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4:20: Blogging While Smoking Vol 1

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Yo yo yo it’s 4:20, folks. It’s been a while since the Great Blueski has sauntered over to the wrestling world’s blogging side and I’ll be honest I’ve been waiting for a subject that interested me enough for me to drop an epic... still f’n waiting yo. So instead of writing a well structured and researched piece of writing... I’m just going to run my gums y’all. So there’s been a few changes around here, folks. People are beefing over views and all that and long time bloggers are leaving. Hell there seems to be about a thousand regular bloggers on here now lol. It’s all good though. Listen the Great Blueski isn’t trying for a mega amount of views or a title belt that says EWN Top Blogger or some shizzy... I just like talking bollocks about wrestling while smoking a Natty McPhatty after a stressful day making dollars in the real world. I mean it’s not like Ryan Clark is gonna pay us is it? So don’t take it so seriously, folks. It’s supposed to be fun. Okay let’s get this bollocks talking started... smoke em if you got em, folks.

Well it looks like TNA is going to shoot a month of TV in the UK; just as I eloquently made a case for in an earlier blog... hey I’m hoping this means someone from TNA is reading my blogs lol. The reason I hope they’re reading is because I want a job...yep... I wanna lay down for Dixie night after night after night lol. Sorry I had to use that line. I used it in real life and I swear down I saw tumbleweeds rolling past in the distance it got such a non-reaction. So I thought I’d drop it on you grapple fans and try and get at least one lol off it. Speaking of Dixie, folks, you remember that whole Claire Lynch/AJ angle (like you could ever forget that POS right?) Well the way I see it, ladies and gentlemen, AJ Styles did the time (he got socked in the mouth by Dixie’s hubby) but he never got to do the crime!!! If I was AJ I’d be demanding some ‘compensation’.

Joking aside I think this extended UK taping is a big move for TNA. I know that the people at Challenge (where TNA airs in the UK) were blown away by the Bound For Glory numbers and I’m hoping this has opened up their eyes to the true potential of the product. Not just TNA but wrestling in general. To be honest I’m not a fan of Wrestletalk TV or whatever it is that follows Impact on Challenge, I’ve watched it a couple of times and it does absolutely nothing for me even if they have an interesting guest. I don’t like the set up, the host or the sidekick. Sorry lol. But I love that they are dedicating blocks of programming to wrestling fans. Now would be the time for a British promotion to bend the ear of challenge TV and try and fill that hourly slot themselves. Step up Len Davies when you’re needed, sir.

Now Len, me old mucker, there probably isn’t going to be much money in a Challenge deal for you at first but in the long run it could be a gold mine. Especially as it might let you cosy up with TNA and start some sort of working relationship. More importantly look at it as free advertising. The more fans watch TNA on Challenge the more will become aware of your product and it should increase your live gates and online DVD sales. With the umbrella association RQW has going on with 1PW and SAS wrestling the show you pitch to Challenge doesn’t even have to be in the format of an episodic wrestling show. Each week can just be a simple studio job presented by one man introducing highlights from the best matches of the week (or even from four weeks earlier to take the pressure off production) that took place on shows under the RQW umbrella. If they think they can keep the Impact viewers watching after Impact ends Challenge would probably let you run an RQW infomercial for an hour every week. They know they have more chance of keeping wrestling fans tuned in with that than by switching back to reruns of Bullseye. That’s why Wrestletalk is on now. It’s cheap and it’s rough but it’s got bleed through potential.

I also wonder if Challenge has thought about trying to purchase or licence some of the old World Of Sport wrestling catalogue. For me it’s the perfect median between the wrestling aspect of Challenge and the classic game show aspect, which, for everyone outside the UK, is all Challenge plays other than Impact, Explosion and Wrestletalk TV. A lot of the people who tune into Challenge for the likes of Bullseye and Play Your Cards Right are of a generation who still see ‘American’ wrestling as too poncey and flashy and gimmicky and miss the days of cauliflower ears and missing teeth as brawny Brits went two out of three falls in smoke filled town halls up and down the country. Or they just miss Big Daddy, Giant Haystacks (Loch Ness in WCW), Kendo Nagasaki and their peers. Other than Impact the facts are that Challenge appeals to a mature demographic. I think Challenge should look at putting some World Of Sport on to draw these older fans back towards the product. W.O.S would make a great lead in show for Impact. W.O.S followed by Impact followed by RQW. Advertise it as the Past, The Present and the Future of wrestling ... all in one place, all on one night, back to back!!!!!

