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Talking Smack: Sheamus Gone Wild

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When the second best match of the evening is a Diva’s tag match, that means you’re probably watching Smackdown, which means it’s time to start Talking Smack.

The Standout

Speaking of talking smack, the standout this week was me. I win this award for being able to sit through this entire week’s episode and still have the strength to carry on in life. Believe me, there were moments where I felt like giving up, but did not for the sake of the hundreds of people that read this blog each week.

But seriously, I would have to go with JBL again. He was killing it on commentary. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I loved his current role on the WWE, and he was still impressing this week.

The Breakdown

As Randy Orton makes his way to the ring, Josh Mathews starts rehashing the current rivalry between Orton and Alberto del Rio. He mentions that ADR attacked Orton an month ago costing him being the #1 contender. Why did ADR do this? “All because Randy Orton delivered a RKO to Alberto del Rio earlier that night.” All because? That actually seems like a pretty good reason to me. What was ADR suppose to do? “Aww shucks. Randy Orton RKO’ed me. That rascal.”

So anyway, ADR and Randy Orton start talking back and forth how they are both apex predators. ADR is repeating himself, and Randy looks like he’s drunk. Then Wade Barrett attacks him from behind. Why? Apparently Alberto del Rio asked him to. What?

The Kane vs. Cody Rhodes match was a little sloppy for my tastes. They weren’t quite executing their moves on each other probably. The highlight though was the guest commentary from Daniel Bryan and Damien Sandow. When Daniel Bryan said that “Kane is going to dysfunction Cody’s face.” I about lost it.

The Miz vs. Yoshi Tatsu. Really? Really? Really. This match was just done to give Miz momentum going in to Hell in a Cell. Too bad that all it did was show that Miz can beat low card Superstars. If you want to give the Miz momentum then you have to have him beat higher caliber Superstars. Have him beat Randy Orton, Big Show, Sheamus, or even Dolph Ziggler. Giving Miz an easy win doesn’t prove to me that he can beat Kofi Kingston.

We go backstage where Booker T and Teddy Long are with Eve, Aksana, Kaitlyn, and Layla. Teddy mentions the “proof” that he has against Eve. However, Aksana confessed that she was the one that attacked Kaitlyn based on Eve’s orders, and no one did anything. The mystery is whether or not Eve actually orchestrated it, but the FACT is that Aksana ADMITTED that she was the attacker, and no one blinked an eye. Booker T spoke truth when he said, “I’m sick of all this drama.”

I actually called the Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett match wrong. I guessed that ADR would interfere, and I guessed that Barrett would get the upper hand because of that. I assumed that Orton would still pull off the win, because that’s what he does. So kudos to WWE for letting Randy Orton lose. Kudos also to Wade Barrett for the win. He needed that after the matches with Sheamus. I honestly hope he’s not going to be some type of “for hire” guy, since that’s essentially what Alberto del Rio asked of Barrett.

Layla and Kaitlyn vs. Eve and Aksana was actually a solid match. It wasn’t a 5-star match by any means, but definitely a step in the right direction for the Diva’s division. Kaitlyn was looking like a boss too. I might think about putting the title on her in WWE 13.

Earlier in the night, Booker T asked Big Show not to beat up Sheamus in their face to face later that evening, to which Big Show (heel) said that he wouldn’t. Now when Booker T asked the same to Sheamus (face) he said he wasn’t going to promise anything and that it was more than likely going to happen. To which Booker T simply walked away. What? Can you do that? Can your boss tell you to do something, and you tell him or her no I’m going to do the opposite, and he or she is cool with that? I might have to try that sometime.

Daniel Bryan vs. Damien Sandow was an awesome match. I haven’t really warmed up to Sandow, but I can see that he is an incredible talent. I would love to see a feud between the two of these Superstars. I bet they could put on some unforgettable matches. I understand that they were giving one win to Team Hell No and the other to Team Rhodes Scholars, but I was really hoping to see Daniel Bryan win. He’s proven that he belongs in the main event picture, I just hope they aren’t trying to bring him back down to mid-card level.

The face to face with Big Show and Sheamus was nothing new. They’ve had five weeks to build this rivalry, with both wrestlers appearing on Smackdown and Raw, and they have done nothing with it. Instead they have had debates and feats of strength. Even in this face to face, that had a billion security guards in between them, they were arguing over who had the better finishing move. Then Sheamus (face) gets all hot and bothered and attacks the Big Show (heel) for no reason. Then when the security guards are trying to do their job, Sheamus starts attacking them and borough kicking them. How is he a face? How is he not fired? It’s that whole mentality in the WWE that good guys can do whatever they want and it’s justified. It can be frustrating at times.

Key Players
Daniel Bryan
Damien Sandow

Thanks for reading this week’s Talking Smack. Remember we’ve got Hell in a Cell on Sunday, Raw on Monday, and WWE 13 on Tuesday. Good times! Make sure to leave your comment below.

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