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Building Up : Daniel Bryan Vs Undertaker Wrestlemania 29

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Being a scriptwriter at my school I wanted to make a new blog series of random wrestlers thrown into different feuds, and my viewpoint on how it will happen.

First Segment, Smackdown

(Daniel Bryan is in the ring)

Daniel Bryan: Ladies and Gentleman I am the true Phenom of the WWE. People thought my first title reign as World Heavyweight Champion was a fluke..Right? Well look at me now! Once Again I am a World Heavyweight Champion! Last year I was constantly held down by that Big Red Freak Kane when I realized being a tag team champion is great in all, but no one deserves to team with me, as I am above everyone else in the roster, and the most dangerous man in the WWE.

(Crowd Boos)

Daniel Bryan: Don't Believe me? Why don't you ask Kane?

(Video Package shows Daniel Bryan jumping off the turnbuckle on top of Kane who has a chair wrapped around his neck)

Daniel Bryan: Aweee (boos) Looks like Kane can't make it tonight, as a matter of fact he can't make it next week and the week after that all because of me. The Greatest World Heavyweight Champion in history! Yes! Yes!

(Light goes out)

Daniel Bryan: Okay whose bright idea is this, haha I'm the World Champion, show me some respect whoever you are, Show me who you are!!

(Lighting strikes near Daniel Bryan, Light comes back on)

Daniel Bryan looks confused, and leaves the ring with his world title.

(Concludes segment)

Next Segment, Smackdown

(Daniel Bryan comes to the ring)

Daniel Bryan: Last week I was in the ring when some lame brain turned the lights off and used some sort of special effects to make lighting strike the ring... How dare you, I could have been seriously burn by that stunt, if that lightning strike would have hit me, I swear to god I would have hunt whoever did it, and I will sue you for everything you are worth.


Daniel Bryan: You people think I'm scared right (Crowd chants yes) Well I'm not I am a man;s man, I fear nothing, no man, I'm the most dangerous man in the WWE, I am the World Champion and its going to take a lot more than some special effects, and turning the lights off to scare me.

(Undertakers gong hits, the lights go out)

Daniel Bryan: Undertaker, it was you. Where you going appear huh? Magically appear behind me? Come out Undertaker you coward, I'm ready for you Deadman I'm Ready.

(Lights come on, Undertaker is in the Ring, Crowd goes crazy, Daniel Bryan is no where in the ring, Undertaker starts checking around when Daniel Bryan appears from under the ring and strikes him with his belt, looks at him and laughs)

Daniel Bryan: Wow, Deadman you really lost a step, you going to try to do that little thing where you sit up huh? Well Guess what its not happening tonight.

(Daniel Bryan destroys The Undertaker hitting him with the mic cutting him open)

Daniel Bryan: Really this is the big dog, that everyone is so afraid of, Look Deadman I'm the most dangerous man in the WWE, and your little scare tactics does not work with me, I'm the phenom.

(Daniel Bryan hits him again with the mic)

Daniel Bryan: You claim to be a deadman right? Well tonight I'm going to put you where you belong in the ground.

(Daniel Bryan goes outside gets a chair, and places it around undertakers neck, and goes to the top, when taker jumps up, and goes and grabs Bryan's neck, Bryan is able to grab takers arm and jump off the turnbuckle to the outside, hurting takers arm in the process, grabs his title and then leaves, Undertaker is in the ring clutching his arm looking at Daniel Bryan.)

End Segment

Next Segment, Smackdown

(Daniel Bryan appears via satellite, with Michael Cole interviewing him)

Michael Cole: Now Daniel Bryan in recent weeks it seems like you have been experiencing some problems with the return with The Undertaker.

Daniel Bryan: Problems? There is no problems, last week you saw what I did with The Undertaker I dealt with the problem head on, I made your precious phenom look weak, and less than 5 mins, so I think Undertaker knows not to mess with me anymore if he knows whats good for him.

Michael Cole: Well Bryan, how do you feel about next week Shawn Michaels is going to be on Raw and has some words for you, is there anything you like to accomplish next week when you come face to face with Shawn,

Daniel Bryan: I don't know what Shawn wants, but next week on Raw, I will come face to face with The Heartbreak Kid and to tell you the truth there are thins I wanted to say and do to him for extremely a long time, but I don't have time to explain it, as a matter fact all you fans can see for yourself on Monday.

Michael Cole: But Bryan.

Daniel Bryan: No more questions, No more, No! No! No!

(End Segment)

Next Show, Raw Segment:

(Shawn Michaels comes to the ring and grabs a mic)

Shawn Michaels: Lets get down to business, Daniel Bryan come down here, I like to share a few words with you, and I don't have all night.

(Daniel Bryan comes to the ring and even mocks HBK's entrance doing his signature pose on the entrance ramp)

Daniel Bryan: Well better start talking, because I am the World Champion, and I am a very busy man as well.

