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What really grinds my gears. Episode 5 - Vince McMahon Strikes Back.

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"You know what really grinds my gears? That Mr Vince McMahon.. Why doesn't he get with the freaking program. It's called wrestling sir, not Sports Entertainment. Whatever happened to the midcard? Why do you constantly bury your younger talent? Why do we have to endure silly segments that are attempts at being funny, but ultimately make everyone over the age of fourteen cringe themselves into oblivion? Why Vince, why?"

"Whatever happened to that feeling that people used to get when the wrestling was on? They would get all excited as they had no idea what was going to happen. You changed that Vince, you made it so predictable didn't you? And why did you do that? Because you can. Who's going to stop you? I know I'm not, I know that no other company has the money you have to compete, I know that wrestlers are afraid to speak up in fear of you. Why don't you just go ahead and die?? Oh wait a minute, CM Punk already said that and you gave him a WWE title for it. Well done sir, you really know whats cool nowadays don't you? No! You don't, you have absolutely no idea, you're 67 years old and you may as well be a dinosaur, oh wait... didn't you know Vince? They ain't been cool for decades either... And that is what really grinds my gears."

Episode 5 - Vince McMahon Strikes Back.

So you might be thinking, what the hell? This is episode 5, but it should be episode 3?? What happened to 3 and 4? Well I can tell you sirs(and ladies) that if you ever watched Star Wars, you will know that Episode 4, 5 and 6 came out before Episodes 1, 2 and 3. So why can't I do it too? Are you mad because I didn't do things in the correct manner? That I wasn't predictable? If so, then your naivety shocks me, it's just a blog, calm your little self down and read on....

When people think of Vince McMahon, many names spring to mind. Genius... Business man... The Boss... Douche... Big Douche... Total Douche... and so on.

So why is Vince hated so, but yet, is praised so much at the same time? Well it comes down to him going through many controversial moments in his careers, while also helping to shape "Wrestling", or should I say "Sports Entertainment", as it is today.

Let's go through some controversial ones, just because... they are funnier.

Montreal Screwjob - Everyone knows of this, he totally screwed Bret, and he still won't take the blame for it, he will always turn it around and say that Bret screwed Bret, even after everything has sorted itself out, he will never take the blame for anything.

Sterioids scandal - In the early 90's, the WWF was going through a rough patch, the Hulkamania era was declining, and he needed new stars to shine. However the WWF was attacked with a court case which saw Vince put into the spotlight, and almost imprisoned for apparently selling steroids and other enhancement drugs to his talents. Hogan testified and stuck up for him, and he was cleared of charges, however the drugs continued to flow in the WWF for a long time after, and he didn't take any steps to stop this from happening. It was the "normal" thing to do those days.

Wrestlers dieing young/Benoit Tradegy - This ties in with the last one, in that there was no wellness policy. The WWE came under serious pressure after the Benoit murder/suicide, and he took all measures possible to erase Benoit from his company, and to deny any claims that steroids, or other drugs had played a roll in how Benoit acted in his final days. For a more detailed, and factual explanation on the whole ordeal, read my Benoit blog. Lots of other wrestlers who have worked for Vince have also died young, and the majority of them have some link to using prescription medication. (E.G. Eddie Guerrero).

No time off for his wrestlers - Vince doesn't allow this, which is crazy. How is anyone humanly able to carry on traveling, and wrestling throughout all 12 months of the year with barely any holiday time? It's incredibly selfish of him, and it always does more harm them good. The only time wrestlers get time off is when they get injured. They have to be hurting and as soon as they are able to go again, he brings them straight back, usually too soon, and they get injured again. Just about every sport in the world has an off-season, they can spend time with their families, and rest their bodies to come back and do it all over again, but Vince won't allow that for his wrestlers, and then he wonders why many of them get frustrated.

Burying talents with stupid gimmicks/storylines - This is a typical Vince trademark. Instead of just taking someone off TV for a bit, and giving them a stern telling off, he decides to give the wrestler an incredibly stupid gimmick or storyline, which is usually cringing more then entertaining, which doesn't just embarrass the wrestler, it embarrasses the whole product. How many times have you seen some wrestlers who used to have momentum, and then a couple of months later, are turned into complete jokes? I can think of two right now... Santino and Zack Ryder.

Controlling all the trademarks and merchandise - Another Vince trademark. He never wants to use a name of a wrestler in case they leave the company and can still use that name. Not only that, but he wants to take a huge cut of the wrestlers merchandise sales, and even take projects the wrestler has created themselves, and regulate it into his system. Surely you have heard how he took over Ryder's Youtube show and now Ryder barely makes anything off it, and it has to be checked over before they submit it? Ridiculous.

