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Yes! Yes! Yes! The Raw Review (#YYYTRR)

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WWE puts forward five “key points” before every episode of Monday Night Raw, and this week I decided to keep them in mind as the show was live. This was mainly because I’ve found my blogs, like the product, have become based on one thing as of late – CM Punk’s crusade for respect and the superstars standing in the way of that. I’ve gotten bored of writing about it, and I’m sure you’re all bored of reading about it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to go through the five points like the will have done by the time you read this. I’m going to comment on what I thought was a pretty good episode of Raw with them in mind.

“Feed me Punk!”

I’m only going to touch on the subject since I’ve said more than enough on it for the last few weeks, but the choice of Ryback or John Cena to face Punk at Hell in a Cell is one that I had a clear favourite in. I’m not a fan of Cena these days and his involvement in the WWE Championship picture at all is both pointless and below Cena’s level in my opinion. The fact that he has main evented for most of this year’s PPVs without the title should tell you that. For this reason I wanted Ryback.

He is extremely over with live crowds now, and I personally love the way that he dominates in the ring. It adds that ‘maybe’ factor to CM Punk’s reign that has been lost for some time since it became all about the number of days he’s held the title.

Whilst I will obviously be supporting Punk and his title reign’s continuity – I want him to reach at least a full year – it should be interesting to see Punk go against an undefeated monster inside the confines of the Cell as it seems he cannot win without ending the momentum of Ryback and making this mega push a waste of time.

Paul Heyman’s true role?

Anybody who knows the history of Paul Heyman will know that he is a smart man and he loves to create characters (see: The Rise and Fall of ECW), but more importantly he never backs down from a fight.

This is why I have to question Heyman’s sudden lack of faith in Punk’s judgment over the past two weeks. I get that Heyman’s character is effectively a rat when backed into a corner – it always has been – but Mr. McMahon doesn’t have Heyman in a corner this time and he’s crumbling with ease. I’m hoping there’s more at work here than the Heyman switch from being the Voice of the Voice of the Voiceless to being another person who crumbles at the sight of Vinny Mac.

First time ever

I actually wanted to take a short part of this week’s blog to talk about the throw together feud of Big Show and Sheamus.

I personally think the match will be a bore, but there are two things that can save it in my eyes.

Sheamus can brawl, and we’ve seen it in recent weeks. It can be entertaining to see a match which isn’t based on technical wrestling, which is what Hell in a Cell is made for.

The other reason is simple. Big Show has taken this feud as an opportunity to call out WWE on its pointless ideas. The debates and the power-off were both pointless and did nothing but give Show fuel for this storyline.

That being said, I want to see a brutal match and a Dolph Ziggler cash-in come Hell in a Cell.

In other news…

Big Show def. Daniel Bryan – This was a good opening match (I especially loved the Yes!/No! exchanges backstage beforehand), although I don’t see why Show was made to take any offence from the smaller Bryan when he’s supposed to be looking strong heading into the Cell with Sheamus.

Alberto Del Rio def. Brodus Clay – This was just a chance to give Bertie some air time and a chance to use the dwindling relevance of Brodus.

The Prime Time Players def. Team CoBro – If this match had gone the other way I would have been annoyed and surprised. I’m glad the 3MB (I like the name by the way) showed up, but Jinder Mahal looks ridiculous in leather.

Ryback def. Dolph Ziggler & David Otunga – I actually missed this match because my Sky Go cut out, but I don’t get what WWE is trying to achieve by having Ziggler lose match upon match.

Antonio Cesaro def. Justin Gabriel – This wasn’t a bad match, and I like that Cesaro is making the United States Championship mean something again.

Kane def. Matt Striker – Did you know? This match lasted longer than Big Show’s last championship reign did…

Miz TV with Kofi Kingston – I was initially against Kofi getting another chance at the Intercontinental Championship, but this was the best promo of the night and made me excited to see Miz and Kofi face off in an intense feud. I also saw the potential in a Kofi heel turn here, but maybe that’s just me?

Sheamus def. Wade Barrett via DQ – This was a good match also, and Big Show’s interference was justified.

Divas Champion Eve def. Layla – Whether or not her foot was on the rope, Layla lost by being tripped off the ropes. If you cannot kick out of that you do not deserve to win. End this storyline NOW!

The Rhodes Scholars def. Primo & Epico – I was a little annoyed that Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara weren’t able to compete in their tournament final if I’m honest. It was announced to happen by Cole at the start of the night only for him to tell us Rey was ill moments before the match was due to happen too, which was weird.

