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The Angry Wrestling Fan V.1: The Dead Man Stands Alone

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I'm Mad and I'ma Blog About It.


Let's Skip The Pleasantries... I'm Megz (follow me on twitter: @KyngMegz). This Is My First Wrestling Blog But Not My First Blog In General. Get Used To Me. Obviously I'm a Wrestling Fan... But What You Might Not Know Is I'm Angry. I've Been Watching Wrestling Since The Tender Age Of Four Until Now As I Sit Here In My Late Twenties Angry As Hell. Now This Blog Isn't Really For The 'Youngin's'. It's For The Guys Like Me Who Never Liked Hulk Hogan In His Hulkamania Days & Thought The Ultimate Warrior Defeating The Hulkster At Wrestlemania Holding Both The WWF Title & The Intercontinental Title When It Actually Meant Something Was The Most Epic Sight To See (More On That Later). It's For Anybody Who Watched G.L.O.W. On a UHF Station (If You Don't Know What a UHF Station Is Then This Blog Is Not For You). The Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling Had Some Of The Worst Wrestling On Gods Green Earth But It Was Still Wrestling So I Watched It Anyway. Not To Mention I Used To Love Mt. Fiji. I Represent Those Who Remember The Days Of Saturday Night Main Event On NBC. When The WWE Had Tag Teams You Gave a Rats Ass About. Long Gone Are The Days Of The Rockers, The Hart Foundation & Demolition. I'm From The Era When Everybody Watched Wrestling On Monday Nights. When You Say Ladder Match I Think About Shawn Michaels & Razor Ramone Before Edge or The Hardy's Come To Mind. My Top 10 Favorite Wrestlers Of All Time List Includes The Likes Of Sycho Sid & Brian Pilman As Well As Kurt Angle, Daniel Bryan & The Rock. I'm a Fan Cut From a Different Cloth And I'm Angry And This Blog Is About One Of The Things In Wrestling That Makes Me Mad Everytime I Think About It...

The Undertaker vs. Triple H Wrestlemania 28 HIAC Match

...Pisses Me Off Everytime I Think About It. Now I'm Not Saying The Wrestling Match Itself Wasn't The Highlight Of Wrestlemania 28. A Hell In a Cell Match Between The Dead Man versus The King Of Kings With The Heart Break Kid As The Special Guest Referee Plus The Added Bonus Of 'Vintage' J.R. On Commentary (Nobody Delivers From The Announce Table Like J.R. PERIOD). On Paper It Reads Like a Classic & They Delivered a Five Star Match Without a Doubt From Start To Finish. The Game and The Undertaker Body Slammed, Head Butted & Chair Shot Each Other To Bloody Messes. The Addition Of Shawn Michaels As Referee Was The Added Ingredient That Really Gave You The Feel 'The Streak' Could Come To An End With Trips Getting The Assist Or Dirty Refereeing From His Old DX Buddy HBK. In The End The Undertaker Was Victorious and The Streak Remained Intact. Undertaker Hadn't Wrestled a Year Prior To This Match And Came Into Wrestlemania and Showed The World Once Again Why He's a Wrestling Legend and Triple H Gave His All And Put On a Superb Performance That Carried The Undertaker Through One Of His Greatest Matches Ever. It Was a Grand Moment In The Legacy Of The Undertaker. All Was Well As Far As I Was Concerned. They Made All The Right Moves Concerning 'Whats Good For Business' By Giving The Dead Man The Win and Keeping The Streak Alive. Perfection. Well, All The Way Up Until...

Why Is Undertaker Hugging These Clowns?
...All Of a Sudden One Of The Most Epic Matches I Ever Witnessed Involving The Undertaker Who Is One Of My All-Time Favorite WWE Superstars Since Childhood Became What Appeared To Me To Be Trips & Shawn Michaels Trying To Marry Themselves To The End Of The Undertakers Legacy In What Could Be His Last Match In The Worst Way... With a Hug. The Dead Man Should Never Be Made To Look Like He Gives a Damn. It's Part Of His Mystique. Now At The End Of Every Future Undertaker DVD Or Career Retrospective I'm Going To Be Treated To The Image Of The Undertaker, Triple H & Shawn Michaels Helping Each Other Up & Embracing At The Top Of The Ramp? That Makes Me Angry. That Scene Pissed Me Off To The Highest Of Pisstivity. Why? Because That's Not The Undertaker I Know and That Embrace Wasn't Good For Business. J.R. Tried To Play It Off By Calling It a Sign Of Respect. Bah. That's Not The Dead Man I'm Familiar With. I'm An Old School Undertaker Fan. I'm Talking 'Bout Undertaker vs. Yokuzuna Casket Match at The Royal Rumble '94 Old School and Anybody Who Is a True Undertaker Fan Knows No Undertaker Match Was Ever Supposed To End In a Got Damn Hug. Let's Take Undertaker and Mankind's 1998 King Of The Ring HIAC Match. The Undertaker Threw Mankind Off The Cell, Through The Roof Of The Cell, Beat Him Bloody, Slammed Him On Tacks With Good Ole' Jim Ross Selling Every Moment Like Only He Can. After It Was All Said and Done Mankind Was a Broken, Bloody, Pile Of Bones. Undertaker Pinned Him got To His Feet, Looked Back At His Victim In Mama Foley's Baby Boy and Left The Squared Circle By Himself, and That Is How Undertaker's Matches Are Always Supposed To End. They're Supposed To End With The Death Valley Demon Standing Alone. Not In Between Two Of The Most Notorious Spotlight Thieves and Glory Hogs The Wrestling Industry Ever Produced. It Was As Dumb As Hulk Hogan Hugging & Celebrating With the Ultimate Warrior After They're Wrestlemania 6 Match Up. I Don't Want To See Two Guys Acting All Buddy-Buddy After Months Of Cutting Scathing Promos Against Each Other Prior To Beating The Crap Out Each Other. The Undertaker vs Triple H Wrestlemania Post Match Ending Was Lame, Not In Line With The Undertaker Character & Bad For Business. The Way It Ended In An Embrace Which I've Never Seen Undertaker Do After a Match Is What Also Truly Makes Me Believe That Was Possibly His Last Match Without Officially Saying So. Regardless WWE Dropped a Ball and Missed The Potential For An Epic Match & Storyline Still In The Vein Of 'The Attitude Era Must End'. Not To Mention It Made Me Mad.

