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Cobra bites back

Survivor Series: Curveball for a Change?

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Hi guys and girls

The 5v5 traditional match got me thinking, this could be an opportunity for the WWE creative team to throw us a curve ball, take us all by surprise, and make us say "wow never seen that coming" but I fully expect them to drop the ball.

As always comment below if you wish and thanks for reading.

The obvious possible curveballs

The rock sticks his nose in: keeps the punk/rock storyline going. This could be interesting but it would need to be kept top secret and be a suprise to everyone when he comes out.
Vince is not going to miss the chance to advertise his appearance to sell merch and tickets so I think it's unlikely.

Randy turning heel by hitting ryback with an RKO setting up a strong feud between these 2. I'm no fan of orton or ryback but a feud has potential, if vince has big plans for ryback this could be the making of him. And if the rumours are true randy has been pushing for a heel turn for a while.

Mick Foley heel turn: hey, he's a Paul Heyman guy as well after all.
But I just can't think of a possible story line for this turn, obvious but unlikely.

Del Rio/punk double turn: obvious but unlikely as he's a much better heel with his gimmick and it makes no sense to keep him heel and turn punk face again at this time.

Cena heel turn: never gonna happen. WWE's cash cow is never gonna turn heel.

Brock comes back and interferes for team punk to get the win: it's the most obvious of them all and if done correctly would set up a punk face turn when Heymans stable falls apart or Brock costs punk the belt. Meanwhile it sets up HHH to come out and run Brock to the back setting up another match between those 2.

The swerve I would personally like to see is this.

Kofi and Miz double turn or Kofi heel turn: done correctly this could be the curveball that would make you say WOW, never seen that coming. It could take Kofi to the next level and the merch team would have a field day with the Miz as a face.

All it would take is a trouble in paradise kick to ryback during survivor series to put him out and "boom boom boom" instant heat plus ryback in a feud with a belt on the line and Miz is #1 contender to punk. Kofi could come out and say that he's punk best friend etc etc and hates the way that ryback is getting title shots so soon after his debut while he (Kofi) has paid his dues and has more talent is still waiting for his chance.

ok I admit it I'm a Mizfit, I think he has improved greatly over the last few years and while Daniel Bryan and punk could wrestle rings round him it would be an interesting feud between them and would produce some good matches. Hey Jericho thinks he's the future and that's good enough for me lol.

Well what do you think guys?

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Thoughts and Opinions


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  1. Joonny's Avatar
    Team Punk will win. Or a draw where Punk and Ryback get both counted out.
  2. Taneel's Avatar
    Mick Foley heel turn is totally nonsense and unnecessary. He comes around just once in a while, why would they waste time that could be used to build better storylines in building Foley's turn?
  3. Heavy's Avatar
    Great blog man, I like the orton and Ryback thing you set up but I don't feel that everyone turning heel would be so great unless WWE knew what they were gonna do with them.
  4. Cobra bites back's Avatar
    @taneel. agreed. I just can't think of where the storyline would go with a foley turn. If he was still active then yes, but as a once in blue moon appearance you are correct there is No point.
    @heavy. Thanks, if one member turns heel I think it will be orton, he's unhappy as a face and a much better heel.
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