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Who are the Aces and Eights?

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Well hello there EWN Readers! This is Kylos, the EWN Facebook admin, here once again to give you a rare blog entry.

This blog will focus on the current TNA storyline of the Aces and Eights, a "Brotherhood" of thugs, who have been terrorizing TNA and its performers for months now.

*SPOILER ALERT* It was revealed last night at Bound for Glory that Devon, the former Television Champion, is a member of the group.

There is much speculation into who could be members of the group. I have seen some pretty radical speculations by readers, and I can assure you, no one saw the surprise of Devon coming. He had us all fooled into thinking he was no longer in TNA, and heading over to the WWE, he even posted a picture of himself wearing an old "RAW" shirt. Did he really leave TNA and forfeit his title? Or was it just an elaborate ruse to "work" the internet fans.

So without any further delay, lets look into who could be, or could not be a member of the Aces and Eights.

Jeff Jarrett - Since the storyline began, people have been repeating this name. He has plenty of motives, what with being sent to Mexico, and seeing the likes of Hogan taking up all the airtime on a show he used to dominate.
It is very likely he will be behind this, but its not guaranteed, so just like anyone else on this list, don't believe it til you see it.

Eric Bischoff - Even I have to admit this whole thing stinks of Bischoff. You can still smell the feces from the last time we saw him on TV. Every group needs a mastermind, someone who knows the business well, and we all know how he helped out the New World Order back in the day. He has motives too, mainly revenge, just like Jarrett.

Hulk Hogan - You may be thinking.. am I being serious?? Well I can say I am deadly serious. Although Hogan has been a main target for Aces and Eights, don't you find it pretty funny that the group is able to come and go so easily? Have you noticed how they targeted Sting first? What about when Hogan came out last night and used his super punches to knock out a full gang of them before revealing Devon?
Did you notice just how easily Aces and Eights won their match? Why didn't Hogan send down the troops when they started to gang up on Bully and Sting? It all seems too convenient to me.

Garrett Bischoff - With Devon being revealed, and the look on Garrett's face when Hogan didn't pick him for the TV title match, you have to wonder whether he has joined the group in an attempt to gain power. He is a Bischoff after all, and he definitely wasn't getting over as a Face.

Wes Brisco - He is probably the most obvious one of the group. He was the one who smashed up Joseph Park's laptop. He has been there since the beginning, and he even appears in backstage segments, unmasked, and talking to other wrestlers about getting a possible spot on the roster.

Luke Gallows - One former WWE guy that has been speculated by many to be a member of the group. Was he the bald guy who had his back to Sting and Hogan when they were taken hostage?

D'Lo Brown - Really? Really? .. YES! There are three major clues to why D'Lo is a member of the group. 1) His Twitter handle was linked to the Aces and Eights twitter 2) He was in the room when Bruce Prichard said that anyone could be working for them, even those in power, or working as road agents. 3) Prichard pointed out his incompetence by allowing Matt Morgan to interfere in a live event.

Mike Knox - He did tryouts for TNA lately, and the group does have a pretty big man, of similar size and stature. Seems highly probable he is playing the main speaking role.

From this point on it gets tricky, lets take a look at some possible members, although they might seem a little farfetched.. if Devon can be a member, then almost anything is possible.

Crimson - True, he had a winning streak, he lost to James Storm, then he got sent to OVW. He could fit in so well though? Maybe he wanted revenge on James Storm, so they tried to set him up and make the roster paranoid in the process?

D'Angelo Dinero - The pope picked up an injury, and he was forced out of the BFG series. He could have already been a member though, and just sold the beat down by the Aces and Eights to throw us off the scent. That's what they did with Devon, they found a way to make us forget, and I am sure The Pope has the motives, he has been irrelevant since Hogan came into TNA.

Gunner & Kid Kash - More wrestlers who have been put on the back burner as of late. Maybe they have been working all along, and we didn't know it? I could definitely see both of them in the group.

Mr Anderson - Since his last World title run, he has really been resigned to the mid-card. Hogan respects him, even if he is an asshole, and he could easily be one of the bigger names in the group. Notice how he hasn't been involved in the Aces and Eights storyline whatsoever?

Samoa Joe - Joe is one man who could really shock a lot of people. Could you imagine the reaction? It would establish him as a top heel once again, and he would be a major force. Samoa Joe has always been a bit of loner though, so it is somewhat of a long shot... but although Joe has mentioned the group one or two times, hes never been there to help fight the good fight against them... and they have totally avoided him too.

The rest of Aces and Eights could easily be filled with unknown wrestlers as fodder, but lets speculate who could NOT be a member.

Austin Aries, Jeff Hardy, Bully Ray, Sting, James Storm, Zema Ion, AJ Styles, Kurt Angle. Abyss/Joseph Park and Bobby Roode.

What do all these guys have in common? Well they have either 1) Fought against the group 2) Being attacked by the group or 3) Being taken hostage by them.

It is not impossible for any of these to be members, but with the amount of time these wrestlers have been involved with the group, you feel like these are names to defend the company against terror.

What do you think? Leave your comments below. I hope you enjoyed the blog, and I would appreciate feedback and a rating. Thanks!

Until next time...

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  1. gank's Avatar
  2. MjBryan17's Avatar
    [QUOTE=gank;bt67856]Its clearly that Erick Bischoff and Matt Hardy are members :[/QUO

    Nicely done. I'm thinking that is Bischoff talking, seems to match his style and whoever it is, is good on the mic, which we all know Eric can speak on the mic. The delivery sounds like a Bischoff promo. All theory tho, and if it is Eric talking that doesn't mean he's behind it. They are masked men with a voice distorter, TNA could easily change whose behind it at any moment. I think Matt is a long shot, he speaks with an accent, he cuts promos just like his bro, Jeff. The guy that is speaking also seems to me to be a large dude, Matt and Eric don't seem that big to me, however I could be very wrong. It could easily be Devon, even Devon with Eric speaking. Notice how the speaker is completely covered up recently, face completely covered and he's wearing gloves, he could easily be a black man, you can't tell
  3. MjBryan17's Avatar
    Also would like to point out that if you look at the last pick on this blog, you will notice that the center man is wearing glasses and does appear to be a black man when compared to the others. Why cover him up so much and not the others? Doesn't Devon wear glasses? Look at the shape of them. All in all, this is a mystery worth speculation and is interesting. Only time will tell. Props to Kylos for the great read. My gut still tells me Parks/Abyss have something to do with this, but we shall see. Once again, great well thought out blog and props to gank for the detective work. Keep'em comin!
  4. Sahu's Avatar
    I feel Abyss is also a part of it n the big man is AByss...but Joseph Parks is not aware of this n he's searching his alter ego Abyss.....when Parks realises he n Abyss are same, he'll go against the group n the group will be ended by Abyss..

    But, if the leader turns out to be'll be a huge thing....

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