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Triple Threat Top 5 Best Pay-Per-View Theme Songs

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Welcome wrestling fans as yours truly is proud to present a very special edition of “The Triple Threat Top 5. Presented By: ” An edition that is strongly dedicated to you: both the IWC, and the wrestling fans.

Now folks, this originally was going to be a Triple Threat dance, but after a long debacle, and with one of the site’s biggest “superstars” going on hiatus, I have decided to make this a special one-on-one blog war. This is a contest that not only wrestling fans can enjoy, but fans of music can as well. Billed as a special contest for the fans, Ladies and Gentlemen, this is:

“T-Hughes35 vs. DK Wrestling Savior:
The Top 5 Best Pay-Per-View Theme Songs.”

For the first time ever, one-on-one, its T-Hughes vs. The Savior.

This is going to be fun ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts.

DK Wrestling Savior: “Hey Everybody. DK Wrestling Savior defending my triple threat title once again. We have quite the interesting, and quite the difficult, topic this week. Top 5 PPV Theme Songs. Why is this so difficult? Because music taste varies so much, that's it's really just a toss up. The voters will basically go with whatever type of music they like, so I'm just gonna take my chances here. I'm listing MY top 5 based on what I've always found to be so memorable. The type that sticks in my mind for certain reasons. I'm not listing songs that I feel fit the PPV best, because there's so many, it's impossible to rewatch all the PPV's, or even read summaries of them all, and make a judgement that way. With that said. Here we go. I hope you enjoy.

Honorable Mention: Wrestlemania XXVII, Written in the Stars. No particular reason. I just liked the song and was starting to approach that crossroad in my life. It was right around the time I started to doubt my faith in WWE. A fate that has since been reached.

5. Wrestlemania XVIII – duel Themes – Invincible & WildOnes

For practically the same reason as the honorable mention above. I was so hyped for this Wrestlemania. It had the potential to be the best ever. And I was into the build up, and the theme songs that were promoted with it. Especially the MGK song. I actually quite enjoy that song. It's catchy. It's mainstream. Much like Wrestlemania was. And it's used in other areas like entrance and exit music on ESPN sports shows and stuff. Just overall enjoyable.

4. ECW One Night Stand 2006 – Drowning Pool - Let the Bodies Hit the Floor

This one speaks for itself. It was the ECW theme from back in the day. And this PPV, in my eyes, was one of the best of the last 10 years, simply because of Rey Mysterio vs Sabu, and the crowd lambasting John Cena as only a true ECW crowd could. Let The Bodies Hit The Floor is legendary hype music and was everything the real ECW stood for.

3. SummerSlam 1998 – ACDC – Highway to Hell

This is one the instances where I sort of go against what I said in my intro. This song fit the PPV perfectly, as the feud between Stone Cold and Undertaker took center stage. It ended up marking the first time Stone Cold defeated Undertaker, if my memory serves me correctly. Plus, I don't think it gets much more main stream than this. Great song. Great fit to the PPV and the main angle of Summer Slam that year.

2. Wrestlemania X7 – Limp Bizkit – My Way

This is one of those that is just completely memorable for me. The theme song where Stone Cold turned heel on The Rock and sided with McMahon. The alliance we never thought we'd see. What sticks out most about this song is, it took place back in a time when WWE, WWF at the time, would recap the entire PPV in a montage to their theme song to end the PPV broadcast. And I remember still staring in shock at the Stone Cold heel turn, even as I watched the montage. It's one of the most memorable ones for me, so it ranks #2.


Wrestlemania 23 – Saliva – Ladies and Gentlemen

This is by far, the greatest theme song for a PPV WWE has ever come up with. The perfect blend of build up, rhythm, and just pure hype. It's the type of song that gets your adrenaline going, for me anyway. It was also a decent PPV, and another one of those times when WWE would do the montage at the end. I remember instantly downloading this song upon hearing it. And I'm not really a fan of Saliva. But this song was, and still is, kick ass in my opinion.

That's my list everyone. I know there were songs that probably fit the PPV better. And I don't expect many, if any, people to really agree with my list here. like I said, it all comes down to taste in music, which is so vast. So I just shot from the hip and went with the ones that are most memorable for me.

I hope you enjoyed my list. Be Safe Everyone.”

Thank you DK. It is now time for yours truly to give out his list.