Kofi Kingston def. The Miz – This match was only supposed to serve as an appetiser for their Main Event Championship match, so I’m not surprised it ended quickly. I was impressed with the way in which Kofi won though, and I’m a Miz fan.

I said I would try to stray from my usual anti-Cena/pro-Punk routine for this week, and I think I’ve done a good job of it. Sadly WWE is still very much focussed on one feud though, so it makes it difficult to stray too much from the WWE Championship picture.

All in all, I did enjoy Raw this week. There were two or three good matches, the WWE Championship did actually get some progressive storytelling, and The Miz and Kofi Kingston surprised me by giving the best promo of the night.

Oh, and Daniel Bryan and Kane were funny again. Yes! Yes! Yes!

Thanks for reading, I’d love to hear your views on this week’s Raw and my blog on Twitter (@SpringerAJ, #YYYTRR). Also, if you Tout feel free to send those to my Twitter too!

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  1. King MC's Avatar
    Another great blog!

    Part of me wanted Cena to be in this match for a few reasons. The first being that if Ryback wins, he will have become champion without having a single feud. Also, if he loses, then it is like you said, his undefeated push will be pointless. He'll drop right back down to the bottom of the roster.

    Another reason, and this is going to sound weird, but I want Cena to win the championship before Royal Rumble. It's purely a selfish thing. I'm actually going to the Rumble and I would love to see the Rock whoop-up on him, plus if he's not holding the title by then that means he'll probably win the Royal Rumble match, and CM Punk will lose to the Rock. That would just be a very disappointing evening.
  2. ewantu2's Avatar
    Lol i have a feeling no matter what Cena haters are going to be mad by the ending of the RR ppv.

    I swear if Show wins the title off of Sheamus.. I faith in WWE may go away.
  3. Gijs's Avatar
    "Layla lost by being tripped off the ropes. If you cannot kick out of that you do not deserve to win."
    She did get kicked in her bad knee which she had surgery on this year, and she fell on her face, I think it's a believable ending to a match.
  4. alcrissam's Avatar
    You said brutal match... Ha ! Wwe is going to have regular matches just inside the confines of a cell. Forget brutal matches, this is pg ruining matches at its best!
  5. Jennifer Steele's Avatar
    1) I seriously hope that Ryback doesn't win (I don't even care if it isn't a "clean" loss) just because I prefer technical wrestlers and see him as a 1-trick pony. Even Cena can pull out an actual wrestling move now and then (when he absolutely has to) and I can't stand the guy.

    2) I will be happy to have Big Slow, er- SHOW, take the title off Sheamus just so Ziggler can cash in his briefcase soon after in a mirror of what Daniel Bryan did last time he won the belt. I'm going to call Show winning, Sheamus nailing him with a brogue kick post-match, then Ziggles cashing in. (Not original, I know, but I think it would make everyone happy. Well, I'd be happy at any rate!

    3) I'm sick not only with the current Divas' storyline but the fact that every match the loser ends up in tears over it. Seriously, you're professional wrestlers. Suck it up!

    4) So glad they're still running with Team Hell No. They had been advertising Kane vs Bryan for the UK tour in November now they've changed it to them defending the titles. Every time they hug it out is a money shot IMO

    5) I was unsure about 3MB at first (partially due to Mahal's denim/leather/turban combo) but now I see the genius of it and am a total mark. Drew's rock stance when they went to that bar was bang on! I am hoping they become the new DX/NWO (love the tweeters who pointed out that McIntyre looked like a tall X-Pac lol)

    6) Of course you're going to comment a lot on the Punk/Cena angle, it's the main storyline. Don't apologise for it. You're doing a Raw review, and that angle begins and ends every Raw. Simple.
  6. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ewantu2
    Lol i have a feeling no matter what Cena haters are going to be mad by the ending of the RR ppv.

    I swear if Show wins the title off of Sheamus.. I faith in WWE may go away.
    I don't think I'd hate Cena winning the Rumble, but I'd see it as a waste as I personally don't want to see Rock/Cena II. Once was enough and I enjoyed that match.
  7. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Gijs
    "Layla lost by being tripped off the ropes. If you cannot kick out of that you do not deserve to win."
    She did get kicked in her bad knee which she had surgery on this year, and she fell on her face, I think it's a believable ending to a match.
    I think the Divas are capable of more believable finishes. Any hope of the three hours accommodating them more frequently and better is long gone. I don't particularly like any divas storyline these days but they deserve better.
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