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TNA Business Model Part II

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Hello again folks in last weeks edition I looked at TNA going into major venues for PPV events and got many questions on how this would be done well this week I will gladly explain how things will become.

December 3rd 2012 Game Changer

President Andy Barton of TNA wrestling along with Dixie Carter, Jeff Jarrett and Jerry Jarrett is in a conference office at the TNA world headquarters in Nashville awaiting a meeting a knock is heard on the door. Enters Cary Silkin President of ROH wrestling, Ross Abrams - Executive of ROH and founder of ROH Rob Feinstein and Gabe Sapolsky into the conference room. Gentlemen have a seat today we are here to discusses are future Partnership and plans.
TNA Buys ROH wrestling to become one. they will however keep there spert shows TNA Impact Wrestling will be moved to NBC keeping it's same time slot at 8pm to 10pm on Thursdays. TNA Ring Of Honor would debut on Spike TV at a 8pm to 9pm time-slot on Tuesdays. Now you may wonder why I kept TNA the company name and moved Impact wrestling to NBC in its same time slot and day and ROH to Spike TV in a one hour format. Keeping TNA the company name is simple it is known around the world thus why putting a well known show like TNA Impact Wrestling on a channel everyone gets no matter what is a smart move. Now my reason for making TNA Ring of Honor a one hour format on Spike is simple yes ROH has a fan base but its not globe like Impact Wrestling is. This would be the same way Impact Wrestling started on Spike years ago and then advanced to a 2 hour show. The two company's s are one now but the goal is to make them feel like to separate company's even tho there not TNA guys would only appear on Impact Wrestling and Ring Of Honor wrestlers would only appear on TNA Ring Of Honor. The Only time we may see a cross promotion match is at a monthly PPV.

December 10th 2012 Going Public

On this day in New York Total Non Stop action becomes a public traded company on the new york stock exchange. Later that evening they hold a press conference at Madison Square Garden. Announcing the new Presidents of TNA Wrestling now with the addition of ROH. They are as followed.

Chairman/CEO - Jeff Jarrett
TNA President - Dixie Carter
Vice President - Cary Silkin
Executive Vice President of Licensing and International television distribution - Andy Barton
Vice President of Operations - Chris Sobol
Chief marketing officer - Mike Weber
Chief Financial Officer - Dean Broadhead
Senior Vice President of Programming and Talent Relations - Bruce Prichard
Executive Producer - Eric Bischoff
Vice President of Public Relations - Jules Wortman
Vice President of Production / Executive Producer - Kevin Sullivan
Vice President of Merchandise / Music Publication - Serg Salinas
Executive Vice President, Television Production - Steve Borden
Senior Adviser, Business Strategy - Jim Cornette
President, TNA Studios and General Counsel - Eric Bischoff
Executive Vice President, Creative - Mike Tenay

On this same day they announce there new PPV layout for 2013 this is what I discussed in my first blog. Hope you all enjoyed.

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  1. kylos's Avatar
    What the hell is this??????????????????????
  2. kylos's Avatar
    TNA can't afford to buy out ROH... thats just silly, this blog is silly, I don't get it.
  3. TheRealOutlaw's Avatar
    "Keeping TNA the company name is simple it is known around the world"
    "ROH has a fan base but its not globe like Impact Wrestling is"

    First I wouldn't go as far to say this as you had in your blog. TNA has not been to alot of arena's selling out events globel. Second of all TNA can' afford to move to bigger arena's or pay there stars bigger money. Where do you think they are going to get the money to buy ROH. If anything I look for WWE to buy out ROH or even TNA down the road.
  4. awesomeone22's Avatar
    Thanks for your thoughts guys and this is a on going series I will discusse these matters in future blogs
  5. A.C. Sativa's Avatar
    I know this is just a fantasy thing, but ROH is the only promotion I really care about anymore, if TNA bought them out I'd probably quit watching wrestling altogether, at least until WWE starts running things like an actual wrestling company again.
  6. Lucas Chapel's Avatar
    Love the blog.
  7. abacabb138's Avatar
    Not to be needlessly critical, but this is not how you construct a business model. Another issue is a company going public just a week after a major acquisition. That just wouldn't happen. There would be a far better chance of going public, then making that acquisition. However, TNA does not have the kind of international distribution, licensing, or exposure for that matter, to make an IPO even remotely beneficial to the company. I also don't see a successful business integration between ROH and TNA at this time. There are several financial decisions TNA could make to make their product more successful, but with the losses the company has seen, those investments just aren't going to happen. However, going public would not be one of those beneficial decisions at this point.
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