Hey it’s just a thought....

Okay moving on from TNA momentarily... so Booker T got hacked by the KKK a few months ago. This story shocked the hell outta me y’all. I didn’t even know Michael Hayes could use a computer lol. Another lame wrestling joke I dropped in the real world and got absolutely no reaction too. I mean come on, I drop a Michael Hayes/racism joke and people are stony faced but they’ll laugh at Two and A Half Men? Wtf is the world coming to? Next thing they’ll be putting the world title back on Jeff Hardy and redesigning the damn belt again- oh wait.

The ‘E needs to work something out with their announce teams in the wake of the Jerry Lawler heart attack. No offence to Jerry but his best work was the late 90s he’s still using the same tired one liners now that were cliché back then. And this might get me some heat but I really don’t give a damn about JR anymore. Don’t get me wrong, folks, both Jerry and JR are legends and I have utmost respect for them... hell they can come over, drink my beer and f*** my sister anytime. I just don’t feel them on air anymore. Wrestling is all about suspending the audiences disbelief and the two of them can’t seem to suspend their own long enough to even think about addressing mine. They sound a little bored by the current product. I haven’t mentioned Cole cos to me he’s always sucked (except as an out and out heel but even as a heel I think he’s more suited to being a manager or authority figure rather than a commentator) JBL doesn’t seem to be the answer either, short term or long term.

Who does that leave? I read a story on here that Joey Styles was teasing returning to the announcing desk... we’ll have to wait and see. Personally I’d like to see Road Dogg given a shot at doing a bit of color. He’s got the gift of the gab and he’s quick and witty with it too. Although after watching Are You Serious you’d probably think I was mad for thinking that. That show sucks more ass than a leech with a crevice fetish. That could just be me but every time I watch I’m just waiting for it to be funny. And it never seems to be. Even at 4:20, folks. How can a show showing funny clips be so damned unfunny even at 4:20? Hey it could just be me y’all. I laugh my ass off at Botchmania but this is just a bit meh.

So what else was a talking point over brewskis at Blueski’s lately? Well we all got a bit excited over the Stone Cold/ CM Punk WWE 13 hype video the other day. Cats were texting each other at work, man. Normally we’re only texting during work hours if someone’s been shot or kidnapped, you feel me? Last wrestling related text I got at work was Macho Man passing. That’s how serious a text at work is. I don’t know about you folks but my peeps were hyped after that. I’ve got to admit after I watched I thought that was a stellar teaser by the ‘E. This teaser to me means either that Austin is feeling better than he has in a while after his recent surgery and maybe considering one more match or it means that the ‘E is giving serious consideration to having him return as an authority figure for Punk to buck against. Or it could just be a video to hype the new game, I don’t know. I just think it was done well. Real well.

One thing as a natural born heel I would have liked to have seen is CM Punk step up in Austin’s face and tell him something like ‘Look Steve, you used to be the man but now you’re just an old man. Take the bad look off your face or the Best in the World will slap it off. You must have been drinking today huh? Coming in here and acting like a badass. Pffft. Don’t try and deny it I can smell it on you, Austin. You disgust me. You’re just a blowhard, bitter, pathetic old drunk.’ I’m not saying he should have said those words exactly but I just think Punk could have been a bit more heelish, you know? But then this was just the ‘E teasing and dipping their toes in the water. Hopefully they’ll be pleased with the reaction it got and more will follow.

It could be a sweet angle. Too sweet even, folks. With Paul E around as well hopefully he’ll nudge them in the direction of Raven and Funk from ECW. Those promos in the day were intense and Punk and Austin have that same kind of chemistry. Damn man even talking about it just makes me want to see these two jump off.

So something else we’ve been talking about over brewskis at Blueskis is Ryback... lol psyche... nah it’s BFG obviously. I personally thought it was an awesome PPV, worth every last cent lol. Did I like every result... no. Does that make the PPV suck... hell no. I thought it was a stacked card and none of the matches disappointed. I thought Al Snow and Joey Ryan had a good match and was surprised that Blueprint came back to side with Joey.

