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Bound for Glory Review - October 14, 2012

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OK, this will not be a play-by-play recap, more of a quick analysis of the matches and where they’re going with this.

Match #1 – X Division Championship
Zema Icon (c) vs Rob Van Damme
Who I want to win: RVD
Who I think will win: Zema Ion
Who won: RVD
Record: 0/1

I was totally surprised by this result. I fully expected Ion to hold onto the championship until Sorenson got back. Maybe Sorenson is having a hard time recovering from his injury and they’re trying to fill some time, I don’t know. I think it was a great match, however, and these two can put on a decent showing against each other. I wanted RVD to win just because I’m a fan of his from way back; I didn’t think he would though.

I see a prolonged feud with RVD and Ion. New blood vs old guard. RVD can put Ion over and when Sorenson gets back it’ll actually make it look like Sorenson has a challenge.

Match #2 – Television Championship
Samoa Joe (c) vs Magnus
Who I want to win: Samoa Joe
Who I think will win: Samoa Joe
Who won: Samoa Joe
Record: 1/2

I know a lot of people are saying Magnus is one of the rising stars in TNA. I agree with them, but that being said, I just don’t think he’s ready yet. Very soon, though, he’ll get his time in the limelight. Just not today.

Match #3 –Street Fight
James Storm vs Bobby Roode
Who I want to win: James Storm
Who I think will win: James Storm
Who won: James Storm
Record: 2/3

This was a freaking AWSOME match. Easily one of the best of the night, if not the entire year. WWE will never match this with their PG rating. King Mo as the special enforcer was not involved as much as I expected him to be , which frankly I think is good. I fully expected Storm to win, not a big shocker there. I’m hoping that this brings a close to the storyline; I enjoyed it, it was great, but move on now.

There are times in my life when (probably like most of you) I’ve fantasized about being a pro wrestler. This match was a perfect example of why I could never do it. This was brutal. Sure, scripted, fake, whatever you want to call it, this match … just NO. HELL NO. I give massive props to both Roode and Storm for what they did there.

Match #4 – TNA Contract match
Joey Ryan vs Al Snow
Who I want to win: Joey Ryan
Who I think will win: Joey Ran
Who won: Joey Ryan
Record: 3/4

I think that everybody knew that Joey Ryan was going to win this match. The storyline would have had little point if he lost. I actually thought it was kind of amusing that Ryan is the “Sleazemeister” while Snow was from Cleveland. I’ve lived in Ohio, and Cleveland was one of the sleaziest cities in the area, after Chicago. I did NOT expect Matt Morgan to make an appearance, however. That was a total surprise; I figured he’d be a part of the Aces&Eights team. He still could be, of course, we only got to see one member tonight.

Match #5– Tag Tean Championship
Daniels/Kazarian (c) vs Chavo/Hernandez vs Angle/Styles
Who I want to win: Angle/Styles
Who I think will win: Chavo/Hernandez
Who won: Chavo/Hernandez
Record: 4/5

I’m originally from the Pittsburgh area, so of course I’m going to be rooting for Angle. I think that TNA is pushing Chavo now to try and exploit his relationship with Eddie. I’m not AGAINST that, I mean, it’s good business, but still … be honest … Chavo is no Eddie. Daniels and Kaz had a decent run, but they’re getting a bit worn. I like them, I like their gimmick and such, but TBH I really prefer Daniels as a face. Kaz, now, I wouldn’t notice if he were gone from the roster. I just don’t see the point of the guy.

Match #6 –Knockouts Championship
Brooke Tessmacher (c) vs Tara
Who I want to win: Tessmacher
Who I think will win: Tara
Who won: Tara
Record: 5/6

Like the previous match, I’m living in Houston today, so I’m rooting for Brooke. And honestly I think she is twice as hot as Tara. (Yes, I watch her matches with no pants on.) I figured Tara would win, Brooke I see as more an interim champion. TNA really needs to get their Knockouts division back up to par; it’s not good as of late. But I’m still drooling for Brooke.

Match #7 – A&8 Match
Sting/Bully Ray vs Aces and Eights
Who I want to win: Aces and Eights
Who I think will win: Aces and Eights
Who won: Aces and Eights
Record: 6/7

OK, this match floored me. Not the match itself, which was lackluster at best, but the reveal at the end. I fully expected A&8 to win, otherwise what’s the point of the storyline? But Devon? Seriously?

Bully Ray did a decent job acting surprised and horrified there, gotta give him credit. And I really, really loved Bully coming out with the face paint, which was a nice touch. I kept waiting for him to turn on Sting, though, have to be honest. This took me WAY by surprise. Kudos to TNA for keeping things interesting.

Match #8 – World Heavyweight Championship
Austin Aries (c) vs Jeff Hardy
Who I want to win: Austin Aries
Who I think will win: Jeff Hardy
Who won: Jeff Hardy
Record: 7/8

Aries actually got a big pop when this match started, despite TNA trying to push him as a heel or tweener lately. And this continued through the match, which makes me happy. (I’m not a fan of Hardy.) A Double seems to be very popular with the fans in Phoenix. This match shows why; both of these guys gave a great performance.

I really had a feeling Hardy would win, and he did. I’m seeing a feud between him and A Double for several months. Unfortunately, I think TNA will try to push Aries as a heel now; personally I think he works a lot better as the cocky face. But hey, what do I know?

Hardy as champ makes me sad. I don’t like him, I don’t like his gimmick, I hope TNA gives it to someone (ANYONE) else soon. OK, sure, Robbie E would be worse. But that’s the only one I can think of who would be.

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Updated 10-14-2012 at 11:27 PM by Frank

Thoughts and Opinions


  1. YOUcanCALLmeCRACK's Avatar
    100% in agreement. Maybe AA will win it back on Impact.

    Fingers crossed.
  2. The Phantom Menace's Avatar
    You couldn't be more right!! I'm disappointed that Jeff got the belt, while I like Jeff he's already had & blown his chance to be the man. Aries is a much better wrestler & he could have some great matches with just about anyone. I re-watched Destination X 12 & thought Aries vs. Kid Kash would be a match I'd pay to see.
  3. alcrissam's Avatar
    If you are asking why they chose Devon, it's because hulk hogan used to praise him backstage when he was tv champion. So when Devon is in on aces and 8s, hulk feels betrayed because he used to tell Devon all the time he was one of the best tv champions ever.

    As for Jeff hardy, everyone who hates him are like people who hate cena. They give 100% effort into something (Jeff hasn't always been doing it, but as of late this has been his road to redemption) and instantly once something good happens they hate on them. Jeff hardy worked his ass of in that match. Unbelievably great match. It will definately start a great fued with Austin Aries.
  4. pld459666's Avatar
    I don't see the fascination with either of the Hardy's. As a tag team, then can do some special things, but as an individual performers, he does nothing to impress me. He's old and played out. TNA needs to make sure that younger guys maintain top spots. A Double should have the World Strap. Zema Ion SHOULD have the X-Strap. Magnus SHOULD have beat Joe for teh TV Strap. Let that feud be a back and forth affair culminating with a last man standing 1 hour time limit.

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