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Sudden Impact: The Aftermath

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Hey wrestling fans, PhEonYx here, filling in for "The Savior". No formal introductions required. I'll be covering this weeks' edition of Sudden Impact, where it's ALL TNA, and not the political ass clowns from Connecticut.

That being said, Ladies and Gents; Let's Get It On!!!!!

The Opening

Impact begins with an awesome video package recapping Bound For Glory. Without a shadow of a doubt, the BEST PPV of the year.

Aces and Eights made their way down to the ring, followed by Devon. We get your typical "You Sold Out!!" chants. Personally I felt Devon did a decent job feeding to the crowd and explaining why he turned his back on TNA. Mind you I may not agree with the first unveiling of A&8s being Devon, but HELL at least I was surprised and didn't call it from the get-go.

Sting makes his way out, accompanied by half of the TNA roster, leading them to the ring for an ALL out BRAWL.

Hogan's music hits. Making his way to the ring, bat in hand, the rest of the TNA roster is shown clearing the ring.

(Commercial break)..... I seriously don't know which ass clown in the back called for that, but on with the show.

Sting issues Devon a challenge in tonight's Main Event. This part of the segment was terribly done IMO, almost reminded me of the good ol' WCW days.

Robbie E vs Samoa Joe

Nice to see Joe will actually bring some level of prestige to the T.V Title. That being said, we've got an absolute squash match ahead (hint the sarcasm). We get your typical big man/little man beat down. We get an awesome diving clothesline to the outside of the ring by Joe, reminding me why I still believe he's a modern day cross bread between Taz and Bam Bam Bigelow.

Coquina clutch applied to Robbie E for the win.

Tara shown backstage being bench pressed by the dude from Big Sister. Am I the only one who's noticed he's half her age?!?! ...

Job well done cougar.... Well done..

Tara vs ODB

Usually I've got no problems watching any of the knockouts matches. But Tara's new gimmick is absolutely HORRIBLE. I was hoping to God ODB would wrap this up quickly, cell phone in hand and all.

Between the constant make-out scenes with Jesse, and the overwhelming ODB ass/crotch shots, I was seriously CLOSE to flipping the channel.

ODB for the win. Followed by a camera shot of Miss Tessmacher on the ramp, made up for the crap I just witnessed.

Kid Kash and Gunner vs Hernadez and Chavo

Hernandez, or TNA's Mr.Botchfest as I like to refer to him as, still reminds me of a Spanish version of Scott Steiner.

This match was absolutely sloppy. The constant tags, and spots that were completely missed made both teams look weak. I don't know if anyone else noticed the quick boot to the head that Kash delivered to Chavo, but OUCH!!!

Hernandez looked like an absolute stooge standing on the ring apron waiting for the tag. You're the TAG TEAM CHAMPS, DAMN IT!!! Get that crowd going!!!
Chavo off the top rope with a diving splash for the 3 count.

Hardy Celebration Time

Hardy comes out to a decent pop, while supporting a new crap-tastic custom TNA title... Mind you it may look like absolute shit, but it's still better looking in comparison to his last custom belt.

Cue the pyro and confetti (cause TNA does this better than anyone else).....

Hardy on the mic is going to kill me... Luckily Aries saves the day, making his way down the ramp singing Kool & The Gang's - Celebrate Good Times. Cookies and balloons in hand, the crowd breaks out into a "We Want Cookies" chant. (As I choke on my beer, while laughing my ass off)

Aries breaks into a decent rant about how Hardy now bares the weight of the world on his shoulders along with being the newly crowned champ.
Aries than takes the custom title and refers to it as a spitting image of Hardy's Face. Speaking of "spitting".... A.A proceeds to hork on the title.
Hardy smacks him, attempts a twist of faith, as Aries makes a quick ring escape.

... Got to love Aries, classic segment.

Styles vs Daniels vs Angle (#1 Contender Match)

What with these three men coming off of their match at Bound for Glory, I wasn't expecting too much from any of them. Thank GOD I was WRONG!! Anytime these three get in the ring with one another, we're guaranteed to have an amazing, fast paced match. The chemistry they have with one another is sheer gold, and reminds me of a modern day Benoit/Jericho/Angle match.

A.J looked like he may have taken a pretty bad bump to the knee when he hit the moonsault on Daniels from the ring apron to the outside.

Angle quickly hit the Angle Slam on Daniels for the win, and the right to face Hardy at next weeks Impact. This definitely was the Match of the Night.

Angle extended his hand to A.J, simply to be denied. What with these two seeming to part ways, it can only mean a future feud is in the making. AND I for one will most definitely be looking forward to it.

Roode/Storm Segment

First and foremost these two men put on an absolute wrestling clinic at B4G. The blood and sweat, along with the in-ring storytelling was absolutely phenomenal. When I say "Match of The Year", you bet your ass I mean it. They both laid it all on the lines when they clashed, and I personally was expecting the TNA home crowd to get off their asses, and give these two a standing ovation of some sorts. But clearly that wasn't happening. (Hence tonight's crowd absolutely sucked)

Roode quickly reminded me why he's one of the best mic workers in TNA. Storm quickly popped him in the jaw with the super kick, ending the segment rather quickly.

These two most definitely have my vote for Match of the Year, if you can't see that, than you seriously don't know what true wrestling really is.
MAIN EVENT; Sting vs Devon

Devon comes out to utter silence. Barely any heat whatsoever, seems like it's been a long ass night I guess. Meanwhile Sting came out to the ring with probably one of the biggest pops of the night.

We had a decent back and forth exchange throughout the match. I laughed my ass off when seeing Devon botch being clotheslined over the top rope. I was asking myself why the ref didn't call for the bell when Sting hit Devon with the chair on the outside.

Sting eventually changes momentum back his way, hitting a stinger splash, deathdrop, and the deathlock. A&8s invaded the ring and commenced their beat down on Sting....

Anderson leading the way with Garett, along with the whole TNA roster to the aid of Sting!!!


Than Bully Ray runs down to the ring to save the day, as TNA goes off the air.

I hope you guys enjoyed this week's Sudden Impact. I look forward to your comments. Be sure to check out our new blog series with T-Hughes35 called "No Hold Barred" PPV Predictions.

In the words of DK himself; "Be safe everyone".

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  1. Sahu's Avatar
    Hernandez, or TNA's Mr.Botchfest as I like to refer to him as, still reminds me of a Spanish version of Scott Steiner.
    Even i feel the same...but I enjoy Steiner more than him...
  2. Sahu's Avatar
    Over all it is a good Impact. The AJ/Daniels/Angle match is the high light match but, for me AA is the HIGHLIGHT of the night.
  3. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    Nice edition of Sudden Impact PhE. It was a good impact, but, The guy from Big Brother? Really? I mean, Tara said that she had a BIG NAME Hollywood Boyfriend, and they choose that clown? What a joke.
  4. TheRealOutlaw's Avatar
    So every week it's gonna be TNA roster coming out with Hogan to face off against A&E? I wish A&E storyline would move forward a little faster, it's starting to become old.
  5. sonoftheLINK's Avatar
    I think the detail that was significant in this episode of Impact is that Devon was wearing the "Sgt-at-Arms" patch on his vest. This is a clear signal that Devon isn't the leader of A&8's. In fact if they are following regular protocol....Sergeant-at-Arms is about 5th in the pecking order of a biker gang. Pres....Vice Pres.....Secretary.....Treasurer are higher ranks......I imagine they will be revealed in reverse order.
  6. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    Good job PhE... I am glad someone filled in for the Sudden Impact blog. I think you might have swung to the FAR left on your bias towards Impact, but I think it was a solid and honest review.

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