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Jason's Thoughts: Hell In A Cell review

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Hey everyone, first blog here on this series i will give my thoughts and opinions on wrestlers,shows,news and rumors, please give me feedback on this. And now that the introduction is over lets get started on the review!

Preshow: John Cena segment
At first this segment was pretty bland and boring, typical cena stuff until John Cena called out Dolph and then......vickie came out. But do not worry it was a distraction for Dolph to come out to beat down Cena. Of course cena came out on top, but it still was pretty decent.

The Main Show

Randy Orton vs ADR

I was very suprised to see this as the opener especially since they built this as a high profile match up. This was a good match, it started out very slow but quickened the pace and became a very back and forth matchup. There were also a lot of good moments in this match. The ending to it was also very satisfying.

Team Rhode Scholars vs Team Hell No

I really enjoyed this match, it had great build up, was very fast paced and had a little bit of everything.It had high flying,technical wrestling and a smash mouth style. Not only that but it had a suprising ending, with Kane stapping and destroying the rhode scholars, giving the scholars a victory.

Kofi Kingston vs Miz for the IC title

Before the match even started we got to see a very entertaining promo from the miz that got me even more interested in the match. And with the newly founded attention toward the IC title the match was even more intense. The match itself was very good but it had a few negatives. like 1/4th of the match was the same thing we saw on Main Event, not only that but it was boring at times and was often very one sided. Not only that but it was very predictable.

Cesaro vs Gabriel (US Title)

This was a very good match, with Gabriel finally getting his chance in the spotlight and finally being on PPV in months. The spots in this match were just amazing especially that uppercut. Hopefully this little feud keeps going because right now WWE has hit gold when it comes to their midcard title feuds.

Rey & Cara vs PTP

Well this was....random. I know they have sorta built it up, but i expected atleast a announcement, ah well atleast it gives them something to do. But once again another good match!

Sheamus vs Big Show (WHC)

I was very dissapointed that this wasnt a hell in a cell match, i mean how can you have a PPV named Hell In A Cell when there is only one HIAC there should be more especially for the WHC.And now that my little rant is done here are my thoughts on the match itself. This was a very length and grueling big man match up and blew my expectations away. Even then it was still very slow and boring at times, the second half is when this match really picked up. Not only that but it had the most shocking moments this year. After a year of chasing after the gold Big Show finally got the gold and i for one had my jaw drop when i saw this, kudos to WWE for giving us this unpredictable ending.

Teddy Long,Eve and Ryder it was another lame attempt at comedy by wwe.

Eve v Kaitlyn v Layla
This match was......GREAT! It actually had a story to give a damn about and it was given a proper time. This is a perfect example of how good womens wrestling can be, if you focus on the wrestling, give them 8-9 minutes and treat them like a actual part of the show instead of a novelty/piss break once again kudos to WWE.

CM Punk vs Ryback in HIAC (WWE Title)
*Opinions Before the match* I really couldnt care less about this match, it was more built on Cena vs Punk than Ryback vs Punk heck Ryback has not said more than three words add that to the fact that he has only shown a very limited moveset and has done nothing but 2-3 min matches i have very low expectations. *Opinion now* This was a good match with tons of weapons and violence aswell as a great ending with the referee screwing Ryback resulting in a epic brawl on top of the cell.

Overall: Great PPV i give it a 8.9/10, every match was given a good time, was booked properly and not only that but this even was filled with tons and tons of great moments. thank you for reading and please give a quick comment.
PS. Sorry if its not that organized had to rewrite in a hurry due to a error.

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. King MC's Avatar
    I was very impressed with the Sheamus/Big Show match. You're right, the very beginning was a little slow, but as soon as it picked up it really picked up! I give props to both wrestlers in that one.
  2. blink's Avatar
    The ending to punk/ryback was garbage. Made both men look weak. Did nothing to make their stars shine brighter.
  3. kylos's Avatar
    Not sure what show you was watching to give it 8.9 out of 10.

    Now I really do look for the good in everything, but when Sheamus vs Big Show is probably the best match on the card, and the main event is a very short Hell in a Cell match with no blood, and a screwjob finish, there is something very wrong.

    People paid money to see that, and are pissed at the WWE. It was a cheap way out of a match they booked because they really wanted Cena but he wasn't available. Creative took the cheap way out instead of giving us a legendary match that could have made both of them look super strong, even if one of them lost clean.

    Disappointing when fans actually believe a PPV of this caliber is good, I would love to see the reaction from you when the WWE actually put on an Excellent PPV. Last time that happened was probably.... Money in the Bank 2011??? Thats the only one that comes to mind.
  4. dragonsrevenge's Avatar
    Entire show was great except the end. I had little confidence ine the WWE Tiile match and really wanted to be surprised. Given how good the show was and how the WHC match shattered my expectations, I was thinking that maybe the main event would be good after all.

    No. Ryback has no place in the ME picture yet and it showed. The finish was a waste of time and effort made Ryback look like a fool. The only possible saving grace would've been when he hit his finisher on the top of the cell, the cell gave way sending them both to the ring. That would've made the match worth it. Great PPV marred by a horrible main event.
  5. Kuroudo93's Avatar
    No Cena : Yaaaaaaaaaaay.
    No Ziggler: WTF? Thought he was......Hoped he would come out after Big Show v Sheamus "/
  6. Dubs's Avatar
    This PPV was pretty good in my opinion. It wasn't their best but it was passable. I really liked Randy Orton vs Del Rio. Solid match to start off the show.

    As for Sheamus vs Big Show, I'm gonna re-watch again it since a lot of people have been saying it was the MOTN and I couldn't really get into the match.

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