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STATE OF THE 'E: Annual WrestleMania Dream Card

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It's that time of year again my wrestling friends. It's five months away from WRESTLEMANIA and we all know I count down for that like I do Santamas. And next year is so important because "The Grand Daddy Of Them All" is only a couple hours away right here in NJ!!! And trust and believe... I'll be there.

But, as many of you know... this is the time I make my "Fantasy List" for WRESTLEMANIA matches. So please indulge me and take a look. Does my list always end up making it? No. But a good amount of matches have happened in the past so here goes.

With WWE '13, they have kind of "hinted" that there's a possibility of Attitude VS Reality Era for the big event so, taking that hint and going along with it I made my list based on that notion. And I came up with a potential for 12 matches.

Pre-Show: SETH ROLLINS vs KANE - I know it doesn't make a ton of sense but if you look at it, Kane will be putting his career to an end soon and they've been grooming the hell out of Rollins on NXT. Logically you put the two together on the pre-show to see how it all works out.

Opening Match: DOLPH ZIGGLER vs BIG SHOW - There's talk of THE 'E putting Orton and Ziggler in a feud to carry close to WRESTLEMANIA but let's face it, that's not the feud you want heading into the event. With the Big Show being built as such a monster, sometime during the next few months Big Show will obviously be involved with the WHC as well so in order to get them out of the picture, break the feud and put them together at WM leaving Orton for a new opponent at the show.

THE KINGS OF WRESTLING vs THE NEW AGE OUTLAWS - I'd love to see KOR back together and especially against the, in my opinion, definition of "Attitude Era" Tag-Teams. Their match would be awesome for the crowd. The roof would blow off the place if KOR came out together considering where the event is being held. (For those not in the know, look up who "The Kings Of Wrestling" are on YouTube and be prepared to be amazed.)

SIN CARA vs REY MYSTERIO - Whether you do it as a "friendly rivalry" or with face vs heel... the match would be incredible. Highflying, in your face and just awe inspiring.

Hardcore Match: DEAN AMBROSE vs MICK FOLEY - I'd love to see this feud finally take form. Dean was supposed to get his major start in THE 'E with a Mick Foley feud but the heat between the two was getting too real and they scrapped it. I'd like them to finish it off though... Survivor Series would be a great way to introduce Ambrose to the national audience and a good tormenting of Foley for a few months for him to finally break out and have a match would be grand.

RYBACK vs BROCK LESNAR vs GOLDBERG - Fuck yeah. 'Nuff said.

SHEAMUS vs TRIPLE H - To credibly build Sheamus even higher, he needs his rematch and WM win. Triple H didn't exactly dominate him in their first bout but, he did beat him. Now Sheamus is considered a "veteran" and he needs that win to possibly put Haitch out of in ring competition for good so he can finally take over as an on-screen guy, for real this time.

RANDY ORTON vs CHRIS JERICHO - These guys need to finish their feud. Orton was "responsible" for Jericho going away before Ziggler was, we need closure here and with this stage both of these guys would deliver something fierce. I'd hate to see the feud be dropped fully. Make it for the WHC if need be but it needs to happen.

DANIEL BRYAN vs SHAWN MICHAELS - I know, he's been retired for quite some time now but in reality, Shawn is one of those competitors that can come back and be better than ever. All you need to do is have Bryan keep calling him out and doing his moveset, etc... Shawn's "ego" won't allow it for long and he'd have to prove a point. Make that point happen. Soon.

WADE BARRETT vs THE UNDERTAKER - This has needed to happen for QUITE some time now. They left it completely unsaid as to why Wade and at the time, The Nexus helped bury The Undertaker. We need some closure here as well and with Wade being such a rising star, he needs this match to solidify him.

JOHN CENA vs THE ROCK (II) - Their first match was kind of awkward but this one wouldn't be as much. This one as we can plainly see will be for the WWE Championship as well. We all can see that The Rock will come in at The Royal RUmble and beat CM Punk for the WWE Championship leading them into Wrestlemania. Great. Oh, an Cena will win this as well and be WWE Champion for the first time in what, three years? Yup.