Stop/Start/Stop/Start - Having watched WWE for well over a decade, he does that quite a bit. He starts a new storyline, then he decides to hate it before its even got going, and stops it. Remember the Kane vs Kane thing? Or more recently with AJ Lee being General Manager? He does it with wrestlers pushes as well. He pushes someone to the moon, then that wrestler has one or two bad matches, then he decides ... Nope, this won't do, bury him.

Unappreciative of wrestlers abilities - He never listens to the fans when it comes to this. A wrestler could be majorly over, but he decides... No! You won't like this wrestler! You will like this other guy who I enjoy more... simply because... well.... I said so! Vince never likes it when someone gets over when it wasn't part of the plan, and when that happens, he will try very hard to bury that wrestler, instead of capitalize on it. Why isn't Daniel Bryan Champion? Why is Zack Ryder nowhere? Why is Damien Sandow in a Tag Team? Why is Ziggler still waiting to become a Champion? So many questions...

Rules! Rules! Rules! - Ok so you can't say this, and you can't do this move because of this, and you can't mention this company, and you can't mention this pop reference, and you can't use this weapon, and you can't bleed, and you can't cut a promo like that, and you can't wipe your arse this way, and you can't breath for this amount of time, and you can't be showing any kind of initiative whatsoever, because you are all my robots, and you will all follow my orders, or else you're ALL FIRED!!!!!!!

Championships? - I strongly believe that Vince thinks Championships are just props. They are there for no other reason but to try and get someone over, and it doesn't really matter what championships are defended and how, so long as the WWE title is important. Whatever happened to the IC title? Why did he change the tag titles to those bronze ones? Why does he continue to have two world titles? Why does he even have a Divas division when its obvious that he, and no one else really cares for it. Remember the good old days when the WWF title used to mean so much? Back when it actually felt important. Its hard to take the WWE title seriously when its still a custom made, John Cena Bling Bling "Champ" belt.

Taking over the industry - This is the biggest one for me. He went against his own fathers wishes, and he broke the unwritten rules that you should not market your company in others territories. He branded wrestling as "Sports Entertainment", and started a crusade by spending tons of money to buy out other companies, and their talents. Many companies have fallen to Vince McMahon, and he brags about it. Remember when he purchased WCW and aired his victory speech? He probably had the biggest boner during that promo. Monopolizing a market is bad for any business, business thrives on competition, and brings out the best in all companies... business always thrives when there isn't one single monopoly.

When there is a monopoly, its the customers who suffer. The company can charge whatever, and do whatever, and the customers have to deal with it. They will continue to pay their hard earned money, even if the product is terrible, because they don't know anything else, nothing else is anywhere near the production level of the WWE. TNA is getting there slowly, but the WWE is still this huge monstrosity that will monopolize the business for years to come, at least until people realize there are alternatives.

Harrassment allegations - Numerous times, Vince has been accused of sexual harassment. Now after seeing the Jimmy Saville ordeal on the news, it makes you wonder if other big names manage to cover up these crimes, because their victims are "too scared to fight the big popular star".
True, guilty until proven innocent, but if you were Vince McMahon, wouldn't you feel a little... Invincible at times?

Blacklisting - He does this to wrestlers he hates or has some kind of history with. The worst of these being Macho Man Randy Savage. People speculate its because of something that happened between Savage and Stephanie McMahon, of a sexual nature, while others think it was down to Savage being super greedy and asking for lots of money. Who really knows? But we all know that Vince blacklists certain former employees, they will never get a mention, and they will never get recognized for any of their work.

Be a Star Bully Campaign - Talk about being hypocritical. He plugs the Bully campaign, then he openly mocks J.R's bells palsy on Live TV. That's not the only time he has bullied people on air and made them look like shit. What about when he made Trish Stratus bark like a dog? What about the "Kiss my ass" club? Just a few examples of his double-standards.
And you know, he likes to test his employess by putting them in awkward situations, if they stand up for themselves, he rewards them.. If they become submissive, he doesn't like that... He will bully them, and if they don't respond how he wants, he will bury them more, then fire them.

Linda McMahon - Oh really, so his wife is going to run for senate, and it just so happens.. that the Attitude era never existed, lets just take all that footage down, lets try not to give her opposition any ammo, lets make the company public and bring in tons of sponsors, so we can do a PG product and make the company look so family friendly. He is advertising "Wrestling" AKA simulated violence, to young children, and he thinks that will get Linda more votes??? She can continue to spend her millions, most people with half a brain cell could see through their B.S.

Seriously, I could bring a lot more to the table. The table is already so stacked, it might even break if I brought anymore to it. I think I have room for one more, let's talk about last nights PPV.