Shawn Michaels: look, we have known each other for a long time, as a little know fact I helped train you back in San Antonio Texas. And since then I have seen you become one of the greatest wrestlers in the world.

Daniel Bryan: Stop right there, you saw me become the greatest wrestler in the world.


Shawn Michaels: Okay, okay, well I notice lately you have been dealing with a big problem with a certain someone, a certain legend, a certain Deadman.

Daniel Bryan: No! No! I do not have a problem with the Deadman! As a matter of fact let me tell you something, I dealt with this problem 2 weeks ago, it seems like you are experiencing a little selective memories so let me recap what I did to him 2 weeks ago.

(Recap of Daniel Bryan destroying The Undertaker)

Daniel Bryan: You see I don't have a problem with Deadman.

Shawn Michael: But you see the thing is The Deadman has a problem with you. And if you think that's going to stop him from trying to destroy you, and tearing you limb from limb, well then you got another thing coming Bryan.

Daniel Bryan: The Deadman has a problem with me? Well guess what. So does the rest of the roster. So do the igonrant people in this arena today. So does the entire world. But guess what it doesn't matter, becomes I am the World Heavyweight Champion . Yes! Yes! Ye..

Shawn Michael: Stop! Don't you realize how serious this situation is, I've dealt with the Deadman, he was the one that ended my career, and I'm just trying to give you a heads up because I talked to the GM, and she said at Wrestlemania Daniel Bryan you will defend your World Title against The Undertaker.

Daniel Bryan: That's great, you mean to tell me I'm going to get the chance to end the streak.

(Shawn Michaels nods)

Daniel Bryan: Well guess what Shawn, as the greatest wrestler of all time, I'm going to go to Wrestlemania walk down the aisle, look in the eyes of the Undertaker and tear the Deadman limb from limb, and I will not only defeat him I wll make the Deadman tap!

Shawn Michaels: Daniel Bryan, listen being the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels, Being a Hall of Famer, Being Mr.Wrestlemania, Daniel Bryan I believe I have the right to say to you that sir you are not ready! You are not ready!

Daniel Bryan: Shawn listen with due respect, I'm only 31 and I'm already better than you ever were, Shawn as a matter of fact I was better than you before I got to WWE, Yeah I'm going a little offscript. But I'm tired of the fact you, and all these other legends like The Undertaker, can't respect the fact to give it up and just accept the fact that there are younger better guys than you, before I got to WWE I was having 45-60 min matches, better than any of the matches you had with Bret Hart, Triple H, and The Undertaker, and your telling me I'm not ready. I was born ready, I have work to hard to get to where I am today, from losing my title at Wrestlemania to 18 secs, to being hold down by Kane for a majority of last year, I am going into Wrestlemania to win, I won't lose to the Undertaker Shawn, as a matter of fact I can't lose to the Undertaker.

(Gong, lights go out)

(Undertaker appears behind Daniel Bryan, and picks him up for a tombstone,and just when he had him in position, Shawn Michaels Superkicks Undertaker out of nowhere, Daniel Bryan is on the ground looking at Shawn shocked, when Shawn extends and shakes Bryan's hand, Shawn picks up the mic one more time)

Shawn Michaels: At Wrestlemania Daniel Bryan, you have to beat The Undertaker, and I will be in your corner, I know a lot of these people probably don't believe you, but I believe in you, out of every one who has ever faced Undertaker in his whole streak, you have what it takes to beat him, you have not just the heart, you are one of the greatest technical wrestlers in our generation, and with you under my wing again, you will beat the Undertaker at Wrestlemania.

(Daniel Bryan hugs Shawn Michaels, to end the show)

Final Raw heading into Wrestlemania

(Shawn Michaels Music plays and HBK comes out to boos, when Daniel Bryan music plays and they both walk to the ring together.)

Shawn Michaels: Last week, I did something that some of you may not have liked, but it needed to be done. Daniel Bryan whether you people know it or not is the best in-ring technician in wrestling today, and in many ways reminds me of me. I'm not managing Daniel Bryan in hopes he can beat The Undertaker so I can feel a since of redemption, I'm doing this because I have come to terms that this new generation of wrestlers need a leader, and Daniel Bryan is the right man for the job. I retired, and I haven't wrestled a single match since, because I understand that its time for the young guns, the new generation to own the spotlight, And when he beats The Undertaker at Wrestlemania it will signify the start of the new generation.

Daniel Bryan: Anddd. It will signify the start of the era of Daniel Bryan! Yes! Yes! Yes!

(Gong The Undertaker makes his old school entrance and walks to the ring and points to the titantron, which has a video package showing Undertaker's career highlights, and his wrestlemania in streak. The video ends and Undertaker walks towards Daniel Bryan and does his signature throat cutting taunt. Daniel Bryan in turn begins to shake his head violently and lifts his world title above his head. Daniel Bryan turns to Shawn Michaels.

