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Sudden Impact Special: Real Bound For Glory Report

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Hey fans, DK Wrestling Savior here with a special edition of Sudden Impact, where I'll be giving a REAL report on TNA's signature PPV Event, Bound For Glory.

Before I get started, I must say I'm a bit disappointed in the BFG posts that have made it onto this blog board and into the forum. Why am I disappointed? Well, to be honest, I think I've reached the point where I just can't take it anymore. Fans today have just become way too analytical. I mean, it's to the point where you're not even fans. You all need to take a look inside yourself and think..."when was the last time I truly enjoyed a wrestling show...AS A FAN?" Stop analyzing and just enjoy the show. Geez.

Now I got that off my chest, I want to touch on something else. I've had some very loyal readers of my blogs, for which I am eternally grateful. I've made some friends on here and I'm glad I had a chance to meet some awesome people. I've also encountered a few stalkers on here who love to take any criticism I have toward WWE, and turn it into a "sky is falling" event. There's even some that know every blog I write, and every comment I post, and because I have something negative to say, they call me out on not watching WWE anymore. It's laughable and I've chuckled a few times at the lack of lives these people actually have. And for those laughs and moments of humor, I thank you as well.

Okay, enough boring the hell out of people. Let me tell all the naysayers who felt the need to bash Bound For Glory to "SHUT....THE HELL....UP". It's time for Sudden Impact baby, Bound For Glory style, and as my last blog, I'm going to make this pretty damn awesome. So without further adieu...



In a simple comparison, Bound For Glory was the best PPV of 2012. Not just TNA PPV, but best wrestling PPV, and I highly doubt it will be topped. Every match was awesome, the crowd was great, and I find just a few small things to criticize about an otherwise, just fantastic event. So let's jump in.

X Division Title Match: RVD vs Zema Ion

This was a great opening match. Awesome back and forth action. RVD looked good. Lately, I've found him to be a bit slow but he hung in there nicely in this match. Zema pulled off some nice moves and in the end, it was good to see RVD take him to school The crowd was really into this match. Then there is a criticism that I'll touch on in my criticism section. RVD wins with the 5-Star Frog Splash and I think these two are going to have an awesome feud.

Television Title Match: Samoa Joe vs Magnus

What can I say about this match. It had anything you could want in a competitive mid-card title match. I like both guys. Magnus is a star in waiting. I also loved the "Joe's Gonna Kill You." chant. Awesome action, close calls, and Joe with the great counter into the rear naked choke. I thought Magnus was going to pull it off until Joe pulled him down and locked it in. Magnus taps and Joe is still TV Champ. He's going to make that title mean a hell of lot more than it has lately. Since I've been watching, Eric Young and Robbie E were always battling for that title. Then Devon (we'll get into him later) had it and had a nice run, but now...It's Joe's title and TNA finally has a legit mid-card title to build up on.

Street Fight: Bobby Roode vs James Storm

This is a match I haven't heard anything bad about. And for good reason. It speaks for itself. James Storm was a bloody mess. Bobby Roode took two vicious spills onto the thumb tacks. It was the war that everyone expected. If I had a gripe with this match, it is that King Mo didn't play more of a role in it. Not that I wanted him to get involved, but Earl Hebner probably should have been knocked out and Mo makes the three count, just to piss Roode off more. Other than that, the other gripe I have, will go in my criticism section.

Tag Team Title: Angle/Styles vs Chavo/Hernandez vs Daniels/Kaz

I don't like triple-threat tag team matches personally, but somehow, I knew this match would be a gem. I wasn't wrong. AJ Styles was in this match so of course it was awesome. Tons of high spots and crazy action. I was very shocked to see Chavo and Hernandez get the win. But it went down in good fashion. Honestly, I don't know how Kaz didn't die tonight. He got slammed something fierce onto the hard floor by Hernandez. Not sure if it was a botch or what, but it looked like Hernandez was supposed to power bomb him but Kaz thought he was supposed to hurricanrana him. Either way, Kaz was up and at them in about 2 minutes. He gets my respect for that. Kaz and Daniels are really growing on me. I hope there's a nice feud for the tag titles in our future.

