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The Great One: The Rocks top 10 matches all time!

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Ok, I havent done a single blog in fact its been so long I really cant remember the last one I did and yet in the span of an hour I am about to do my second blog haha!

However it should be no surprise that I am a Rock fan. I will even accept being called a Rock mark...I dont care, everyone is a mark for their favorite wrestlers or superstars or whatever you wanna call them. And as a Rock fan I have decided to compile a top ten list of the Great Ones greatest matches. Because no matter if you like the Rock or hate the Rock or even love the Rock there is no denying his talent and that he has had some of the most memorable matches in wrestling history. So here goes and I am open to all opinions...even the haters lol.

10. The Rock vs Chris Benoit (Fully Loaded 2000) WWE Championship
Chris Benoit may have become a dirty word in wrestling but you cant take away from the fact the man could go and at Fully Loaded both the Rock and Benoit put on a great match. It was classic from the stand point that Chris with all his technical skils really put up a huge challenge and suplexed the Rock all over the place and The Rock resonded in kind. Add to that all the antics Shane Mcmahon did at ringside to help the Wolverine and it was entertaining from start to finish. If you have the means I suggest you watch this match, it really is a forgotten classic.

9. The Rock vs Kurt Angle (No Way Out 2001) WWE Championship
I miss Kurt in WWE...this match was a back and forth awesome encounter. It was the Rocks chance to avenge his loss to Kurt Angle as Angel was the man who took the WWE title away from the Brahma Bull just 5 months prior. And these two were just always on fire when they got in the ring together. At steak was not only the WWE title but also the chance to headline WrestleMania 17 and both men let it all out as if they were headlining WrestleMania that night. From suplexes to ddt's and even cheating attempts from both men, this was simply awesome. It made me wish for more matches from these two.

8. Stone Cold vs The Rock (WrestleMania 17) WWE Championship No DQ
I know most would put this match higher in a countdown as this match was pure magic from the word go...I mean literally nearly every move and tactic was used in this match. It really is one of my favorites...from sharpshooters to million dollar dreams to superplexes and neck breakers and ring bells to chairs...this match was back and forth it was nearly flawless. The only thing that ruined this for me and puts it down the count in my opinion is the fact Mr. Mcmahon got involved at the end. He just didnt belong there and I just think it was a mistake for Austin and Mcmahon to align. But I digress. Still a classic.

7. The Rock vs Triple H vs Kurt Angle (SummerSlam 2000) WWE Championship Triple Threat
If there was ever a match that proved how great both Rock and Triple H are it was this match. A accident with the table as Kurt was being pedigreed knock Kurt for a loop and took him out of the match for most of it. As the story goes everyone but Rock and Trips were panicking but those two took a bad situation and turned into a great match as Rock and Triple H just did there thing and do what they always do...tell a great story in the ring. And to Kurts credit he would return and help finish off a stellar match.

6. Triple H vs The Rock (Judgement Day 2000) WWE Championship Iron Man Match
When ever these two got together it was pure gold. By this point they had nearly every match you could think of together...from 2 out 3 falls to cages to ladder matches, they did all. There was only one match left to do...Iron Man match and they did not dissapoint. For one hour they kept you glued to the screen. Unlike the Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart match which had no falls throughout the entire match, Rock and Trips went back and forth as Rock would score the first fall and Triple H would retaliate and eventually take the lead. It is hard enough to keep the attention of a fan nowadays with 10 minute matches but the fact Rock and Triple H kept your attention for 60 straight minutes is a testament to both their talents.

5. The Rock vs Kurt Angle vs The Undertaker (Vengence 2002) WWE Championship Triple Threat
In my opinion a flawless triple threat that had it all...All men were firing on all cyclinders. It was just epic as every competetor stole one anothers finishers...from the Rock giving UT a chocke slam to UT giving Kurt the Angle Slam to The Rock applying the Ankle lock on Kurt to Kurt giving The Rock the Rock bottom the match was insane. It was back and forth and non stop. And just when you thought you knew who was gonna win, you were dead wrong. No wasted motion in this match.

