) reign, it’s been knocked down a peg by not being center attention of the biggest PPV of the year (a debate that’s been had in numerous blogs and so gonna leave out of here).

Second, Punk’s current heel run was started with his attack on the Rock for being handed a title shot without earning it (another debate for another time).

So for fans of yesteryear, this is the long run storyline we’ve been waiting for. Hopefully the ball isn’t dropped and we will get the pay off from this feud. The best thing will be if Rock comes back not forgetting the ‘disrespect’ Punk showed him with his words and actions.
Now, many are predicting Rock to win the title, Cena to win the Rumble, and both to go on to Mania for a rematch, this time for the championship.
I think this idea sucks!

Last year, we all expected Cena to beat the Rock. After all, he’s the face of the company, their “biggest star”, and Rockl was only back for this match. What purpose would it serve for Rock to win? But he did win and most of us were in shock. That was a good thing. How often to we all complain about the predictability of today’s wrestling products?!? Right now we are all clambering for something new and unpredictable (hopefully TNA will manage this with their A&E storyline).

So here is my thought:
Punk needs to beat Rock at the Royal Rumble!
Think about it.

Who would expect it?
In my “WWE”, I would have Rock vs. Punk with Punk getting win. Preferably clean, but if needs help (perhaps bringing Brock back), so be it. Cena could still win the Rumble, but now Punk is the man that, not only can Cena not beat, but now, neither can the Rock! This would go on to set up many scenarios for WM.

One, the rumoured triple threat match, but instead of Rock as champ, Punk will defend against Rock and Cena with Cena cashing in his shot and Rock reminding him who beat him last year. But all this would do is profile Rock in another main event.

Two, Punk vs. Cena, perhaps a last chance match, and if Lesnar were involved in costing Rock the title, they could have their long overdue rematch (again, continuity).

Three, it could free up Rock for his shot at the Streak. Though can’t see him coming back just to lose in multiple PPV’s.

Four, something totally out there, if they really want to push Ryback, have him win the Rumble and face Punk at Mania. This could free up Rock vs. Cena 2, Cena vs. Undertaker, or whatever.

So, there it is. My thoughts. My ‘wishfull’ thinking. I love the run Punk has been on and think it should continue to Mania. It would be unpredictable and make Punk look like the dominant champ of yesteryears.
Have funJ

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  1. ewantu2's Avatar
    I want Punk to beat Rock. And that Punk DVD is the best DVD in the world, ti's made me like Punk even more.
  2. ch.brooks24's Avatar
    Im right there with you on Punk beating Rock (by any means necessary - preferably clean) and retaining until Mania setting up the mega triple threat match.

    If I were in charge of booking Mania this year, I would build the card around these 4 matches:

    WWE Championship
    (c) CM Punk vs Rock vs John Cena

    World Heavyweight Championship
    (c) Big Show vs Ryback

    Randy Orton vs Brock Lesnar

    Undertaker vs Sheamus
  3. weems's Avatar
    ch.brooks24, I love your suggested card. Just to throw out another possibility: Punk wins at the Rumble to retain the belt b/c of interference by Brock. This among other things sets up the following card for Mania:

    Main Event
    Brock v Rock (Rock wins to send the crowd home happy and Vince gets his celebrity attractions to acquire new fans)

    Taker v Cena (Streak will continue but it creates a real situation where we think it is possible the Taker may actually lose if they build the match correctly)

    Punk v Ryback (Punk puts Ryback over and Ryback leaves with the belt)

    Sheamus v Orton (Face v Face match where Orton turns heel at Mania and leaves with the strap)

    Hell in a Cell
    HHH v Barrett (Hunter puts Wade Barrett over)

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