T-Hughes35: “What is a Theme Song? A theme song is a piece of music that is used to identify a performer, a dance, a band, or a radio/television program. (Source: Google Dictionary) A theme song is created to describe what type of an event we are watching. Whether it’d be a movie, a television show, or as this topic is, a professional wrestling event. (Well it’s Top 5 Pay-Per-View themes but you get my point) These are the five songs that I feel really described the respective Pay-Per-View that it themed. Songs that really could not only get you amped and pumped up for the event, but songs that were able to perfectly fit the build-up and sell the story that the respected organization was trying to tell. So, with that being said, Ladies and Gentlemen, This is MY Top 5!

Honorable Mention: “Spolin’ For A Fight” – AC/DC
The date was November 23, 2008. The event, was the twenty-second anniversary edition of WWE Survivor Series. This song was the perfect way to describe the night’s main events. The first being the WWE Championship Match. In what was originally suppose to be a Triple Threat Match (ironically) for the strap featuring Triple H, Jeff Hardy, and Vladimir Koslov, Jeff Hardy was attacked at his hotel (kayfabe) and could not show up. So, Triple H and Koslov duked it out in some good back and forth action, when out of nowhere, ‘The Rated R Superstar’ showed up and stole the title away from Trips.
The major moment of the night, was the return of John Cena. For the first time in his career, in his own backyard of Boston, he defeats Chris Jericho to win his 1st World Heavyweight Championship. The theme song was “Spolin’ For A Fight, and both John Cena and Edge did just that as they made their impactful returns that night.

05: “The Fight Song” – Marilyn Manson
(WARNING: This track does contain EXPLICIT Lyrics)
An event that was originally advertised as “WWF Fully Loaded 2001”, then turned into an event that became the closest thing any of us wrestling fans got to our dream Pay-Per-View of WWF vs. WCW. That event took place on July 22, 2001, and it was called WWF Invasion.
Ironically, it was the same venue that the simulcast with the Turner Networks took place at the Final Battle of the Monday Night Wars. That place was Gund Arena in Cleveland, Ohio USA. The song is a great choice because that was what this Pay-Per-View was, a flat out fight! A fight between two rival organizations (not counting ECW) that were out to show the entire wrestling world who was the best, at everything that they did. I’m one of the only few that actually liked the InVasion angle. It’s not the way that I would have done it, but it was entertaining and exciting none-the-less. It was a flat out fight, and WCW was not going to be Vince McMahon’s slave (reference to the song lyrics). It was a great choice in theme song

04: “Control” – Puddle of Mudd
We once again find ourselves in the same invasion angle of 2001. This time, it’s at General Custard’s Last Stand, the fifteenth anniversary of the WWF’s Survivor Series.
It was “Winner Take All” in a battle for ultimate control of the Sports Entertainment world. Of course it was a McMahon headlined storyline that really destroyed how incredible this storyline could have been, but this theme song was the ideal choice to put you on the edge of your seat for a Survivor Series Elimination Tag-Team Match.
Just a side note, I really wish that the invasion storyline had been done differently. I think that if anyone wanted to see a Team WCW vs. Team WWF Survivor Series Match, I think this is how it would have been:

Team WCW: Hollywood Hogan, Ric Flair, Sting, Goldberg, and Diamond Dallas Paige (w/ Eric Bischoff)
Team WWF: Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, The Undertaker, and D-Generation X (Triple H and Shawn Michaels) (w/Mr. McMahon)

Anyway, it was a song that was all about control, and it fit the conclusion of this angle perfectly.

03: “Crack Addict” – Limp Bizkit
Now this is a song that really gets me pumped up! Whether, I go to the gym, get ready for competition, or even get amped up about something just for the heck of it, I turn this song on.
WrestleMania XIX’s theme song tied well not only with the show itself, but with the top two matches on the card. Those matches being Rock-Austin III, and the Hogan-McMahon Street Fight.
“Right now. Let’s Go. Me and you. Toe-to-toe.” If you watch this promo video right before “Rock-Austin III”, then you’ll understand just why this is one of my favorite song choices. Not only for the history of WWE, but for a good song to listen to in general.