4. The Rock vs Mankind (Royal Rumble 99) WWE Championship I Quit Match
Perhaps only second to Mick Foleys Hell in the Cell match with Undertaker, I would have to say this is the most brutal match that I have ever seen. This match showed The Rock to be a legit threat as he massacred Mankind with chair shot after chair shot while Mankind had his hands cuffed. From start to finish you couldnt look away though as you felt chills go down your spine watching every grueling thing these men did to each other. A must see but you will cringe at the absolute brutality.

3. The Rock vs Triple H (SummerSlam 98) WWE Intercontinental Ladder Match.
This was the match where as a fan you couldnt help yourself....after months of chanting "Rocky Sucks" this was where you started chanting "Rocky" "Rocky"...Triple H and The Rock would do what they do best and put on an unforgettable match. Where ladder matches were usually more ariel thanks to stellar performances from Shawn Michaels, The Rock and Triple H had to adapt and made the ladder match a brawl and a fight to the finish. They found new ways to use the ladder and with both men having help from Mark Henry (nation member at the time for the Rock) and Chyna (DX member for Hunter) it was an even match where you didnt know who was gonna win.

2. The Rock vs Hulk Hogan (WrestleMania 18) Icon vs Icon
Make no mistake, this was by no means a technical fact you knew from the start it wasnt going to be. But my God the amount of passion and emotion that the fans had for this match just added to what WWE is all about and that is classic moments. And you will never be able to take away from this "iconic" moment as wrestlings past met wrestlings future. You just have to watch this match to realize just how special this was.

1. The Rock vs Stone Cold Steve Austin (WrestleMania 19)
I know many will disagree with me on this and that is fine...I know I am being biased as I was actually in attendance at this WM and saw it with my own eyes. But I still argue its greatness as this match with the Brahma Bull and the Rattlesnake was a perfect ending to a feud that was without a doubt one of the greatest of all time. This match was also different from any other they ever gimmics, no titles and no exscuses as there was no interference and a definitive clear winner. You just have to watch this match to see that these two just had it when they were in the ring together...pure magic. And the end of this match just shows the emotion of two men who knew their time was up in different repects. And by the time it was all said and done it just felt like there would never be anyone better than The Rock and Stone Cold as they are just in a league all their own.

I hope you enjoyed the list and I look forward to hearing your thoughts...

Honorable mentions:
Triple H vs The Rock (In your House) 2 out of 3 falls for the IC title
The Rock vs Mankind (Valentines Day Massacre) Last Man Standing Match
Team WWE (The Rock, Y2J, Big Show, Kane, Undertaker) vs Team Alliance (Shane O Mac, RVD, Booker T, Stone Cold, Kurt Angle) (Survivor Series 2001) Winner Take All Elimination Match
Any World Title Match The Rock had with Y2J, just a great feud.

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  1. steezin4areezin's Avatar
    Rock vs Kane Raw 1998
    First true face moment for the Rock...
  2. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    I absolutely hated the Rock v Foley "I Quit" Match. Probably the most uncomfortable I have ever felt watching a match.
  3. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    Wow your list no offence is so flawed.... The Rock vs Austin at WM 17 and Judgement day HHH vs Rock Iron Man deserve the 1 and 2 spot.... I was live for 19 for Austin vs Rock match and it was a entertaining match despite Austin not being able to wrestle but it wasnt Rock and Austins best match. I would say there Awesome Backlash match was better.
  4. Lavablob77's Avatar
    Rock Vs Foley at The 1999 Rumble was epic. It was great up until Rock managed to handcuff Foley and when he went and got the chair you could've heard a pin drop. What followed is still probably the most savage ending to a match in WWF/E history. Brutal beyond words and Mick endured some horrific shots to the head but it's this sequence that makes the match the stuff of legend. Rock has never been more evil than here and his corporate elbow onto the chair is legendary. This match is made even more legendary by the fact alot of the backstage reaction is shown in the Beyond The Mat documentary. You see wrestlers backstage looking on in shock but even worse is the fact that Micks wife and kids are at ringside. His wife is screaming, his kids are in tears as that ending goes down. To the point they get removed by security, it's pretty harrowing but at least you see him recover backstage. As for The Rock, for me he became a Legend on this match, watching him spit on fans as he strutted back to the stage declaring himself WWF Champion whilist still talking trash about a half dead Foley..............Epically Awseome Cool Heel.

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