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Rick Starr

The Splash: Bound for Glory Review

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Welcome once again Splashers! This past week’s PPV was full of surprises, to say the least. And despite I just got finished with one splash, I just had to put my 2 & ½ cents on what happened this past weekend. That makes this Splash number 60, for the shining one himself. Alright enough patting myself on the back, let’s get down do business!

Despite me being wrong on the outcome of several matches, I have to say: This PPV was outstanding! I honestly cannot say there was one match that I truly did not enjoy. Bound for Glory was certainly one of the better PPV’s of the year.

X-Division Championship Match
Zema Ion vs RVD
At the time I wrote this Splash, Zema and RVD were not on the card, but I’ll be honest, and say I did not expect RVD to win. TNA has been Zema has a heel over the past few months, and I thought a win over RVD would have put him right over the top. The match itself was incredible, and I was shocked to see RVD get the win. Not that he is capable of caring the division, but more so, I thought he was above it
Rick’s Pick: Zema Ion
Who Won: RVD (New X-Division Champion)

Joey Ryan vs. Al Snow
This was clearly rookie vs the legend match, and Ryan is still very green in a lot of areas. While he is great on the mic, he certainly needs some work in the ring. If it wasn’t for Matt Morgan’s help I don’t see him winning the match. In fact, Al snow was certainly carrying him from start to finish.
Rick’s Pick: Joey Ryan
Who Won: Joey Ryan

Tara vs. Miss Tessmacher (champion)
This was a solid Knockout’s match, with no interference, or heel moves to speak of despite Tars being the “heel”. There were a few cheap blows, but as a heel they were expected. At the end of the match Tara won clean, and was the new Knockouts Champion.
And what’s with Tara’s new TMZ boyfriend? Is this how TMZ is getting all their leaks?...Just a thought.
Rick’s Pick: Miss Tessmacher
Who won: Tara (New Knockouts Champion)

Magnus vs. Samoa Joe (champion)
This match was not the best of the bunch, but it was still a decent fight nonetheless. It was a nice short high-impacting match. In the end Joe choked out Magnus to keep his title. Not too much more to say about it J
Rick’s Pick: Samoa Joe (Still Television Champion)
Who won: Samoa Joe (Still Television Champion)

Bobby Roode vs. James Storm W/Special Enforcer: King Mo
This match was a BLOOD BATH! Storm literary had a crimson mask early in the match. These two guys just beat the hell out of each other! When it came down to watching this match, I had to toss a coin, because I knew they were going to throw everything in, including the kitchen sink.
The only thing that King Mo enforced was my opinion of him, that he has no real purpose of being in TNA.
Rick’s Pick: Rick Tossed a Coin
Who won: James Storm

Styles & Angle vs. Guerrero & Hernandez vs. Daniels & Kazarian (champions)
This was a great match with a lot of high flying, and high impacting moves, from all 6 men. Even the 300 pounder, “Super Mex” Hernandez flew over the top ropes several times with ease. In the end Hernandez and Guerrero won the titles with the Border toss, and the Frog Splash.
Rick’s pick: Guerrero & Hernandez
Who won: Guerrero & Hernandez (New Tag Champions)

After the match, SoCal Val tried to interview both men, but Chavo literally sucked up the whole spotlight. You could tell that Hernandez was pissed, but he bit his tongue. What really got under my skin is that Chavo is still ridding on Eddie Guerrero’s coat tails after all these years.

Sorry haters but here comes my rant of the Splash: As much as I respected Eddie Guerero, his nephew is riding his coat-tails way to dammed hard, for way to long! When Eddie was alive, Chavo would pick up his left over scraps. Now that Eddie is dead, he is using Eddie’s death to get over with the fans…and it’s wrong! The sad fact is the guy can wrestle; the sad part is he just can’t be his own person. He has lived in Eddie’s shadow for so long, he doesn’t know who else to be!

Aces & Eights vs. Sting & Bully Ray
I’m going to skip right to heart of the matter on this one. First off yes The Aces & Eights won, but that wasn’t the shock of the match. Everybody was pretty much expecting the group to win, so the story could continue. I was expecting either Sting, or Bubba, or even Hogan to be the insider the whole time. But everybody was wrong. It was DEVON! Bubba’s Brother! Now what’s fucked up, is 2 weeks ago, Devon was released from TNA and dropped the Television Title. Everybody thought he was having legit problems with the company and left. Nonetheless that was the jaw dropper of the night!
Ricks Pick: Aces & Eights
Who won: Aces & Eights

Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries (champion)
If you ask me, Aries came off as a bad version of CM Punk. He was ripping up his lines that management had apparently given him, and then he verbally attacked Hardy’s past. The match itself was the best of the night! Hardy was more aggressive than the two at the start of the match, but that did not last long as the match shifted back and forth several times. Despite his CM Punk rip-off promo, I honestly thought Aries was going to win this match, but Hardy winning the TNA World Title was another big shock of the night for me.
Rick’s Pick Austin Aries
Who won: Jeff Hardy (New TNA World Champion)

Well I might not have gotten have picks right on this one, but this was still one of the better PPV’s I’ve seen so far this year. As always, if any of you have any thoughts, feel free to post them below.

Lastly I will be starting a new Internet radio show with a couple of friends of mine each and every Wednesday Night: Hardcore Wrestling Radio on Blog Talk Radio at 11pm Eastern Time clck the banner below for the direct link. And always…See you when I see you -RickStarr

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  1. Sahu's Avatar
    BFG is by far one of the best ppvs I have seen in the recent...My favorite match on the card is Storm Vs had so many OMG moments...someone in his live report of the event told King Mo looked shocked when he saw what these guys are doing to each other..why can't he...the whole match took me to Attitude Era day...btw, I also believe both the characters esp Storm's character is more Attitude eraisque one...that is why I love Storm more than Roode...

    I'm very happy with the tag team match...every single wrestler in it put wholesome effort...n AA Vs Hardy is a gr8 match too...I do not mind seeing hardy as a champ.....

    Ryan n Snow's match is okayish n I'm amazed to see that Snow still could handle the whole match n infact he carried the match pretty well...I like Morgan n I'm pretty happy to see him back...Hope they form a tag team Morgan/Ryan...

    Joe n Magnus match was good..the only thing is I was expecting Joe's not really invested into this...they might have some how made it the finals for TV Championship..then there might have been some excitement...

    A&8s match went as expected....n the Chemistry b/n Bully n Sting is good...Sting can still hang on for a PPV match...Bully's face paint is cool....n DEVON as the member is really surprising...

    RVD VS Ion is a real good match...I never thought RVD will win...but, hopefully they both go after each other in a good feud ending Ion injuring RVD (Storylinewise..)

    I'm glad that Tara won the KO Championship..
  2. ASPbarcode's Avatar
    I can't agree more.
    And thanks for posting this information.

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