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WWE RAW 10/22 Ratings Breakdown ~ The Deluxe Lounge

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Boy, do I have some interesting numbers for you this week. I'm sure most of you have already heard about the overall rating this time around. Yes, the horrid 2.5 has been outdone and you'll be shocked to read what caused the all-time yearly low rating -- or maybe you won't. Without further ado (or is it adieu, I never figured that out), let's feed you more numbers.

The October 22nd episode of WWE RAW drew a 2.48 cable rating with 3.55 million viewers. There you have it. 2.48 is the new all-time low for WWE this year. Keep in mind that we had to compete against the presidential debate and Monday Night Football, which most likely had an effect on ratings. Then again, the ratings weren't always this susceptible to a decrease in viewers because WWE used to hold its own back in the day. I mean, it is still not as bad as the lowest rating in 1997, which I believe is the overseas episode of RAW and that got a 2.3. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. Still, all around, this is bad for WWE. Who knows what the company is going to do to rectify this problem, but let's hope they do something -- and fast. I can only fear the ratings will get lower before they get better. Anyways, let's see what caused this low rating.

Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs. Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow opened with a 2.46 quarter rating. The show starts off with a great wrestling contest between two very good tag teams. Rhodes Scholars continue to impress me as weeks go by and I'm excited about their match this Sunday. That being said, this was surprisingly weak in terms of viewership. I'm positive a lot of the fans were too focused on the presidential debate to really care about the show during this time, if not that the football game. Again, some fans are so condition to watching RAW around the 9 PM / 8 PM central mark that they're just in the habit of turning on RAW an hour later than start time. I doubt WWE could have done anything about this.

Kofi Kingston vs. Michael McGillicutty lost 41,000. Okay, this segment ticked me off. What was WWE trying to accomplish in this match? If it was to get a new face on TV, then why didn't you give Michael McGillicutty promo before his match??? When was the last time this man was even on RAW? Last Year? Wouldn't it have been a great idea to remind fans of who he is and what he plans to do? But no, we do not get that. We get a RANDOM, POINTLESS, and UNEVENTFUL match between McGillicutty and Kingston that does absolutely nothing for either opponent. Kingston beating McGillicutty does nothing for his credibility or The Miz who was on commentary. Miz should have interfered and cost Kingston the match and gave McGillicutty some recognition at the very least, or if we weren't going to get that, then give the man a damn promo!

[Soapbox rant]

The purpose is to create new stars, right? Then do the things necessary for these stars to be created! Give them promos! Give them a reason and a purpose of being on TV. Because if you're just throwing them on TV, that's not enough. A local jobber can get time on TV. Hell, if I'm lucky, I CAN GET TIME ON TV! Would that qualify me as a new star?? NO! And people wonder why some of these wrestlers feel like JOBBERS because they're treated like jobbers. What's the result of all this? The viewing public not giving a shit. That's why fans tuned out during this segment and I don't blame them. And it’s a damn shame too. We got a bright young talent like Joe Hennig, the son of "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig, who can do GREAT things for WWE but he isn't getting the proper time or showcasing to do so. Stupid. Absolutely stupid!

[Soapbox rant over]

Whew! Sorry about that. Let's move on.

John Cena's promo and an appearance by CM Punk and Paul Heyman gained 530,000 viewers. Two of the biggest viewership draws in one segment. Are you surprised by the increase? I'm not. The promo wasn't even all that eventful. All Cena did was endorse Ryback as the "next big star" and verbally bury CM Punk for lying to the fans, not living up to his promise for "change", and being all about him. Kind of reminded me of Mitt Romney in a sense, which is not a good thing. Punk out promos him like usual and the segment ends with Cena and Punk about to clash, only for Paul Heyman to speak up against it and have Punk retreat to the back. Nothing we haven't seen before. Nonetheless, it gave us a much needed increase in viewership.

Justin Gabriel vs. Antonio Cesaro in the rematch from a week earlier lost 372,000 viewers. And just as soon as we got new viewers, we lose over half of them in the next segment. Now granted, the match between Gabriel and Cesaro was a solid, well worked match. But again. WWE failed to give fans a reason to care about it. Obviously, the problem here is that most fans have no investment in Cesaro and the only fans that do are the small-vocal wrestling fans who appreciate a good wrestler. What is there to hate about Cesaro? What is there to love about him? What does this man HAVE to make people care about him? At the same time, what about Justin Gabriel? What is there to love about him, or hate about him? Gabriel is ANOTHER victim of someone who could have used promo time or a segment to get himself over. WWE isn't doing anything to help fans care about these wrestlers and the result is the decrease in viewership. Yes, it may be a result of the presidential debate, but that just further proves how weak the WWE creative is at creating interest for fans.

Vince McMahon, AJ Lee, Paul Heyman and Vickie Guerrero gained 529,000 viewers for a 2.91 quarter rating. As hard to believe as it may sound, this was the highest point of the show. AJ Lee's resignation as a General Manager and Vickie Guerrero's promotion as the Managing Supervisor. This apparently is not a GM or a Interim GM, but she has the same powers as a GM or interim GM. So, pretty much, she is the GM with a new name. Don't ask. Oh, and the reason AJ Lee lost her job is because she was fraternizing or having an "affair" with a wrestler backstage. First off, didn't Vickie Guerrero "fraternize" with Edge in 2008 when she was the Smackdown General Manager? PLOT-HOLE! Secondly, is anyone really going to feel sympathy for AJ over this? This is the same girl who made out with Bryan, Punk, and Kane in a span of a month. Now we're supposed to feel sorry for her that she might potentially be having an "affair" with John Cena? Finally, you can't have an affair unless you're MARRIED and, last I check, both were single. Regardless of the many plot holes in this storyline, the segment had the most viewers out of any match or backstage segment of the show. That only means it is all downhill from here.

