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WWE Double Feature Review Elimination Chamber/ Kane DVD Part 1

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This is something I picked up at my local Walmart for $10. Its the Complete 3 Disc set of the Elimination Chamber and the 3 Disc Kane DVD in a double pack. Its perfect timing marking almost 10 years since the first Elimination Chamber and 15 years from the Debut of Kane at Badd Blood IYH... Its a 6 disc at $10, Seems like a Great Deal but How Good of a Deal is it? I'm here to give you a review of it

Elimination Chamber Satans Prison

Disc 1

Match 1
Survivor Series 2002
HHH (c) vs RVD vs Booker T vs Shawn Michaels vs
Chris Jericho vs Kane

The Short time RVD was in the match he stole the show. RVD dominated HHH and used very unique offense in this match. RVD was made for these kinda matches. But RVDs botched Frog Splash cause a injury to HHH which also effected to match negatively.

HHH's injury probably held this match back from its full potential. As you can tell this match was heavily weighing on HHH but Still a Great match here. It has Violence, Blood, Top Notch Talent, Creativity, Good pacing and a Good story.... Shawn Michaels wins his last World Title in this match after pinning HHH. Its a shame Shawn Michaels had to win his last World Title wearing what has to be the Ugliest pair of Wrestling tights I have ever seen, Maybe that ever existed. Match dragged a bit but still a Great way to introduce the Elimination Chamber in its first match. Rating ****1/4

Match 2
SummerSlam 2003
HHH (c) vs Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho vs Randy Orton vs Kevin Nash vs Goldberg
This was Goldberg Destroying 4 men without any trouble or breaking a Sweat. Goldberg just dominated, It was entertaining, Goldbergs move set and intensity really made this entertaining and he had the right talent with him in there making him look like a unstoppable beast. Still just a squash match pushing Goldberg. Having so many guys in the match and the setting helped hide Goldbergs limitations. Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho also helped hide Goldbergs weaknesses.

HHH again being injured really hurt this match. HHH had what seemed to be a pulled groin muscle coming in to the match so his involment was limited and so was Nashs for obvious reasons. This match was not nearly as good as the first Chamber match. HHH beat Goldberg using a Sledge Hammer to counter the Spear setting up HHH vs Goldberg 1 on 1. Rating ***1/4

Match 3
New Years Revolution 2005
HHH vs Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit vs Orton vs Batista vs Edge
Wow a Chris Benoit match on a WWE DVD and the World didn't End?. By watching this match does this make me a accessory to murder?. The reason for the sarcastic remarks is I don't wanna start a big huge Benoit debate its just a match on a DVD.

This match started off pedal to the metal loaded with action. Jericho, Edge, Benoit and HHH work so well together, very entertaining in your face wrestling with brutal brawling. Match had a Great beginning and middle but the ending is where it really went down south. Randy Orton and Batista were very green at this point and No where near the polished performers they became to be. Batista's move set was very limited and his execution wasn't perfected and he and Orton looked awkward in the Chamber at times. It really wasnt that noticeable till it was Down to Batista, HHH and Orton, Thats when the match took a dive. HHH tried to hold it together but he couldn't. HHH wins by pinning Randy Orton after Orton Eliminates Batista.

The crowd was hot and Really in to this match. It also had a Great story told with the members of evolution and setting up Batista and HHH perfectly for WM 21. The match was heading towards 4 1/2 star territory but the ending from a performance stand point brought it down, Still a Great Chamber match. Rating ****

Disc 2

Match 4
New Year's Revolution 2006
John Cena (c) vs Carlito vs Chris Masters vs Kurt Angle vs Shawn Michaels vs Kane
A Decent match here, Nothing spectacular performance wise and no real story told. Shawn Michaels wasn't enough to save this one and Angle wasn't in their long enough to give it a shot. Cena was way too unpolished to carry this one, Cena was very limited. All the IWC that complains on Cena now please go back and watch this match to see how Cena as come. His move set was very very limited, His movement was awkward and clumsy. Cena mostly just sat there and punched and he didn't even do that well. Cena's performance leaves a dent on this match and Masters and Carlito not being ready for this level of a push also hurt this match and the booking leaves alot to be desired here.

This match is remembered for Edge cashing in his Money in the Bank on Cena and winning his for WWE Heavyweight title. A classic WWE moment for sure. Its was a Decent enough match, With Edge cashing in MITB lets call it Rating ***1/4.