The Alternative.

...There Should Never Have Been a Hug. No Embrace. Maybe Not Even a Helping To The Feet. Had They Ended The Match In What I'll Call An 'Undertakish Way' They Would've Opened Up The Door For All Kinds Of Possible Matches That Would've Generated All Types Of Excitement. As Far As I'm Concerned... The Undertaker Was Supposed To Had Got To His Feet, Possibly Helped Pick Triple H Up With Shawn Michaels, Turn Around and Choke Slam Both Of Them and Walk Up The Ramp ALONE As He Always Has. The Undertaker I'm Familiar With Isn't About Respecting His Opponents Or Helping His Victims. He's Supposed To Destroy Anything In His Path Showing No Remorse or Empathy What So Ever. Thats One Of The Things That Makes The Likes Of Undertaker, Stone Cold & Samoa Joe Great. They Break Up They're Opponents and Stand Alone. Undertaker Unlike Triple H Never Needed Anybody To Get Over (Paul Bearer Was More Like an Accessory Much Like The Urn). The Undertaker Character Isn't About Making Buddies After The Match and That Hug/Embrace Make Me Angry Everytime I'm Reminded Of It. Now Had The Dead Man Put a Double Choke Slam On DX, That In Itself Would've Created a Huge Buzz and That Would Be In Turn Whats Best For Business. The WWE Could've Had The Internet Wondering Will Shawn Michaels Address The Undertaker After Being Choke Slammed? Was That The Thing To Bring HBK Back For One More Match? Would DX Once Again Unite and This Time As a Team To Finally Vanquish The Undertaker Once & For All? They Could've Thrown Kane In The Mix (Kane Being The Unsung Hero Of The Attitude Era) and Put Together a DX vs. Brothers Of Destruction End Of The Attitude Era Storyline Culminating With a Tag Match At Wrestlemania 29. Now That Would've Been Interesting. That Would've Been Talked About Well After Wrestlemania. Even If None Of These Things Were Even Hinted At Or Came To Pass, The Fact Still Remains... The Undertaker vs. Triple H Hell In a Cell Match At Wrestlemania Was In No Way Supposed To End With a Damn Hug With Shawn Michaels & Triple H Bogarding They're Way Into What Should've Been The Undertakers Moment In The Spotlight ALONE As The Dead Man Has Always Stood At The End Of Any Hard Fought Battle and That Makes Me Angry. Until Next Time, Remeber Kiddies... Ziggler Is The Future. Be Blessed.

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  1. The Sneakiness's Avatar
    I stopped reading when I saw every word with a capital letter... suggest you fix before writing another one so it's legible.
  2. TheGreatBlueski's Avatar
    Yeah the caps thing was a pisser to get thru bro/sis... I persevered and made it all the way to end though but that's just cos I'm special
  3. Rick Starr's Avatar
    Hey Megz, welcome to the blog team. It was a good read, but like the others said, the caps thing makes it a bit hard to read. I liked your views on WM28, and I agree that despite the match was decent, the "happy happy, feel good" ending just took the piss right out of it.
    Updated 10-21-2012 at 09:40 PM by Rick Starr
  4. riku's Avatar
    I stopped halfway through your introduction section buddy . You are way too angry for me . Too many things shoved into one paragraph made me feel suffocated .
  5. Kaisered's Avatar
    Caps . . . in . . . every . . . word . . . makes . . . hard . . . to . . . read!!
  6. willy316's Avatar
    Hmmm...anger issues at a trivial thing...hmmm......
  7. Megz's Avatar
    Thatnks 4 The Comments And The Feed Back. I'ma Remove The Caps And Hope You Guys Look foward To My Next Blog.
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