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If John Cena Retired Tomorrow

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If John Cena Retired Tomorrow

In this blog I will suggest superstars, who are currently in WWE, that would take John's spot as face of the company if he left WWE. I am not saying he is leaving, but if it was to happen. The superstars I have chosen are in no particular order, but the last superstar would be my great pick. Anyway, lets get on with the blog.

Rey Mysterio
He is currently 37 years old and debuted in WWE since 2002. He is a former 4 time Tag Team Champion, 2 time Intercontinental Champion, 3 time Cruiser Weight Champion, 2 time World Heavy Weight Champion and a WWE Champion. He won the 2006 Royal Rumble and is the 21st Triple Crown Winner.

I can see why he is WWE's biggest little man. I bet if he was physical enough, since his in-ring return this year, he would be in the main event scene right now. This year, I recall, at Summerslam which was his first PPV back he got injured battling against The Miz. The reason why hes's even with Sin Cara, at the moment, is because it's less work for him to compete in the ring. The other reason, you may already know, is there rumored match for Wrestlemania29. The WWE loves a great Tag Team history, for when opponents face each other, and it should be a great match for Rey to retire while losing to Cara. You may now wonder; why did I pick Rey as a option to be face of the WWE? This one is easy. He sells huge merchandise! He sells it especially well to the Mexican fan base which is the number 1 biggest buyers for the WWE. That is the main reason why John Cena is the face of the company. It is only logical to find a superstar who also sells a lot of merchandise to kids. It is PG era after all.


He is currently 34 years old and debuted in WWE since 2009. He is a former United States Champion, World Heavy Weight Champion and a 2 time WWE Champion. He also won the 2012 Royal Rumble, as well as King of the Ring in 2010.

Sheamus has only been in the WWE for three years, and his accolades are very impressive. He just lost his World Heavy Weight Championship to Big Show, at Hell In The Cell, which shall I say was defiantly match of the night. His World Heavy Weight Championship reign may be dull for a lot of people but still one of the belts longest reigns. I know a lot of people don't like Sheamus because they feel he's being shoved down our throats, I agree with that, but at least we receive quality matches. I don't mean on Raw, or Smackdown. I am talking about PPV's. Did you guys take the time and actually watch his matches against Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler and occasionally Del Rio. I know I did, and they where all quality matches. I look forward to watching his rematch against Big Show, at Survivor series. Anyway, I believe Sheamus would be a good replacement for John Cena, and he may be pushed down our throats now and again, but not as bad as Cena and not have superman comebacks during matches, well PPV matches.

Randy Orton

He is currently 32 years old and debuted in WWE since 2002. He is a former Intercontinental Champion, World Tag Team Champion, 3 time World Heavy Weight Champion and 6 time WWE Champion. He also won the 2009 Royal Rumble.

Randy Orton is at a state of his career where if he has one more strike he will be out of WWE, because the use of steroids. I believe that is the main reason why he hasn't got the World Heavy Championship in his grasp. I also believe sending to him to Smackdown was a bad idea, it makes him more of a afterthought, if he's not World Heavy Weight Champion, or challenging for the Belt. Anyway before there was a Sheamus or CM Punk. Randy Orton was the clearest person to take over, if anything happened to Cena, but I guess now it's a good thing we got more options. Especially the current state of Orton now, don't get me wrong, he's still one of the best in WWE, but he could be doing a lot better than he's doing now. And, if he really is going to shoot a movie soon shouldn't he be putting people over. I may have you guys confuse right now because i'm saying one thing than going against what i'm saying. Let me elaborate. I'm basically saying if WWE are pushing him give him a good push, if not why push him in the first place.


He is 30 years old. Ryback hasn't won any achievements, since he re-debuted this year.

Ryback his the youngest out of all my list, but has the less experience in WWE. He has one of the best reactions from the crowd, and has the best catch phrase 'Feed me more' which the crowd also chants to. His most memorable match was, at the Hell In The Cell PPV, when he went 1 on 1 with CM Punk for the WWE Championship. He lost, and as a result ended his big undefeated streak. Everything may still be going swell for Ryback, but no matter how much the crowd loves him I hope he never wins a World Championship for now. He still has a lot more to prove but like most rising talent now a days he may be zoomed to the top, and when everything doesn't go according to plan he gets back down and splat on the floor...ouch!

CM Punk

He is currently 34 years old and debuted in WWE since 2006. He is a former intercontinental Champion, World Tag Team Champion, 3 time World Heavy Weight Champion and a two time WWE Champion. He also won the 2008 and 2009 Money In The Bank matches(the only wrestler to win it twice in a row) He is also the 19th Triple Crown Winner, and won the slammy award '2011 superstar of the year'.