Knockouts Title Match: Tara vs Miss Tessmacher

Okay. If there ever was a gripe and something that is deserving of criticism, it is this Hollywood Boyfriend, who we now know is Jesse from Little Sister or some stupid show like that. But let's not get away from the fact that, while Tara pretty much kicked Tessmacher's ass, it was a pretty good Knockouts match. Women's wrestling is still good. Another company doesn't realize that. Tara wins with the Widow's Peak for a pretty dominating win, then it went downhill.

Aces & Eights vs Bully Ray & Sting

Bully Ray is becoming the top face of the company. If I can make a bold prediction, I'm going to say that somehow, Bully is involved. With Devon being revealed as the man behind Aces & Eights, at this point at least, there's going to be some finger pointing at Bully. Either way, decent match. I have more to throw into my criticism segment here. But it's not about the revelation of Devon. It's actually about something that didn't happen. Anyway, the match was what it was. It's good to see Sting can still go pretty good in the ring. Loved the Doomsday Device. But very predictably, Aces & Eights won. It was also pretty cool to see Hogan do his thing and Joseph Park tear away from the cuffs and lay the beat down on an A&E member. The match was okay, but the action was very good.

Joey Ryan vs Al Snow

As we heard Taz say several times, Snow took him to school. I personally enjoy that sort of thing. Love seeing the old school guys just teaching these new punks a lesson. Okay, we all knew Joey Ryan would win. We all knew the match wouldn't be great because Al Snow is older and can't go like he used to. But Matt Morgan was a shocker. And a pleasant one. I had no clue and my jaw dropped when it happened. Match wasn't the best, but was to be expected. The idea was for Morgan to bust back on to the seen, and not as some happy go lucky good guy either. He means business and like he said, Tick Tock. Can't wait to see what happens next.

TNA World Title Match: Austin Aries vs Jeff Hardy

Anyone who didn't enjoy this match from top to bottom is just brain dead. And a word of advice to the brain dead...just go watch Weak Wrestling Entertainers. This match was everything we had hoped, and then some. High flying action, close calls, great back and forth stuff. The crowd was phenomenal. The chants of "This is Awesome" says it all. If you don't like the fact that Jeff Hardy won, get over it. He won. I wanted Aries to win, but as a fan, I'm happy to have enjoyed such a great match. And they'll go at it again, which means we get another treat.


Bound For Glory was not without it's faults and I will lay out my criticisms here. First, let's get the obvious out of the way. Jesse from Big Brother and this whole Tara gimmick. I hate it. But somehow, I feel that this is building up to a John Morrison and Melina appearance eventually. (Remember everyone, I take what's reported on here with the grain of salt that it's actually worth). Think of the WWE gimmick they had. I'm not sure if Jesse is here to be a wrestler, but we'll see where this goes. Hopefully not far.

Second, I wanted more out of the Aces & Eights revelation. I really did. Not so much that I wanted Sting or Bully or Park to turn, but something. Devon was a pleasant surprise...and for those who say Devon doesn't matter, I invite you to watch the last 2 or 3 weeks of Impact where crowd is chanting "We Want Devon". Clean the WWE shit out of your ears and pay some attention, would ya? Anyway, while Devon was a surprise, it has to go bigger than him. I wanted a bigger reveal here, but I'll take more down the line.

