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WWE Double Feature Review Elimination Chamber/ Kane DVD Part 2

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part 2 of 1

The Twisted Disturbed Life of Kane DVD

Disc 1

Match 1
Survivor Series 1997
Kane vs Mankind
Match was made by Foley taking a brutal beating and sickening bumps. Kanes Mannerisms Resemble a Jason Vohees and Micheal Myers, Just frightening The early Kane Character. Kane wins his first WWF match with a Tombstone. Rating *** for Foleys ability to take a beating.

Match 2
Wrestlemania 14
Kane vs The Undertaker
Sloppy brawl here but a Good story told and months of build went in to this match. Kane dominated the Undertaker, but the Taker comes out on top after Tombstoning Kane 3 times to barely get the Victory. Rating ***1/4

Match 3
Unforgiven 1998 Inferno Match
Kane vs The Undertaker
Really just a attraction match with no substance, Other than Undertakers dive The match is very boring and not very well thought out, Undertaker wins when Kanes arm catches fire. Rating **1/4.

Match 4
King of the Ring 1998
Steve Austin (c) vs Kane
This is the famous first blood match, Decent brawl good story told, Nothing to brutal or fancy about it just a punk kick fest with some throws in there but Austin was on fire and Kane was way over. Match was Mediocre but made better for the energy Austin and Kane brought in to the match, Not to mention the Story of the match. Kane wins his first WWF championship belt when Undertaker bust Austin open. Rating **3/4.

Match 5
Raw 1999
Kane & X-pac vs Jeff Jarret & Owen Hart
This match was basicly X-Pac getting his ass kicked by Owen and Jeff for most the match and Kane coming in and cleaning house for the last 30 seconds of the match. Kane choke Slams Jarrett and throws X Pac on him to Give them the tag Team titles. Emergetic match with Jeff, Owen and Pac doing a good job of keeping it fast paced and exciting for the short ammount of time they had. Rating **1/2, makes this a Decent Raw Tag match.

Match 6
Armageddon 1999 Steel Cage
Kane vs X-Pac
Rules here is Kane must pin X-Pac but X_pac could win by pin, Submission or escaping the cage. Short cage match with X-pac trying everything to beat Kane even using the Outlaws, a Chair and Hand-Cuffs but Kane picks up the victory after a huge clothesline off the top of the cage and Tombstone. Rating **1/2 makes this a ok Cage match nothing to get excited about.

Match 7
Armageddon 2000: Last Man Standing Match
Kane vs Chris Jericho
This match was set up by the classic spilled cup of coffee incident. Oh how backstage misunderstandings with beverages lead to fight to deadly matches in WWF in the Attitude Era. Match was just a match, Had the boring "Do 1 move and wait for the other guy to get up and do another move and repeat" formula except the match wasn't interesting. Terrible ending with Jericho picking up the win after dropping empty metal containers on Kane to win the match, Match had some decent So I give it Rating **3/4.

Match 8No Way Out 2001: Triple Threat Table Match
The Dudley Boys (c) vs The Undertaker & Kane vs Edge and Christian
This match is for the Tag Team Titles and its a tables match. Fun match, Seemed a bit held back but every brought what they were suppose to to the table (No Pun intended). Edge & Christian seemed a held back and so Did the Dudleys from what you expect from these two teams. but still a decent match Nothing out of the ordinary. Rating **3/4.

Disc 2

Match 9
Judgement Day 2001: Chain Match
HHH (C) vs Kane
This was For The IC title and its a Chain match. This was around the Two man Power Trip and Brothers of Destruction Feud. The story of this match is Kane has a Injured are. The match had a old school wrestling feel with some Attitude Era appeal. Really Good match but around 2000-2001 could HHH even have a bad match if he tried? HHH was on fire around this time. Really Good match and im not a fan of Chain matches but this is one of the better ones I seen. The messed up ending hurt the match a bit and it could of been longer but still perfectly acceptable brawl that the crowd ate up. Kane wins when Austin mistakely strikes HHH with a steel chair, Kane is your new IC Champion. Rating ***1/4.

Match 10
Wrestlemania 18
Kane vs Kurt Angle
Kurt Angle starts the match with a in ring promo calling him self "The Red, White and Blue Machine" (Classic). This match pales in comparison to their Stellar SmackDown match which is what I hoped they would include. Match was far lower than my expectations and the ending was completely botched. Match had its moments but they were only moments. Kurt angle wins with a messed up roll up. Cant go more than Rating **1/2.

Match 11
No Mercy 2002
HHH (C) vs Kane (IC)
A Unification match with the World Championship and and IC Championship held by Kane. Terrible Terrible match, This was the whole Katie Vick thing and I have to say the match matched the Horrible storyline. HHH pins Kane with a Whole lot of help from Flair to Unify the titles. Rating **.

Match 12
Raw 2003
Kane & RVD vs Chris Jericho & Christian
Short match to establish the RVD and Kane tag team. Nothing really of importance to report. Jericho, Christian and RVD keep it interesting enough to be just a throw away match, Kane and RVD win. Rating **.