Match 5
December to Dismember 2006
Big Show (c) vs Test vs Hardcore Holly vs CM Punk vs Lashley vs RVD
This is the match that killed WWE ECW and the momentum for this Elimination Chamber DVD. ECW Title on the line in this match, They ad to this match a weapon in each pod which is unique. RVD and CM Punk did what they can with this match while they were in it but there was no saving it. Bobby Lashley pins Big Show win the Chamber and the ECW Championship and start the short and ineffective Bobby Lashley push to the moon. Rating **1/2

Match 6
No Way Out 2008
Undertaker vs Batista vs Finlay vs MVP vs Big Daddy V vs Great Khali
Winner here faces Edge at Wrestlemaina 24. The Line up here looks like a joke and it is. Besides The Undertaker and Batista there isn't a main event talent on here. Match was not as bad as you would expect but still not a Great chamber match. It was carried solely by Undertaker and Batista who have amazing Chemistry and it shows in this match. Taker and Batista were the first two men in the match and the last two men in the match. The ending was incredible, That Reversal in to the Tombstone earned the match 1/4 star by itself. Undertaker wins last eliminating Batista. Rating *** 1/2.

Match 8
No Way Out 2008
HHH vs Shawn Michaels vs JBL vs Umaga vs Chris Jericho vs Jeff Hardy
Incredible match with Great talent. JBL is the only person that could of weighted this match down but his involvement in the match was Short and sweet and entertaining. Jeff Hardy was Red Hot and at this time Hardy was the biggest thing going in Wrestling, People went nuts for this guy and he was putting on the performances of his life. This match had it all and it was exciting from start to finish, Every man in the Chamber gave a terrific performance . HHH beats Hardy to win his 3rd consecutive Chamber match. Rating ****1/2

Match 9
No Way Out 2009
Edge (c) vs Jeff Hardy vs HHH vs Big Show vs Kozlov vs The Undertaker
This match was in my hometown of Seattle. Match was dragged down by Big Show and Kozlov but mostly Big Show as Kozlov was surprisingly decent in his first 2 mins of entering.... Biggest Mistake of the match was not leaving Hardy, Taker and HHH in their long enough together. Hardy was eliminated to quickly from the mix. The Ending was Incredible and the crowd was very in to it. Exciting ending by two Legends (Taker and HHH), This match needed another 10 mins to be truly great. 5 more mins with Hardy and 5 mins for the ending stretch. Good match that needed more time, HHH wins with a Pedigree. Rating ****.

Match 10
No Way Out 2009
John Cena (c) vs Chris Jericho vs Edge vs Mysterio vs Knox vs Kane
The start of this match was very shocking Edge takes out Kofi Kingston and takes his spot in the EC after already losing the WWE title in the EC match reviewed above in 3 mins.

This was The Mysterio and Jericho show. The accidental tag team work of Jericho and Mysterio was fantastic, I loved absolutely loved it. Another great part was the faces of Edge, Rey and Jericho when John Cena was Eliminated, Priceless. Edge and Mysterio tore the house down in the ending sequences of this match. Edge beats Mysterio to capture the World title just after losing the WWE title. Rating ****1/4

Match 11
Elimination Chamber 2010
Sheamus (c) vs John Cena vs Kofi Kingston vs Randy Orton vs Ted Dibiase vs HHH
This match was really nothing to write about so I will make it short and sweet. Match seemed very unmotivated and it didn't have that climatic ending between the last 2 participates like the other Chamber matches had. They tried to push the Legacy Story with Randy Orton and Dibiase, Hoping it get over like The Batista and HHH Evolution storyline did in the Elimination Chamber match leading up to WM 21. Sadly no one cared about Dibiase and Legacy break up and it was no where close to as compelling or exciting as the Batista Evolution break up.

Finish of the match, Cena puts the STF on HHH and HHH taps, Cena new Champ and Batista get a Championship match right afterward thanks to Vince McMahon (ala Edge Money in the Bank Cash in). Batista spears Cena and Batista walks out WWE champion. Rating **3/4. Very unmotivated boring match.

Match 12
Elimination Chamber 2010
Undertaker (c) vs CM Punk vs R Truth vs Rey Mysterio vs John Morrison vs Chris Jericho
Undertaker gets legit burned from the pyro technics and CM Punk cuts a Very Good promo, This is all before the match starts.... Rey was on fire in this match and so was Jericho. Punk, Morrison, Jericho and Rey added so much energy to this match and Mysterio had his working boots on in this match. Match was missing alot of unique offense, Psychology, Excitement and brutality that past Great Elimination Chambers had but it was still a good Chamber match.

Undertaker and Jericho last two men in the ring, Undertaker has the match won but Shawn Michaels Sneaks from under the Chamber and deilvers a Super Kick to give Jericho the win and The title and set up Shawns Final match at Wrestlemania 26. Rating ***1/4


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