CM PUNK vs "STONE COLD" STEVE AUSTIN - This is an extremely huge "Dream Match" for me. I've wanted this to happen for almost three years now. And I think with Austin having his surgeries and with him in amazing shape right now, this match NEEDS to happen. And especially in NJ. I'll be there and with two of my top four favorites going toe-to-toe in front of me, I'd be a pile of goo. This match alone would sell the place out.

There you go, hopefully you like my list. I obviously would want to see all of these happen but I know better. I've known better for quite some time. But maybe... just maybe THE 'E needs to listen to me some time again. So as usual... leave any snarmy comments, jacking off tips, prostate exam tips, pictures of your bare breasts and anything else below.

See Ya' Soon Space Cowboy...

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Cena vs Taker-I've been waiting on this since Cena became the top guy. When is he going to fued with the Undertaker? Never happened, but they did have a match or 2 on Raw which ended in DQ.
    HBK vs Rock-Waiting for it for years.....still waiting!!
    Daniel Bryan vs Y2J-Hope it happens....Benoit vs Y2J memories brought back....
    Goldberg vs Stone Cold-Waiting for this since 98.
    Big Show vs Ryback-Defeating the Big Show at the biggest show would definately put him over.
    CM Punk vs Lesnar-New next big thing vs old next big thing......who is the big thing?
    HHH vs Dolph Ziggler-HHH vs HBK was intriguing as always. HHH has pretty much faced everyone including Ziggler, but he hasn't faced him since he became one of the best in the biz.
    Sheamus vs Orton-why not?

    Wish Batista would return to have a match vs Lesnar.
  2. The_Artist!'s Avatar
    Rollins vs Ambrose vs Bryan - 30 Minute Iron Man Match
    Pre-Show: SETH ROLLINS vs KANE - Couldn't agree more...would make a great match

    Opening Match: DOLPH ZIGGLER vs BIG SHOW - Opening midcard yes. The opening match has to feature someone who makes you feel good watching. It needs to create a pace that should last the rest of the pay-per-view. The pace here i imagine would be too2two slow

    THE KINGS OF WRESTLING vs THE NEW AGE OUTLAWS - Negative...would not even be the slightest bit interested in this. Not even if they showed it for free for the pre-show. Put a new tag team here that has been getting pushed(not Bryan + Kane, but 3MB) and have someone(legend) come out and kick ass

    SIN CARA vs REY MYSTERIO - Sin Cara is Botchmania. If I'm paying to see the ppv and there is no do overs, at least give me someone who I wont have to >>.

    Hardcore Match: DEAN AMBROSE vs MICK FOLEY - Instead of this, lets have a Lawler match

    RYBACK vs BROCK LESNAR vs GOLDBERG - Make it a last man standing match and it would be game on

    SHEAMUS vs TRIPLE H - What about Sheamus vs Barrett here... Triple H needs to take time off...a lot of time off...unless fighting Lesnar or Batista or Orton

    RANDY ORTON vs CHRIS JERICHO - Randy doesn't deserve the opportunity to wrestle Chris Jericho...he should stick to ADR. Chris needs to wrestle taker

    DANIEL BRYAN vs SHAWN MICHAELS - Perfect the way it is. Making it a Ironman match is icing on the cake..damn I'm hungry

    WADE BARRETT vs THE UNDERTAKER - So Barrett could lose? What's the sense in that?

    JOHN CENA vs THE ROCK (II) - I barely remember John Cena vs. The Rock I...Wasn't as great as it could've been. Cena needs a heel turn against the face that would take his spot not named Punk

    CM PUNK vs "STONE COLD" STEVE AUSTIN - or Hogan vs Punk....nah lets just wait on punk vs. austin...or austin from TNA?

    ...the truth hurts
  4. 5 Finger Death Punch's Avatar
    Some good, some not so good...most will never happen! If we are living in Fantasy Land, let's have some matches to end'em last time and let the guys/girls retire and move on...

    1) Ric Flair vs Hollywood Hogan
    2) Ryback vs Lesner
    3) Rock vs Stone Cold
    4) Matt Hardy vs Edge
    5) Trish Stratus vs Mickie James
    6) Beer Money vs DX

    Main Event:
    R.I.P. Match




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