Hell in a Cell 2012 - With Raw going to three hours, PPVs feel less special. With the WWE being PG, Hell in a Cells cannot be overly violent or bloody. With the WWE using Ryback, an upcoming monster with a winning streak, against longtime WWE Champion CM Punk, you would think.. Oh there's no choice... we HAVE to make it a screwjob.

Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

It didn't need to end that way, its an easy way out of a situation they put themselves in. They could have had Punk vs Ryback for over 30 minutes, allow a bit of blood (If Brock and Cena can do it, why not?) then have someone like Cena come down, and distract Ryback by accident or something. Even if Ryback did lose, it doesn't matter. If anything.. by having him lose the way he did, people are even more likely to call him a Goldberg wannabe. Seeing Ryback lose in a proper hard fought fight would have got him more over as a Face, and will have sent him in a new direction.

I am sure the fans paid to see a proper main-event, one that was worthy of being for the WWE title in a Hell in a Cell. Instead we got a referee(who strangely looked a bit like a younger Bischoff) get involved.. and low blow Ryback... and somehow this stopped the beast in his tracks? A referee?? The Best in the World... needed a referee... to help him with a low blow?

Was this supposed to make me hate Punk? Was it supposed to make me feel sorry for Ryback? Was it supposed to make me feel like Ryback was super awesome while Punk is still a credible champion?
No... It didn't, if anything it made me cringe at the laziness of it all. They decided not to take a risk, they decided to screw the fans out of a good main event. They decided to make me hate Vince for his "calculated risk" theories even more then I already do.

I don't know about all of you, but I cannot wait for the day that the WWE is finally free to flourish without the dictator running the ship. It might become fresh, or then again, it might plummet into deep hole of misery.

We all know that Vince has done a lot of good too. He isn't completely heartless, and he does do good from time to time.
He brought us such awesome names like... Steve Austin, The Undertaker, The Rock, Shawn Michaels and so on, without his business skills and tenacity, I might not even be sat here today, typing this blog. You people reading this, might not even be here reading this blog, you could have gotten into something completely different and never gave wrestling a second glance.

All we know is, wrestling has not been the same in a long time, and although it was Vince, and all of his wrestlers who helped to bring it into the mainstream, it seems to be mostly Vince who is sabotaging his own product these days, while the wrestlers have to suffer and do as they are told... otherwise... they will feel the wrath of god. Remember... Its all about the MONEY!

And that.. is what really grinds my gears.

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  1. nothingmusic42's Avatar
    Great blog! Thank you for touching on the problem of WWE's monopoly. I see lots of (mindless) hate for TNA in here, but the conpetit is a good thing. The Attitude Era is remembered so fondly, but it was the competition with WCW that pushed the product to such heights.
    TNA isn't trying to be PG, and that's a good thing. Wrestlers who don't fit the PG mold have an alternate company to work for. Rob "The Whole F'N Show" and "Mr. Asshole" Ken Anderson just don't work in PG.
    RVD left WWE and the first thing he did was a cover story for High Times. Very not a PG magazine, lol.
  2. Vondraco's Avatar
    Pretty angry post there. Not entirely undeserved. You made a lot of valid points. I think it's no wonder that Sting won't work for Vince, and I'm surprised at many who do. I like WWE, I watch it pretty much fanatically, but I still can't help but think that they could treat their talent better.
  3. Lupy1234's Avatar
    You forgot one thing...WWE censoring fans. They are taking away people's free speech by making security take away the signs. This is a shame and a scam. I would love for WWE to take away a deaf person's sign and that person sues them for taking away their right to free speech.

    What I do not understand is why all the fans are still watching WWE. If a difference is to be made, it is by no longer watching the show. I was hoping the ratings would continue to drop after the 2.5 rating...but, I guess not.
  4. TheRealOutlaw's Avatar
    It's a good blog and good read. But at the end of the day, people still tune in and watch, buy tickets to shows and load there kid up with merchandise. No matter how the ratings are or how Vince runs his company it's still on top and will continue to do so until someone can figure out how to take there company to that level.
  5. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    There is so much wrong with this blog, I don't know if I can mention them all. But I'll touch on a few of the standouts.

    "Burying Talents With Stupid Gimmicks & Storylines". When you talk about burying a talent, what is he doing? How is he burying them? The last time I checked, these wrestlers were still getting paid and still had a job. And I don't know one wrestler that wouldn't get a big time wrestling gig elsewhere based on an onscreen character. If WCW still existed, or if TNA became a real player, I don't think they would flinch when it comes to a talent like Santino or Zach Ryder. Or Mark Henry because of his Sexual Chocolate gimmick and being with Mae Young. It's a television show and these guys are actors and entertainers. I don't think they're quite as embarrassed as you think they are.

