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Cobra bites back

Survivor Series: Curveball for a Change?

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Hi guys and girls

The 5v5 traditional match got me thinking, this could be an opportunity for the WWE creative team to throw us a curve ball, take us all by surprise, and make us say "wow never seen that coming" but I fully expect them to drop the ball.

As always comment below if you wish and thanks for reading.

The obvious possible curveballs

The rock sticks his nose in: keeps the punk/rock storyline going. This could be interesting but it would need to be kept top secret and be a suprise to everyone when he comes out.
Vince is not going to miss the chance to advertise his appearance to sell merch and tickets so I think it's unlikely.

Randy turning heel by hitting ryback with an RKO setting up a strong feud between these 2. I'm no fan of orton or ryback but a feud has potential, if vince has big plans for ryback this could be the making of him. And if the rumours are true randy has been pushing for a heel turn for a while.

Mick Foley heel turn: hey, he's a Paul Heyman guy as well after all.
But I just can't think of a possible story line for this turn, obvious but unlikely.

Del Rio/punk double turn: obvious but unlikely as he's a much better heel with his gimmick and it makes no sense to keep him heel and turn punk face again at this time.

Cena heel turn: never gonna happen. WWE's cash cow is never gonna turn heel.

Brock comes back and interferes for team punk to get the win: it's the most obvious of them all and if done correctly would set up a punk face turn when Heymans stable falls apart or Brock costs punk the belt. Meanwhile it sets up HHH to come out and run Brock to the back setting up another match between those 2.

The swerve I would personally like to see is this.

Kofi and Miz double turn or Kofi heel turn: done correctly this could be the curveball that would make you say WOW, never seen that coming. It could take Kofi to the next level and the merch team would have a field day with the Miz as a face.

All it would take is a trouble in paradise kick to ryback during survivor series to put him out and "boom boom boom" instant heat plus ryback in a feud with a belt on the line and Miz is #1 contender to punk. Kofi could come out and say that he's punk best friend etc etc and hates the way that ryback is getting title shots so soon after his debut while he (Kofi) has paid his dues and has more talent is still waiting for his chance.

ok I admit it I'm a Mizfit, I think he has improved greatly over the last few years and while Daniel Bryan and punk could wrestle rings round him it would be an interesting feud between them and would produce some good matches. Hey Jericho thinks he's the future and that's good enough for me lol.

Well what do you think guys?

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Thoughts and Opinions


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  1. alcrissam's Avatar
    Or the option that you didn't put: team mick foley wins and nothing happens
  2. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I really like the idea of a Miz face turn. When I did "Sudden Impact" I've called for a Miz face turn since Royal Rumble. I think it's time. He could benefit greatly from it.
    The PAINFUL truth is that all of these senarios would pan out to be beneficial for everyone. Your ideas are solid and your outlook is accurate. Nice blog...even though any one of these senarios would be afreakinmazing there remains a steady trend of overall predictability in the WWE. Afterall, who predicted Ryback to walk out as the champ @ Hell in the Cell?

    The truth hurts....
  4. Bagg's Avatar
    Yeah, unfortunately, I believe the painful truth is right, i think things are going to be pretty status quo for a little while, they cant shake too much up, especially up top, what with Rock and Punk slated for the Rumble title match. Perhaps Rocks return but definitly not a turn from Punk.

    Ill say this though, Del Rio and Orton need something, they are both so bland, so stale, something needs to be done with them, some repackaging, an Orton heel turn is very ideal

    Was thinking a little about the Miz/kofi situation as well, in my own opinion of course, the thought of a babyface Miz makes me want to vomit. Sucking up to the crowd, smiling and stuff, just ewwww. But then again, I said the same thing about triple H like 10 years ago. But a Kofi turn would have been awesome, i say would have because two days after the miz just completely tore him in half and made even the biggest Kofi fan think, "hes right" , he beat him twice and one the IC title.

    But just yeah, some of these guys need switching up right now. But i think more than anything, they need to sit in a room and brainstorm for Orton because he is dying a very slow death and taking every decent heel that he beats every week down with him. And on top of that, look in the mans eyes, he truly looks like he doesnt give a shit anymore and his in ring shows the same

    Good call on the foley heel turn also, him joining up with Punk and Heyman in some aspect could work.
  5. El T Draino 316's Avatar
    Solid post man. Very enjoyable. I suggested a Miz or Kofi turn in another thread, I really like that option.

    I don't see Foley turning. Foley and Heyman in the same stable, two older sloppy dudes kissing up to Punk? Meh, not for me.

    The one idea I surprisingly like and could really see happening is the Orton turn. He's not happy as face and quite frankly, he's just not as good as a face. He's an established star who can afford to lose a feud against Ryback. It would certainly kick some life back into his increasingly bland character.
  6. Cobra bites back's Avatar
    @Bagg: While I'm not a huge orton fan he is a much better heel than a face and I think he gets a kick out of being a heel and yes Miz as a face could be stomach churning but he needs a change in the short term and WWE needs a merch seller that could compete With cena since they are intent on burying Ryder.
    Wether it's a face turn or stepping into the tag team mix for a while if John Morrison would come back or dare I say with A-RY.

    @Alcrissam: true, but story wise does nothing except bore us to death

    @DK I don't think Miz has ever been a face in WWE so yes a turn is way overdue and as you say he would benefit greatly from the experience.

    @painful truth: exactly, no one expected ryback to win so they should have had him win, then either lose it at raw the next night, Have been made to hand it back on raw via reverse decision in a interference storyline.
    The heat would be amazing and a throwback to the old NWA story lines where this happened on a regular basis to Ric Flair. Or and my fav not have him in the storyline!!!
    thanks for the comments guys.
  7. TheRealOutlaw's Avatar
    Nah I don't think anything major will happen. Seems with the 5 vs 5 match with CM Punk involved means WWE might keep this PPV low key, updating storylines along the way. However one thing I'd like to know is when is Rock going to make his return to build up his RR main event for the belt. Could we see him enter the RR and win it?
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