Match 13
Raw 2003: Cage match
Kane vs RVD
This was incredibly boring for a cage match given the time these two had. RVD goes threw the cage and wins but GM Bishoff restarts the match cause RVD didnt go threw the door or over the cage he went threw the cage. Kane dominates and wins with a Choke Slam off the top rope. Rating **1/4.

Match 14
Unforgiven 2003: Last Man Standing
Kane vs Shane McMahon
Shane McMahon gets too much offense, Destroying what ever new unstoppable monster gimmick the WWE was trying to give Kane. It was a decent spot fest with the usual from Shane, Pulling out all his usual bumps such as Coast to Coast and rigged flooring for his insane off the set jumps. Kane wins when Shane misses a huge jump from the top of the set in to a Gimmicked floor to give Kane the win. Rating ***

Match 15
Survivor Series 2003: Ambulance match
Kane vs Shane Mcmahon
Nothing really exciting except a few spots, Didn't have the flow of the last man standing and the taped backstage segment hurt it. Had a few decent spots and thats it cant really go higher than Rating **3/4. Kane wins after a Tombstone.

Match 16
SummerSlam 2004
Kane vs Matt Hardy
Winner gets to marry Lita, Really thats the prize?. Stupid childish match concept, Decent Excution but too short to be anything. This is back when Matt Hardy had some Talent, Kane wins with a Choke Slam Rating ** 1/2.

Disc 3

Match 17
Unforgiven 2004: No DQ
Kane vs Shawn Michaels
Pretty good match. They really didn't take advantage of the No DQ rule as much as I would of liked but still a Good Showing. Shawn wins with the help of Kane's pregnant wife Lita (I know, You think PG storylines were bad). Rating ***.

Match 18
Raw 2005: No Rules
Kane vs Gene Snitsky
Just a match here with a crappy ending. Snitsky sucked and it showed here (I still Love "Its Not My Fault"). Match ends in a no Dissension when Kane chokes slames Snitsky threw a table off the ramp and follows him down with the Choke Slam. Rating **1/4.

Match 19
Raw 2005: Steel Cage
Kane vs Edge
This was the horrible Kane and Edge feud, Lita at Edges side here, Matt Hardy jumps the railing and Ross and Coach pass it off as a fan (man how did Hardy Fuck up this feud?). Just your below average cage match. Nothing to interesting. Edge wins after hitting Kane in the Head with MITB Briefcase and climbs out Rating **3/4.

Match 20
Raw 2005: Stretcher Match
Kane vs Edge
Lackluster match here, Just run of the mill. This DVD as either went down hill or I got bored of it. I never really liked Edge and Kane's matches. Nothing horrible here but nothing good. Edge wins again with the help of Lita and the Brifecase once again Rating **1/2.

Match 21
Raw 2006
Kane vs Umaga
Don't understand the point in putting this match, Its just a quick throw away Raw match. Kane gets DQed after hitting Umaga with a steel chair, Too quick to be anything really. Rating *3/4.

Match 22
SmackDown 2006
Kane & Undertaker vs Booker T & Finlay
Well not a Classic by any means, Actually pretty boring. The brothers of Destruction win after a double Choke Slam to Finlay and Booker. Rating **.

Match 23
SmackDown 2007: Belfast Brawl
Kane vs Finlay
Fun match with Finlays great unique brawling style that I miss so badly. Kane and Finlay beat each others ass and Finlay even uses some Psychology. Finlay Wins with The Celtic Cross Rating ***.

Match 24
Smackdown 08
Kane (c) vs Undertaker (C)
Kane the ECW champion faces Undertaker the World champion, No title on the line but GM Vikki made this match to punish Kane and Taker for their Wrestlemania 24 Victories over Edge and Chavo. Kane and Undertaker both being faces tried a clean wrestling match but it didn't work out to well. Match was just put together to set up the run in of La Familia for the No Decision. Rating **.



The Elimination Chamber DVD had some really good brawls and Well worth the price alone. Alot of the chamber matches are not worth a look but most of them are 4 Star affairs and have some good Storytelling. As For the Kane DVD, Its good for Nostalgia Reasons but after the First DVD most the matches are matches I would skip and wouldn't even bother watching. Even the Good matches on the Kane DVD don't hit the ***1/2 star mark. So if your looking for near 5 star classics the Kane DVD is not for you but if your looking for some Nostalgia on one of the Greatest characters in wrestling history then pick it up but most of the matches should be skipped.

at $10 you can go wrong here there is plenty of material between the 6 DVDs to warrant its $10 Price tag, The EC match DVD is worth a look since almost every match on there is worth a watch and Some of the matches are great matches so I recommend you BUY IT NOW

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  1. Callum's Avatar
    I like the Kane DVD a lot and would rate some of the matches a lot higher. Kane vs Xpac was the best match on the disc imo and I thought the diving clothesline from the top of the cage was awesome to watch! I agree with your EC review though, good blog(s).

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