Daniel Bryan: Shawn, I appreciate everything you have said and done for me, but at Wrestlemania, I don't want you in my corner. Because looking at the Deadman right now, I know I can beat him, I know I can break him, I know I can make him tap.

(Shawn Michaels looks at both of them, and walks out, as Daniel Bryan and Undertaker continue to stare at each other, when Undertaker smiles at Daniel Bryan, the lights go out out of nowhere and then turn back on with Undertaker disappeared, Daniel Bryan is all alone when he raises the World Title as he stands alone)

End Show

That's it hope you guys like it, leave thoughts below on what you would have done differently, and if I should do another one choose the wrestlers, I will write the build up.

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  1. AWrestlingGod's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DK Wrestling Savior
    Script writer? If you plan on making that a career, I would advise you to choose another career path. First, your grammar is terrible. Second, ZERO creativity behind this. All you did was take Daniel Bryan, make him CM Punk, throw HBK in there, and somehow think that HBK and Undertaker are going to be advocates of pushing the younger generation. No one did it for them. They're not going to do it for anyone else.

    Get real dude. All you did was push your agenda at having this huge love crush on Daniel Bryan. And please, don't be a script writer.
    I did have it in script format but you can't attach Celtix documents into the blog, and the reason why my grammar is messed up is because I wrote it how I believe Daniel Bryan would say it, that's why you see a lot of must up words like "Haha, and andd" are purposely put in the script because that's I feel Daniel Bryan would actually talk. I added Shawn Michaels because he helped trained Daniel Bryan and it would add more to the story, and I didn't rip CM Punk.. CM Punk is demanding respect, Daniel Bryan is just being cocky and honestly believes he is the best, and is still chanting Yes! Yes! like Daniel Bryan. They may seem similar but I did not "make him into CM Punk" I wanted to make Daniel Bryan look strong heading into Wrestlemania. I am a huge fan of Daniel Bryan as I am a great fan of wrestlers, but I don't have a man-crush on him. I was even considering doing a Undertaker Vs Sheamus feud for my blog, but I wanted to do something out of left field.
  2. Vondraco's Avatar
    I do agree that there's a lot of similarity to Punk's storyline and character right now. And while the grammar might need some work it's nowhere near the worst I've seen here. Bringing HBK in was a nice touch. Maybe play up the Kane/Bryan feud a bit more strongly, giving 'Taker more of a reason to come after Bryan.

    Now in the OP's defense, there's not really much you can do different with a cocky heel. I think that people will draw comparisons to Punk from Ziggler when he gets to be champion as well. I did go back and check and this post didn't have Bryan doing the constant demanding of "respect" that we get from Punk ("respect" occurred only 3 times in the entire blog), even though there was the "greatest of all time" line -- but again, that's what a heel champ does.

    That being said, I think that if WWE wants to keep Bryan a heel, then something does need to be done with the character to make it not so "Punk-like." We've got the Straight Edge and the vegan. We've got two excellent smaller wrestlers. We've got both of them insisting that they're incredible, from Punk's demand for respect to Bryan's "I am the tag team champions!" I think this blog did have Bryan acting a lot like Punk, but I think it's because he DOES act a lot like Punk.
  3. akbar's Avatar
    The grammar ain't even that bad, and while I'm not a fan of these kind of 'being the creative writer' blogs, some people are just posting unnecessary dumb insults.
  4. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I'd rather see Taker face other opponents rather than Bryan like Cena, Lesnar, Sheamus, or even Punk before Daniel bryan. Daniel Bryan is my favorite wrestler right now. I want him to face Jericho at WM 29!!
  5. owenhart4life's Avatar
  6. Sahu's Avatar
    The grammar ain't even that bad, and while I'm not a fan of these kind of 'being the creative writer' blogs, some people are just posting unnecessary dumb insults.
    I accept with it...why are you insulting a blog which is clean n not insulting any wrestler??

    Again, aint it Bryan Danielson who used the gimmick BEST IN THE WORLD gimmick before Punk on Indies???

    Coming to the topic, it is a good blog and I enjoyed the story line...
  7. AWrestlingGod's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sahu
    I accept with it...why are you insulting a blog which is clean n not insulting any wrestler??

    Again, aint it Bryan Danielson who used the gimmick BEST IN THE WORLD gimmick before Punk on Indies???

    Coming to the topic, it is a good blog and I enjoyed the story line...
    I was a huge Bryan Danielson fan back in Ring of Honor when he used the Best in the World gimmick so that was added into the storyline as well, I added little bits of his history such as his training with Shawn Michaels, and the fact that he was the best of the world before CM Punk ever start using the gimmick
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