02: “Not Again” – Staind
The top two songs on my list, are the perfect songs that told a story behind their respective Pay-Per-View events. This one in particular, was all about one thing and one wrestler. Redemption, and Hulk Hogan.
The build-up for ‘TNA Bound For Glory 2011’ began on January 4th, 2010, when Hulk Hogan debuted at the iMPACT Zone. Not only did The Almighty Hulkster made his debut in TNA, but he brought Eric Bischoff with him. Let alone, nine months later at the world famous Ocean Center in Daytona, we all felt Immortal’s love as THEY were revealed. Ever since the night of 01-04-10, Sting made it his ultimate goal to take down Hogan. He not only made it his goal to save Hogan from the dark side (meaning Bischoff and IMMORTAL), but to redeem Hogan and get full control of TNA back into the hands of our beloved Dixie Carter.
Now we can all agree that their match on this night wasn’t all that great, but this song, told a compelling story.
“Do you feel like you’re falling? You’ve taken this step. In front of you is further from the truth.” This can tell the story of how Hogan fell further away from the fans when he took on this role in IMMORTAL.
“Denial isn’t the way to forgiveness.” Can talk about Hogan denied Sting.
The Crow can represent Sting.
“So here we are. Back where it began.” Can be used as a reference to Bound For Glory.
This not only was the theme for Bound For Glory in 2011, but it was used on mainstream Rock stations, ESPN, and the list goes on. Unless I can recall otherwise, this was the first mainstream theme that TNA actually used at one of their Pay-Per-Views.

01: “My Way” – Limp Bizkit
(WARNING: This song does contain EXPLICIT Lyrics)
I could not think of a much more appropriate choice to be number 1 on my list. The theme song to what many feel is the best Pay-Per-View in the entire history of WWE. The timing could not have been any better. Six days earlier on The Nashville Network, the Monday Night Wars officially ended as Mr. McMahon gave his simulcast to both TNN and Turner Network Television. At the end of the broadcast of the final WCW Monday Nitro, TNT aired a promo for WrestleMania X7. “…Someday you’ll see things my way…” when those lyrics aired in the promo, we saw a glimpse of ‘The Czar of Sports Entertainment’ himself.
“Just one more fight, about your leadership…” can be used as a reference to Mr. McMahon.
“Just one more fight, and I’ll be history…” could be used as a reference to the end of the Attitude Era.
Many wrestling fans site WrestleMania X7 as the epic conclusion of the Attitude Era. I feel that it ended where it started, at Survivor Series 2001, but that’s a different story. I feel that this song tells the perfect story about Vince McMahon, his leadership, and how he does business.
Who knows, someday, we all may see things his way.”


Well folks, we have reached the end of the fifth edition of the Triple Threat Top 5.
On a side note, I am now on Tout, KEEK, and I also now have a YouTube channel. It’s called TheTMoney35. My backup Tout account is the same as my Twitter name: T_Hughes35. No more hiding behind blogs, and no more hiding my voice. You’ll not only hear my thoughts on wrestling, but of several different other topics as well.
It’s going to be a fun journey, but no worries, I’ll still be blogging about wrestling here on this site.
Also, DK Wrestling Savior, get after it, and get back to blogging soon my friend. We’ll see you in December.

This has been a fun entry folks, who won? I post, you decide.


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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. PhEonYx's Avatar
    A battle of epic proportions I must say. I wish I could have gone forth and battled it out with you two titans.... That being said; "shit happens".

    Now down to business!!
    Let's GET IT ON!!!

    Both of you had exceptional lists. Choosing whom to vote for was brain racking in sense. Hell, I even looked at my own rough sketch as to "My Top 5" and you both had some of my very own picks. So this vote merely boils down to "the order in which you've chosen to place your song choices". That being said, it was a battle between The Savior's #4 song- Drowning Pool-Bodies, and T-H35's #5 song- Marilyn Manson- Fight Music. (both were in that very order on my own list).

    Winner; The Savior.

    Excellent lists guys.
  2. Spankyspank22's Avatar
    My top five honestly.
    1.Saliva- Ladies and gentlemen
    2.Drowning Pool- let the bodies hit the floor
    3. Trapt- Headstrong
    4. Limp Bizkit-My Way
    5. Marilyn Manson-The fight Song

    But I like your lists.
  3. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Going with DK here
  4. The Piper's Avatar
    DK, I loved Ladies and Gentleman as the WM 23 Theme.
  5. the_viper's Avatar
    DK wins in my book because that WM 23 song pumped me up.
  6. AWrestlingGod's Avatar
    That song Always by Saliva for the Survivor Series 2002 ppv was my favorite, but great list man
  7. Joonny's Avatar
    Extreme Rules 2009
    - Sick Puppies - You're going down

    One of the better you guys haven't mentioned.

    DK Wrestling Savior
    ​is my pick.

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