Finally, and this is my biggest gripe of the entire evening. MIKE TENAY. He absolutely sucks at announcing. Some of the great action they ahd, and he was so mono toned and sounded so disinterested throughout the night. He would get excited and certain points, but every finish, he would say things like, "And Tara win the title", or "Five Star and RVD got him". Put some fucking hype it man. If you're disinterested, give it up. Do something else with yourself. He makes Michael Cole sound awesome. How about saying something like, "Hardy nails the Twist of Fate. He's got him covered. 1...2...3, WE HAVE A NEW CHAMPION. JEFF HARDY WINS THE TNA TITLE!". I'll gladly move down to Orlando and announce next to Taz if Tenay is going to just snooze his way through matches. Bound For Glory was the best PPV of the night, and it could have been even better if Tenay would have done a better job announcing. I scowl when I watch and here in a bland and emotionless voice, "Magnus has to tap", or "Storm with the Last Call again and he covers Roode for the pin". Major Gripe with that one.

All in all, Bound For Glory was just an awesome show. But it goes beyond that. It is so much better of a product than WWE. It just falls on blind eyes and deaf ears. It's not marketed and branded like WWE. It's not known like WWE. But they got it going on down there. If only they would do something to try and grow. Instead of settling for second best and letting WWE do all the work in creating the names. They have awesome talents that are marketable and that can really be built upon. Bobby Roode should be on talk shows. He should be doing appearances, tours, radio shows. Austin Aries should have been doing this media blitz...not Hogan. Or at least, been there with Hogan. There is a barrier that keeps them down. And they need to bust through. They can talk about it all they want. They need to spend money, invest in their talents, and freakin make it happen.

Well everyone. I'm signing off now. This was really fun. I may be back after the semester. I'll definitely be popping in now and again to keep up on what's happening. I want to thank everyone who's commented and followed my blogs over the last year. There are some really awesome people here and it was a pleasure to share this forum with you guys.

Stay Cool and Be Safe Everyone.

DK Savior....OUT!

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Delirious
    I haven't gone through the comments.. but I will say this after reading it. I have read all of your blogs since I started posting my own. And while I normally enjoy you're writing, I have one complaint..

    You act as if your opinion is the only one that matters. All of us that gave OUR opinions on Bound for Glory are morons, apparently. We all have our own views and ideas; I don't think it's right or respectful of you to target us and tell us to "get over this or that" if there is something we don't like. As someone that is practically begging for people to support your video company, one would think you'd know how to respect people's opinions.

    That said, good blog -- I enjoyed it, agreed with some of it and disagreed with others. Difference is, I value your opinion and do not plan on destroying your views in my next blog.

    Hope to see you return soon.
    I appreciate that. I'm not doubting anyone's opinion. Everyone is entitled to, and has, their opinion. My point was geared more toward how people analyze things. Things like, WWE creative is terrible because Sheamus beat Daniel Bryan. Or because Dolph Ziggler still isn't the champ. If you're rooting for someone. Great. But when you call out the writers or company everytime you don't get your way....that's what I'm talking about. And when I say "you", I don't mean you personally. I mean the analyzers. But I will give you an example.

    Read my RVD vs Zema Ion review, then read yours. Mine reports the match, talks about the crowd, mentions the great action, some of the moves, etc. Yours is a long paragraph about why RVD shouldn't be champ, and ends with, "Bad Move, TNA". None of us know what kind of champ RVD is going to be. With the X Division being a path to the World Title, it's open to everyone. And that's what I mean by being too much of an analyzer.

    Thanks for reading. And I will be back in December to write. But I'll be popping in from time to time and will be looking for good stuff from you.

    And one last thing...


    Go to and LIKE the page.
  2. Delirious's Avatar
    Well, to be fair, I didn't portray my blog as a BFG report. I wasn't breaking down all of the matches. I jumped all over the place, providing my opinions on SOME of the matches, their respective outcomes, and other things that went down at the pay-per-view. My point with the RVD thing is this: putting the belt on him does nothing. He doesn't deserve to be on the "path to the World Title." But that's my opinion and I felt it was a bad move, hence why I said that. As for the match? It was fine. But again, I wasn't reviewing the match.

    But anyway.. it doesn't matter. We'll see you back in December.
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