Don’t get me wrong I thought he’d do a run in at some point but I didn’t see him and Joey coming. Interesting. I didn’t see Devon and Aces & 8’s coming at all. Man, TNA and Devon; my hats off to you cos you sold a cynical old dude like me on that one hook line and sinker. I genuinely thought Devon was going to either take a legends deal with WWE and semi retire or basically he was going to take time out and focus on the training school. I thought he was done and dusted. My woman called it as soon as he appeared. Straight away she said ‘That’s Devon.’ Damn man for me it was a good PPV. And A Dub and Jeff had an excellent match. Definitely worthy of the BFG main event and I’ve got to admit going into it I was sceptical cos I just don’t rate Jeff Hardy. To me he’s like anti charisma. But then I’m not a fourteen year old girl. Nor did I used to be lol. I really don’t think I’m his target audience uno.

The only real beef I had is Jeff taking the belt off A Dub. And I don’t mean beef as in I’m pissed off cos the guy I like more didn’t win, I mean beef as in I just think the timing of taking it off A Dub was all wrong. I thought when A Dub took the belt off Bobby, after it looked like they were building towards Bobby keeping it all the way to BFG and then doing the job for James Storm, I thought they had a long term vision for A Dub with the belt. I know CM Punk has the shirt and the gimmick but I personally think Austin Aries is the best in the world right now. I don’t know, I’m just hoping they don’t turn A Dub into another Samoa Joe where most of the time the company hasn’t got a clue what to do with him cos he’s more over than they want him to be. One interesting bit of conversation came up when talking about Jeff taking the title... is this because Matt is in Aces & 8s and this is going to lead to a betrayal angle and Aces & 8s taking the World title? Hmmmm. The Great Blueski doesn’t like the idea of Matt being around the TNA world title even in theory folks.

Well... 4:20 is officially over, folks; I’m down to the roach. Make sure y’all go out and vote. On a side note, I don’t know if anyone else watched the Presidential debates but am I the only one that thought they could have took a few tips from pro wrestling to hype them up a bit? I wanted to see Romney flipping over tables and going blue in the face screaming ‘Obama... I’m coming for you... I’m talking your title. Count the days, Obama, count em down!!!!’ Of course Big O could have just come back cool calm and collected and said ‘Don’t sing it, Mitt, bring it, Mitt’. They could have even opened up the debates with a First Lady Battle Royale. Is Barbara Bush still alive? If so she’s winning that battle hands down. She’s scary old girl that one. George Bush Snr is a tougher S.O.B than me cos it takes a hell of a level of testicular fortitude to run through that. I’d rather go into machine gun fire buck naked doing a handstand.

Anyways folks... that was the Great Blueski blog... if you liked it let me know, share your thoughts below and next time I drop a blog on here it might even have a point! Holla holla holla. Peace!

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  1. steezin4areezin's Avatar
    Awesome read. The best inspiration for writing is derived from that wonderful Green plant.

    I also would've like the Punk/Austin wwe 13 video to have Punk step up more in SCSA's face, but then I realized that Punk still had the slicked back hair, leading me to believe this video was shot prior to his heal turn. I'm sure the skin-headed Punk would have had more venom for SCSA, but alas, he played the interview as a Face.
  2. alcrissam's Avatar
    Isn't it October?
  3. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    This would be RVD's favorite blog... If you wrote more about RVD in it, that is.
  4. TheGreatBlueski's Avatar
    Yeah it is October.... (said cautiously expecting some kinda f'd up answer to follow) yo steezin4areezin I didn't even notice the haircut man in all the hype. Good point bro. Gave me a reason to watch it another couple of times lol
    Updated 10-25-2012 at 03:52 AM by TheGreatBlueski (typo)
  5. GENGHISRON's Avatar
    4:20... Smoking while posting... Your a fucking moron. No one (who matters) cares what a bunch of pot smoking dipshits think about anything. You and your kind are worthless and should be gathered up, dragged into the street and shot.

    World would be paradise without you.
    Smoke that truth dipshit.
  6. TheGreatBlueski's Avatar
    yo genghis have a coke and a smile and shut the f**k up... with all due respect one love
  7. thenextsousa's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by GENGHISRON
    4:20... Smoking while posting... Your a fucking moron. No one (who matters) cares what a bunch of pot smoking dipshits think about anything. You and your kind are worthless and should be gathered up, dragged into the street and shot.

    World would be paradise without you.
    Smoke that truth dipshit.
    My thoughts exactly.
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