    "Unappreciative of Wrestler's Abilities". First, when you talk about who the people like and who he says you have to like, you gotta look past the tiny realm that is the IWC. Just because we come on here and voice about who we like, that means nothing to him. He's in "business" and the reason is because he wants to "make money". A few guys who are older school and louder than kids and girls at a wrestling show, doesn't mean Ziggler is over, or Cena is hated. Cena is the draw of the company. The reason Damien Sandown isn't champ, is because he's not even a year into the company yet. The reason Daniel Bryan isn't champ is because he's not championship material. He got his shot, did nothing with it. No one cared. Then when Sheamus beat him in 18 seconds, everyone revolted. He has since been in a good match with Sheamus, and a few matches with Punk. They didn't do him wrong by any stretch. And why isn't Ziggler champ? Because he simply can't draw.

    "Linda McMahon". Look, it's his wife. And if her opposition is going to use WWE to attack her and down her name, then the PG thing is the only thing he can do to stay image friendly. If she wins, it won't change. If she loses, maybe it will, maybe it won't. But before you blame Linda McMahon, look at society as a whole. We live in a time where every little thing somehow offends somebody and they have all the social media access to create stirs. Plus, he probably has awesome sponsors now that he cleaned up the act of the company. It is once again, not what the IWC wants, but I'll say it again, the IWC is very miniscule in the big picture here. We're not buying up Cena shirts and all the PPV's and the new wrestling figures and rings that come out. He needs to focus on his customers, not onlookers. It's not just Linda McMahon.

    "Be A Star Bully Campaign". I didn't like the JR rip. I thought it was classless. But the other things you mention, like treating Trish like a dog, Kiss My Ass Club, and even worse than those, was the angle where him and Trish were together while Linda "comatose" in the wheelchai, all took place BEFORE the Be A Star campaign. Can you say, Attitude Era?

    And personally, I still think the Montreal Screwjob was fake. I watched the Bret Hart documentary "Wrestling with Shadows" and I found a few things that didn't quite sit with me about that whole "screwjob" thing. Things like, he knew and suspected, as did his wife, that something was up. Why would he suspect something like that? And in the backstage aftermath, his wife was arguing with Shawn Michaels and HHH, and she referred to HHH as "Hunter" on a few occasions. Now if it was real, would she not refer to him as "Paul"? If she can be back there and argue on Bret's behalf, she surely knows these guys' real names. That makes me ponder a bit. I don't care what interview you've seen, what article or book you've read, it's all propaganda and you will see, hear, and read what that person or persons want you to hear or see. Any interview could be played up for the cameras. Any book can be made controversial in order to sell. And by the way, Bret went to WCW, got over on all their top stars, then the company spiraled out of control and ended up dead. So, montreal Screwjob? Eh, I'm not completely sold.

    The other stuff I'm pretty much indifferent too. Yes, wrestlers use steroids. They still do. If you don't think Ryback and Cena are juicing, then you're just blind. Sure, Vince took over the industry, but don't blame him for TNA's mistakes of having Bischoff run the show and allowing Hogan to turn it into his own personal reality tv show. Blacklisting stems from the industry takeover, so again, TNA can step it up and try and do a better job of making money and creating stars. Like going on the road, not allowing free admission into Impact Zone, etc. Then these "blacklisted stars would have another viable company to go to.

    Well, I ranted back at you on this one. I love the concept though. Grind my Gears. I'll be following.
    Updated 10-29-2012 at 06:43 PM by DK Wrestling Savior
  6. TheRealOutlaw's Avatar
    @DK Wrestling Savior my hats off to you. Great responce and outlook.
  7. Pagey21's Avatar
    Tna is improving but it will never evvveeeer be in the wwe's league, it mainly just takes all there old guys im not bashing tna but i just read that in ur blog, wwe will never have competition again i bet vince did have a boner when he gave that speech but at that time it brought us the invasion story line which is my probably my all time favourite, its just asshole retard fans that are stoping wwe by chanting shit things or just being a shit crowd, the only comparison i see between ryback and goldberg is that both bald headed beasts and there booked to squash people look at goldbergs time in wwe its nothing like ryback but all these ass clowns shouting goldberg are ruining him, you have some good points i didnt read it all but the bits that interest me i dont give 2 fucks about linda mcmahon fuck her, wwe needs to bring back the cruiserweight title and change the wwe and tag team belts and overall better storylines and they will be fine which i think they are slowly doing in storyline wise but a few hiccups along the way like this aj cena affair i dont see how this onterests anyone ? Fuck vickie shes so annoying shes a good manager because she gets alot of heat fuck her as gm paul heyman should be gm i loved stone cold as it but that will never happen again
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