I know all of you knew some where down the line, the current WWE Champion, CM Punk would be on this list. He is the main focus in WWE right now. I know sometime after Wrestlemania WWE will need CM Punk to make a switch again. The problem here is people find CM Punk boring as a face. The majority of his face run he was losing views, and if your the face of the company that's a pretty bad thing. If your the face of the company your suppose to attract more views, not the other way around. Now imagine this, lets say CM Punk never turned heel at SummerSlam. Do you think he would still be WWE Champion? Would you still be on board the CM Punk bandwagon? I don't know the answer, but I do know there would be a decline in the answer being yes.

My pick would be Randy Orton, if Cena retired tomorrow
Lets first see why I turned down the rest of the superstars I've picked.
Rey Mysterio maybe sell a lot of merchandise to kids, and it is convenient being in the PG era, but he's too much of a injury prone and is way up there in age. Sheamus may have a good career but he doesn't have enough recognition in the WWE universe. Ryback is to new, and will be unable to handle being face of the company, after barley being in WWE for a year. It was between CM Punk and Randy Orton for my choice, but I went with Orton because the WWE universe are more familiar with him. He also has much more experience, than Punk in WWE. He is also just about younger than Punk and recently signed a 10 years contract with WWE. But has already two wellness policy's, while Punk has none. If you, or WWE wanted to take a risk its best to go with Punk, but to stay on the safe side Randy Orton is the answer.

Well, that's the end of my blog, I hope you had a good read. It would be great to hear what you guys thought of my blog and superstars you may agree or disagree with. Let me know if there's anyone you would put in. Anyway, peace.

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Thoughts and Opinions


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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Sheamus and Roidback...but it won't matter. Without Cena, WWE would dwindle into nothingness.
  2. #BITW's Avatar
    anyone can take cenas spot, its not difficult overbooking a boring talentless idiot. now when you got 5 or 6 top guys like the AE then it would be difficult replacing them
  3. jai's Avatar
    RhybergVD would take the spot.
  4. Heavy's Avatar
    Rey and Randy already have their own legacies and neither of the qualify to be the face of the company. The face of the company needs to be a young superstar that you can build and get the fans to love
    TRUTH be told.....the only people able to fill his role have retired or are nearing retirement. They need to take someone like Ziggler or Bryan and repackage in a PG-13+ way.

    ...the truth hurts
  6. 5 Finger Death Punch's Avatar
    Cena is a puppet...Punk would have been perfect had they not screwed that up...need someone with charisma and Mic skills who sees the light...Miz, Rhodes and/or Dolph Ziggler. Sheamus is better as a heel...Orton is a heel dressed as a face...
  7. alcrissam's Avatar
    Considering no one has a realistic answer, I'll give it to you. wrestling itself will die.

    now my reasoning: many people will stop watching because of their favorite guy not being there on tv or in the main event. That basically leaves the diehards who watch all forms of wrestling religiously. There seems to be a decinagrating number of us who are actually proud to be fans of "fake fighting". Nowadays if you brought up the Sheamus vs Big Show feud at the lunch table, you would be severely beaten to death in the bathroom by kids much bigger than you and overuse the word "gay" in its wrongful meaning. It's just the way things are now, you can't be proud to say your a wrestling fan unless you are talking to wrestling fans.

    second point: who the hell will take the spotlight. If anyone says Daniel Bryan, then the are wrong because people just like to make fun of him, not cheer for him. If anyone says dolph Ziggler, I'll say "good, maybe he can shake some hands and introduce himself to stardom." If anyone says Rey mysterio, ill say "put him in a old age home for worn out luchadors". If anyone says randy orton, I'll say "he........ Is............ Very........... Boring..........". If anyone says ryback, I want a reasonable explanation that won't make me laugh and say "YEAH, OKAY...". If anyone says cm punk, I'll quote Chris Jericho: this is as far as he will go. The wwe is going to have to create a lot of new stars, and attempt to find a new golden boy. In all honesty, I feel like they have more depth on NXT then they have on most raw shows. They could probably replace cena with one or two guys from there. The ONLY guy that would have a chance to succeed cena is Sheamus, because he has everything that makes an entertaining superstar. He shows that he can play heel or face, make jokes, be serious, and wrestle his ass off.

    third point: if wrestling dies, tna goes down first. Smaller fan base means quicker death. If 10,000 fans stopped watching both shows every week, who do you think would fall first? The only way tna would be able to survive is if they could create more fans, but lets be honest: wrestling was only cool in the attitude era. Tna could do that with their current rating, but the odds are way too small.

    conclusion: cena can't die or get injured or leave because he is holding all this shit up! He is the literal foundation of wrestling 2004-on. I'm sorry to say this, but if we lose him, then there's a bad chance we lose wrestling.
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