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Uncooked: Raw Afterthoughts

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What is up everybody? now I am sure of you are shocked to see this blog, as I haven't done one in FOREVER, but after i saw ComingToCinema didn't do a blog this week, I thought someone ought to do one on this Raw. So, I'm glad to be back. This might be a permanent thing, it might not. We shall see. Let's get right into Monday Night Raw though!

  • Rey Mysterio/Sin Cara vs Rhodes Scholars
  • Punk/Cena promo
  • Justin Gabriel vs Antonio Cesaro
  • New General Manager
  • Dolph Ziggler vs Daniel Bryan
  • Punk vs Sheamus

So, the first good thing of the night is also what started the night. I liked the tag match, and I thought it had a nice flow. I am really like both teams, and could easily see a program between them. I mean, Rhodes Scholars win at Survivor Series to become champs, go in a program with Mysterio/Cara to the Rumble where they lose, then at Elimination Chamber Cara/Mysterio lose the titles, and sets up Cara vs Mysterio at WM 29. Either way, good match. Up next in the good column was the Punk/Cena promo. I know people either hate or love Cena, but I'm in the or category. I like the guy, and think he can be entertaining. This night was one of those nights. Up next was the US Champ going against Gabriel. Now I was surprised by this win. I expected Cesaro to win. It was a decent match for what it was. I hope we see more from these two as time goes on, and the title match that will likely happen isn't just thrown together at the last moment. Now, to the big moment of the night imo, AJ stepping down as GM, Vickie being the managing supervisor, and the accusation that AJ fraternized with one of the superstars. Personally I loved this angle. It gives Cena something to do with Ziggler for another month or two, takes AJ out of the GM spot where she wasn't doing much, and puts Vickie, who knows how to be annoying as hell, in a position of authority. Next was the match of the night, hands down. Ziggler vs Bryan. Personally, I see Bryan and Kane more as tweeners right now. They could easily dip to either side of the coin, but are perfect balancing in the middle. Another thing I would like to see a feud with Bryan and Ziggler. Now, this match to me was just a breath of fresh air into the night. Kudos there. Now, to end the good section, and end the night, was the lumberjack match. While this wasn't what i was expecting in a Punk vs Sheamus match, it was decent, and served it's purpose. Punk wins going into HIAC, Big Show screws Sheamus, and Ryback plants Punk to end the night.

  • Ryback vs Miz
  • Alberto Del Rio vs Zack Ryder

So in the bad section, I'm going to talk about ADR vs Ryder first. Man, I still don't get why the WWE is pushing ADR. They would be better off turning Orton heel, and having him be pushed as the top heel on SD. This was a bad squash match. Now, on to the bigger bad thing of the night, Ryback vs Miz. Yes I get the point was to put Ryback over going into HIAC, but honestly, I hope the WWE doesn't put the belt on him. Yes, he gets a HUGE reaction, but I feel like he hasn't mastered the ability of telling a story in the ring. He is just power. Look at Cena. Dude is a mix of strength, emotion, and story telling. He has mastered the ability to tell a story in the ring. I think Ryback has the ability to, but he needs more time. My hope is that he loses at HIAC, but doesn't drift away. I could see him being the champ in a years time, and it be a memorable reign.

  • Kofi Kingston vs Michael M
  • Big Show vs Kane

First up, was Kofi Kingston vs Michael M. Now, I think this could have been good, had this match been given time. It served it's purpose though of putting Kofi over going into HIAC. Then we have Show vs Kane. While this wasn't rivetting, it wasn't horrible. Again, this match served it's purpose of putting Show over going into HIAC.

This Raw was decent, with it being the go home show for HIAC. If the PPV was one of the big 4, I would expect the go home show to be ALOT better, but this was ok.

As always, I look forward to any and all comments! Thanks!

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