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Talking Smack: Kane & Bryan, Bigshow, More!

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Another week of the WWE’s “B-Show” is in the books, which means it is time to start Talking Smack!

The Standout

Believe it or not, but the thing that stood out the most to me was the opening segment of Miz TV. First off, the Miz was killing it on the mic. His comment to Daniel Bryan of “I bet your friends at the betting zoo think you’re hilarious” was awwwwesome! Not only was the Miz hilarious, but he also punked out Booker T by calling him predictable and naming the second match that I thought Booker was going to announce. Instead, Booker announced the first match I figured he would. So Miz was correct, Booker is predictable.

Kane and Daniel Bryan going back and forth, Big Show threatening Bryan, Kane threatening Big Show, Dolph Ziggler throwing in his two cents, and Miz punking Booker were all extremely entertaining. It was nice to finally start off a Smackdown with some excitement.

The Breakdown

The matches that Booker T set up didn’t make sense to me, not with what was going on in the ring anyway. He should have made a handicap match of Team Hell No vs. The Big Show. Why? Because even though Big Show’s main feud is with Sheamus, his more interesting lesser feud is with the tag team champions. The second match should have been Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz. Why? Because if they are going to have the Miz lose, the Dolph could have used the win.

Instead we get Randy Orton vs. The Miz, which results in Miz’s third loss THIS WEEK! Wow! Who did he make mad? The most frustrating part of this match was that it kept panning to the balcony where Alberto del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez are watching. They even had Matt Stryker interview him during the match. For a brief second when Rodriguez grabbed the microphone and answered Matt Stryker in English, I got super excited. The WWE was actually listening to me! Then ADR took the microphone again, and all my dreams were smashed.

Team Rhode Scholars vs. Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd had Kidd flying all over the ring. It was nice to see him working that aggressively and smoothly. Cody Rhodes’ finishing move was sick, and I think I felt it connect from my couch.

Eve is starting to grow on me as a heel and character. The way she is lurking in the shadows and plotting her next move shows that she is in this power struggle with Teddy Long. Plus, her acting is starting to improve slightly. Also, why does Booker T always have to go to a meeting whenever Eve and Teddy are undermining each other right in front of him? What type of boss wouldn’t want to get to the bottom of this, especially when it’s been going on for weeks? And who is he always meeting during the middle of a show that he’s supposed to be running?

Team Hell No vs. The Big Show and Dolph Ziggler ended like almost every other match with Ziggler in it: he lost. It’s also hard for me to believe that this is the same Daniel Bryan that was going toe to toe with CM Punk in some epic matches just a few months ago. He was getting thrown around by both Big Show and Ziggler. It’s almost as if he’s been de-powered. You’re de-powering the wrong superstar. Come on WWE, it’s basic thuganomics. However, I did like that another tag team inserted themselves in the tag champs business. We’re a week away from Hell in the Cell and they finally started this feud.

I was surprised to see Ted DiBiase vs. Antonio Cesaro mainly because I though DiBiase was dead, or at the very least MIA.

They couldn’t have put the Brodus Clay vs. Heath Slater match on Superstars?

Let me get this straight; Layla starts crying in her match against Natalya and then somehow overcomes and beats her? I love Layla, but that is ridiculous.

Backstage, Teddy Long gives Kaitlyn Eve’s iPad that supposedly has some incriminating evidence on it concerning who attacked Kaitlyn. I’m calling it, Teddy is setting Eve up. He was handling the iPad. He could have easily put something on it. Plus, Eve said she found a blond wig in Teddy’s stuff.

I feel like I’ve already seen the Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett match…..I can’t put my finger on it….Oh wait, this is different because it’s a lumberjack match. One where the lumberjacks do absolutely nothing, except erupt in to an all lumberjack brawl. Didn’t see that coming.

However, the ending did make me alert. I was on the edge of my seat when Dolph Ziggler was about to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase, but then Big Show happened. Why wouldn’t Big Show let him do it? He’s still the number one contender. Wouldn’t it be easier for him to beat Ziggler than Sheamus? Think, Big Show, think.

Key Players

The Miz
Cody Rhodes
Tyson Kidd

Thanks for taking the time to hear me Talking Smack. Leave comments below.

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. ewantu2's Avatar
    Maybe Big Show wanted to prove that he could beat Sheamus? Most likely not since all heels are pussy's these days lol.
  2. Roc Away's Avatar
    Your blogging style is refreshing, and your ability to say alot without having to use a whole chunk of text is impressive. The blog sounds like its written off the cuff, stream of consciousness style but somehow I sense you put a lot more work into it than that? If truly your thoughts are already flowing like that in your head then you are a genius sir, and should be doing writing as a living.
  3. King MC's Avatar
    ewantu2 - That's what I was thinking, but when he beats Sheamus and then loses to Dolph Ziggler right after it's going to be that much more embarrassing for him.

    Roc Away - Thank you. It's weird, because I take notes as I'm watching the show, so that I have some type of structure. However, I pretty much am writing off the cuff and what's on my mind within that structure. Much like a shoot. Thank you again for the compliment. I've actually wanted to be a writer for a long time.
  4. sret's Avatar
    Very nice blog, I agree on pretty much everything but Eve. Miz was amazing and the Scholars tag team match was pretty cool.

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