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The Value of Titles and the Brand Split

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Hi all, this is going to be the first blog that I have ever written so please don’t be too harsh to me on the comments! However as a lifelong fan of the WWE (apart from a 3-4 year break in the mid 2000’s) and an avid reader of many blogs and news stories throughout the past couple of years, I have always wanted to have a go at adding in my own input but have never known what to write about, until now! Also be warned, if you are not in for a long read then probably best to quit now!

I am aware that many blogs have probably been written about the brand split but here we go with my views.

To me the brand split, although pretty much over, needs to be officially over. And the reason for that being, I just dislike the idea of having 2 world champions; quite frankly I find it absurd. Everyone knows that the WWE title is the biggest prize in the company, and that the WHC is second to it. So to me, it just seems totally pointless to have both, because the WHC in reality isn’t the best heavyweight wrestler in the company let alone the world. When I grew up this was the order of how important the championships were.

  1. World Champion
  2. Intercontinental Champion
  3. Tag Team Champion
  4. European Champion
  5. Cruiserweight/Hardcore Champion

Obviously this could be a debate in itself arguing around the tag and European titles importance but let’s just go with it for now! And I have purposefully not included the women’s title because let’s be honest, Women’s wrestling in the WWE is irrelevant and only there for a piss break and pervy dads who have been dragged to the event by their kids and been banned from watching porn by their wives. And the Cruiserweight/Hardcore title just existed so lower carders had something to feud over, which to be fair, was very entertaining at times!

The current Title Value (again which could be argued) looks like this;

  1. WWE Champion
  2. WHC
  3. Intercontinental Champion
  4. US Champion
  5. Tag Team Champions

I just feel that if the WWE not only got rid of the brand split, but merged the WWE and WHC Titles together again, we would not only stop seeing the same matches at every single PPV! (Think Punk v Cena, Del Rio V Sheamus) We would also be able to bring some value back to the intercontinental title again. I remember the days where those title matches would not only matter, but would steal the show! To me it now seems as though because it has been relegated to the 3rd most important title, fans just don’t seem to care about it anymore. There is half a reaction at best when the title is on the line or changes hands, and this IMO is because the superstars competing for the title don’t even remotely look like a threat to the biggest prize of all, so it’s hard to care about them for some fans.

This is where the merger of the WWE and WHC Titles would come in, you could have the top 3 or 4 guys feuding for that one title, for example Punk, Cena, Orton and Sheamus. Then guys who are not currently in the WWE title picture i.e Kane, Del Rio etc, should be looking to feud with guys like Ziggler and Rhodes for the IC Title. This would make the title have so much more appeal if the top guys who weren’t in current feud for the WWE title actually cared about the IC title. Then to further make them look like an actual threat, maybe incorporate some champion vs champion matches where there is an actual winner instead of interference! Hell you could even try having one of the top guys run with both the IC and WWE title for a while.

Anyways I don’t think I have to explain the same thing over about doing similar things with the lower and mid card but just doing it with the US and Tag Team championships. But I honestly believe that if this were to happen (and before you start bashing me, I know the chances are slim to none) then we would see the product improve because we would get better and more varied rivalries, more care for the mid to lower card because they actually pose a threat, and greater development if they actually caused an upset now and again!

So that’s me done on this one! Sorry about it being a bit of a marathon read, I got a bit carried away for a second! I would love to know what you guys think of my first ever blog, tell me whether you think I have made a little bit of sense and should look into doing another one, or if I have just talked absolute bollocks and should hang up my keyboard for good!

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Thoughts and Opinions


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  1. MjBryan17's Avatar
    I thought this was an excellent read, keep em coming! I agree with you on everything, I swear you stole my thoughts. I'm an avid blog reader myself and have never written one but always wanted too. I was in the same boat of not knowing what to write about, so it's good to see you found an interesting topic and had the balls and intelligence to write a good one. Great Job! I also think they should combine the belts and have one 'Undisputed Champion'. That makes things interesting. I'm a huge boxing fan. Boxing is suffering the same problem only much worse. For every division in boxing we have at least 5 different world champs. This is a lot of the reason the general public has no interest. No one knows who the real champ is and they very rarely unify. Sports and Sports entertainment are much more interesting with one champ. People want to see everyone going for one prize. It creates the situation where everyone wants to take down 'the man'. That sells!
  2. EclectikElectrik's Avatar
    In the last year I have really felt that WWE are trying to imprint a personality on these titles as a subtle method of differentiating them.

    The WWE title is their title and holds the most popular/anti-popular characters and the most story driven fueds. It is #1 because they made it - plain and simple.

    The World Heavy Championship is what I like to think of as a "legacy" title. It has existed in so many promotions and is used as a serious rub from booking & creative without actually handing over the big prize. Notice how often they talk about past champions during a WHC match.

    The Intercontinental Title is a mid-card "legacy" title. Similar to WHC - how many Hall of Famers have held it again, Cole? It feels like an admission that they want a wrestler to be visible without giving them anything meaningful to do, which has been the case pretty much since the 90s. Don't get me wrong I love watching it being defended but it feels like a place holder to me. It lost it's way from time to time among Albert, Ric Flair (2006 edition), Carlito who didn't go far/never should have had it but most holders go on to much bigger things.

    US Title (another import) is often put on a rising star almost to test how they look/act carrying a title at all. Ziggler, Santino, Cesaro, Ryder, Kofi, The Miz, Daniel Bryan, etc. Some worked out and moved up the title ladder and others did not.

    The Tag Titles are so different in nature than the others that it isn't hard to see why WWE rarely have much to do with them these days. I 100% support the current resurgence in tag team wrestling, mostly because, what is the alternative? Zack Ryder being fed to another monster to make them seem dangerous? Sin Cara wallowing in a listless mid-card? Heath Slater getting his face punched in week after week with no avenue for retribution?

    What WWE could use is a "wild card" style title, detached from the major ranking. The Cruiserweight title is the most likely candidate given the current roster. It would give the likes of Hunico, Gabriel, Kidd, Slater, Sin Cara, Trent Barretta, Primo.Epico something fun to work towards that seems achievable. The other notable one is the Hardcore title which would just never fly in today's world so is barely worth mentioning.

    I can't help but wonder now that there is a title on NXT if it will ever feature on prime time WWE television. What if at Night of Champions 2013 they defend the NXT title for the first time on Pay Per View?
  3. King MC's Avatar
    I agree that there should only be one major title, but if they are going to have the brand split then I think they should make the Intercontinental and US Championships the championships of their respective shows. I also think that the major title should only be defended a few times a year like 4 or 5 times. This can let us see some pretty decent title reigns from superstars, and shows how big of a deal it is to win this title. The minor titles would still be defended every month. This builds stories, because Superstars that aren't the #1 contender for the major title would want to be the champion of their brand.
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