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UFR 4 - 'I'm Better than you...'

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UFR 4 – MVP vs. Matt Hardy
Meant to do this blog a few months ago but never got round to it for a few reasons. My new keyboard came today and what better way to try it out then writing a blog. The problem I had with writing this blog was that it’s very hard to summarize this feud. Each of these blogs so far have taken well over 2 hours as I don’t copy and paste from Wikipedia and I watch all the key matches/promos in the feud. I’m hoping to cut down on that time with this blog by summarising the feud more quickly (Although me waffling like that isn’t going to help, neither is this sentence, I could go on but then I’d be here all day).

This Blog is UFR 4 and it’s on the Matt Hardy/MVP feud which took place in 2007/08. For those who can’t remember or are new to reading this blog, it stands for Underrated Feud Recap (I know, I’m not exactly original with names...). Onto the Recap!

Feud Recap

Their feud started after MVP (Who was the current US Champion) defeated Matt Hardy at The Great American Bash [Part 1] [Part 2] . After his win, MVP claimed he was better than Matt at everything which was the focal point of their feud. MVP challenged Matt and often cheated in order to win. Challenges included:
Arm Wrestling
Boxing Match
Push Ups
Beer Drinking
A. Football
Pizza Eating.

On an episode of Smackdown, MVP bragged to Theodore Long (GM) that he could win the WWE Tag Team Championships with anybody. As a result of this MVP and Matt Hardy [1] faced Deuce and Domino [2] the following week for the belts and won. MVP proclaimed himself the ‘Captain of the team’ and refused to defend his US Championship.

Their run came to an end when they faced John Morrison and The Miz in a losing effort. Immediately afterwards MVP invoked their rematch clause but they lost that match as well due to Matt’s injured knee. (At this point, Matt suffered a real life injury which delayed their feud for a short while).

Hardy made a surprise return and knocked MVP from the ladder with the Twist of Fate. Matt Hardy finally defeated MVP for the US Championship at Backlash 2008, ending his record reign of 343 days (random fact: 73 = 343) which was the longest reign of the WWE era and the third longest in history. Could only find Part 2 of the match. Matt successfully defended his title 5 days later on Smackdown, thus ending the feud.

Now onto the opinions and this time Akbar and TheGreatOne will join me in giving their opinions on the feud.

Me: I loved this feud which was between 2 (in my opinion) underrated talents in MVP and Matt Hardy who in my opinion were and are both capable of being in the main event. The challenges were fun to watch and different which made this feud even more entertaining as it stood out from the crowd. It was full of fun segments, my favorites were: Pizza Eating Contest, Push Ups and Basketball. I liked their tag team run and the way it ended with MVP returning to be fully heel. Matt’s return was a good one and the feud ended with a solid match at Backlash and on Smackdown. This feud should be an example as to how all good feuds should be. It had a beginning (I’m better than you...), a middle (Tag Team run...) and an end (Matt wins US championship...) it was filled with entertaining segments and solid matches and the feud overall was one of the highlights of 2008.

In mid 2007, MVP beat Chris Benoit to become the WWE Untied States Champion. It was his first title in the WWE and a title that he would keep for nearly a year, making him the longest reigning champion since the title was brought back to SmackDown. During the title run he had a long feud with Matt Hardy, which I'll be discussing today.
The feud started when MVP called out Hardy claiming to be better than him etc...MVP was the heel and Hardy was the face, which I felt was a good decision because Hardy had a following with the fans from his successful Hardy Boys days. A lot of effort was put in to making this feud memorable and entertaining. Little segments like having a Chess match, Arm wrestling match, Basketball match etc... Purpose of this was that they in there crazy anal self's claimed to be better than the other at literally everything.
On to the real stuff such as wrestling matches and promos: Hardy is a solid experienced worker so it was safe on that side, and for MVP it was exciting to watch because he was a real technician. While the matches were good it was their promos and segments that made me really care about the feud. Evander Holyfield getting challenged to a Boxing match and knocking out MVP was class, and beer drinking challenge which had Stone Cold involved was also very well done.
I'll admit that I wasn't fully in to this feud but that was mainly because while this was happening the Smackdown main event was between the atrocious Batista and even worse The Great Khali, so I stayed away from that show. Regardless I checked in here and there and I can happily say I don't remember much from those 2, while MVP/Hardy is something that has stayed in my head. The feud had longetivity which allowed mainly MVP to be a serious contender in the business and lead him to be one of the hot prospects for the future, unfortunately it never really worked out that way. A clear result of the feud is that we are still talking about to this day even though it was contented by mid carders. I was never a fan of Matt Hardy but he played his part well as the more veteran.
I would rate this feud a 7.2/10 because of the length, segments and that it was in a period were everything else around was rubbish so it didn't get much eclipsed and got more exposure then it could have thought

What makes a rivalry great? When feuds become more personal as the feud goes along. That is what happened with Matt Hardy/MVP feud. MVP was the US champion at the time and Matt was a contender. They ended up being forced to team together and actually won tag titles together. During their tag team run of victories, MVP and Matt would steal the win after the other did all the work. They would begin to compete in competitions to prove who was the better of the two including a lot of memorable ones like the beer drinking contest, boxing match, and so much more. MVP cheating to win some competitions as well to prove he is better than him. They lost tag titles and demanded a rematch in just the matter of a minute. MVP turned on Matt and beat the crap out of him. Wouldn't see Matt until he pushed MVP off the ladder to cost him the MITB match. Matt would go on to win the US title in the feud. To me, the best feud produced in the midcard division until this day. The only one rivalry that could argue being the best US title feud in the history of the WWE US title and it would probably be Carlito/Cena. MVP was one of the main reasons why I tuned in to Smackdown. The feud they had just made you build more anticipation to see what competition or where the feud would go next. The feud the two had made the US title mean something.

Thanks to both of them and I apologise to you both for the delay. (Note- To combat the delay, I will write the blog before asking for your paragraph so it can be uploaded immediately after receiving the two paragraphs).

Thanks for reading and please comment on this blog if you'd like me to do another, as im contemplating (good word) stopping this blog series due to lack of comments. Even if you just post 'Good Read' or 'Crap blog' it'll make this blog worthwhile, well actually the 'Crap blog' comment probably wouldn't make this blog worthwile bit nevertheless constructive criticism is good!

Hope you enjoyed the read and if you do want another then feel free to suggest a feud or if you'd like to take part one time leave a comment or pm me.

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At this point most bloggers would end with catchy comment (eg- Cross- Remember the cross) but for now whilst I think one up for next time I will simply end with [insert catchy comment here].

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. Cynicism's Avatar
    I really enjoyed this feud and it was good to see a blog on it. It was one of the high points of Matt's career IMO and it showed exactly how badly WWE dropped the ball on MVP. The blog summarises the feud very well and I'm pleased to be reminded of it
  2. Sahu's Avatar
    I'm always a Hardyz fan n esp Matt' that time Matt Hardy is really Hot as a Face n he had some memorable feuds of his singles career...

    This particular feud is very good n very entertaining. Both the men played their roles very well....MVP is this feud MVP called himself "Half Man Half Amazing" after winning tagteam championship...I donno why but I loved that title....I used to tune in Smackdown only for this feud....I loved beer drinking competition out of all...

    This is by far the best entertaining feud for WWE US Title......coz I love Cena/Carlito n Cena/Booker T feuds but this one is more of an all round entertainer...they gave so much of fun segments n when ever they were in the ring, they ensured a good to great match...

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