The Miz vs. Ryback and the backstage brawl with Layla, Eve Torres and Kaitlyn lost 613,000 viewers. Ouch! This isn't a good sign for Ryback. Literally everyone that tuned in to see the AJ Lee segment and some of the remaining viewers from the Cena and Punk promo changed the channel when this match came on. If anyone needs proof that Ryback is not ready to be a champion, THIS IS IT! How can you make someone a world champion when its obvious fans don't care about him? The man cannot draw by himself and unless he is beating up CM Punk that will not be changing anytime soon either. Fans knew as soon as they heard Miz was facing Ryback that he was going to lose so why even watch it. On another note, I personally enjoyed the catfight backstage between Layla, Eve Torres, and Kaitlyn. Sadly, it did nothing or the viewership of this show.

Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler lost 253,000 viewers for a quarter rating of 2.31. Yes, I know. The most talked about RAW match in MONTHS not only lost viewers and but had one of the lowest quarter ratings this year. Shocking, I know! And don't get me wrong. The match was fantastic! I loved it personally and it was a much needed win for Dolph Ziggler. So many factors contribute to why this failed to draw viewers. One, it was the top of the third hour and we all know how badly most fans are exhausted by the third hour. Two, it was a match with NO HYPE whatsoever and got no mention until it actually came on. If WWE would have advertised the match at the beginning, maybe fans would have tuned into it more. But they didn't. As a result, a great match that if advertised correctly COULD HAVE garnered more viewers, instead, lost them and it is a sad thing to see. You know what's worse? This was not the lowest segment of the show....

The game show segment with Team Hell No and Kane vs. Big Show gained 62,000 viewers in the 10 pm time slot. Now, I know what you're thinking. "How the hell did this travesty gain viewers and such a fantastic match between Bryan and Ziggler lose them" That is something I am still pondering over and when you figure it out, please let me know. But yeah, this was stupid. Matt Striker and the wrestlers themselves even mocked it.

Btw, the idea of Matt Striker possibly being "that evil genius" that wants to take down Hell No! just screams so many possibilities of awesomeness.

John Cena confronts Vince McMahon and Zack Ryder vs. Alberto Del Rio Gained 26,000 viewers. Not much to talk about here. Del Rio beats Zack Ryder for the one millionth time and Cena confronts Vince McMahon about the rumor of the affair between him and AJ. It got us a small increase but an increase regardless.

The Dolph Ziggler interview, a Ryback video and the Lumberjacks entrances lost 319,000 viewers for a 2.15 quarter. I'm sure Ziggler is going to lose sleep over this one, if he even knows about it. This is the lowest point of the show. A record setting 2.15. That has got to hurt.

The Lumberjacks main event with CM Punk vs. Sheamus gained 1,058,000 viewers for a 2.89 quarter rating. Like always, the main event match gaina the most viewers and, yet again, it involves our reigning champion of viewership, CM Punk. This gain was not as big as the gain Vince and CM Punk got a few weeks ago, but it's bigger than the one Cena and Big Show received earlier this year. The match was good and we got the typical ending of Ryback beating up Punk to remind fans about the main event this Sunday. Nothing to complain about so that is that.

So next up is Hell in a Cell 2012 this Sunday. The video of the week is my preview of the PPV coming up so feel free to watch it below. Other than that, see you next week for the aftermath of Hell in a Cell.

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  1. rhyno535's Avatar
    Your right, why so many viewers change the channel is because they dont care about the match. If WWE did some promos before the match or announce the match, maybe the viewers pay attention to it and watch the match. And my biggest problem is WHY do we always see the same boring single or normal tag team matches all the time? Wow a lumberjack match for the main event thats really big (or not) but for the rest of the card? 3-7 minutes matches with no stipulation no build up no announcement, nothing. And we ask ourself why do so many change the channel....

    Example a Tornado tag for the nr1 C for the tag team titles or a falls count anywhere match (Bryan vs Ziggler) just a nice stipulation each week.
    Updated 10-27-2012 at 08:57 AM by rhyno535
  2. Sahu's Avatar
    The promo wasn't even all that eventful. All Cena did was endorse Ryback as the "next big star"
    I have not seen this episode of raw but, if Cena is endorsing Ryback as the next big come it be uneventful....??
  3. Wrestling_Deluxe_08's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sahu
    I have not seen this episode of raw but, if Cena is endorsing Ryback as the next big come it be uneventful....??
    Well, he didn't really "endorse" Ryback and thats the thing. Watch it for yourself and you'll see what I mean.
  4. Sahu's Avatar
    Well, he didn't really "endorse" Ryback and thats the thing. Watch it for yourself and you'll see what I mean.
    Okay...I'll get broadcast on this Thursday n will see it....

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