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Wrestling Today: Fans, Attitude Era, WWE, and TNA

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Hello my skeptical wrestling fans.

I have always said that sorry for my English language but blame the awful teachers here in Sweden.
Well this time I am going to give my opinion about a few topics that bugs me in a different way, either bad or good it doesn’t matter. I still feel that I should write this so I can get it out.

Wrestling fans

I have been a wrestling fan since 1998 and I taped and watched both WCW and WWF. If you didn’t figure this out yet I am from Sweden and I think we don’t have so many diehard fans here. So it’s very rare to talk with people here about wrestling. That’s why I always read everybody’s comments on EWN so I can get a view of how wrestling fans are and what they like or dislike. If we look at today’s fans we read a couple of hatred comments about wrestling today and we praise the wrestling from the past. But to me I think that almost half off you guys like what you are watching, well maybe everything, but most part of it. It doesn’t matter if it is WWE or TNA you still watch it every week even if it is bad or good.

And almost all of you don’t have a good solution or idea of what to improve or change even if we don’t have the power to do anything you can still give us your opinion in a good way. I have read a couple of comments that have “suck” “horrible” “awful” and etc. type of comments and to me if you want to join the “conversation” about the weeks show type a comment that actually matter to the topic. I don’t have any problems with “American wrestling fans” because some of you can actually do a mature conversation with other people and post interesting opinions.

Attitude Era

And to you “Attitude Era fans” and I am one of you guys, Attitude era wasn’t so good compared to today’s storylines/feuds. I have recently watched 2 months of both Raw is War and Smackdown from 2000 because I wanted to know what did we actually like or was it that good that we think it is. So based on the 2 months I recently watched (I know almost everything about AE : D) I actually discovered that it wasn’t so good. Well I should explain myself. Sure we had the McMahon-Helmsley faction which to me was one of the best things ever on WWE TV but apart from that and The Radicalz we didn’t have those good matches on TV, on PPV we always saw a 5star match but on television it was a rare thing.

That’s why I wanted to write about the Best WWF Raw is War matches but I didn’t get a chance by the EWN admins. But I am not going to bash us hardcore wrestling fans because if I do it I shoot myself in the foot. So if you are an AE fan and watch today’s wrestling please have this in your mind: Wrestling will always change but it is still wrestling even if we don’t see the moves we were used to watch.


I should start with that I have watched TNA since 2005 but started to watch it again in 2009 till now. And to me if we look at what TNA is doing now it’s pretty awesome. We have almost a decent or higher storyline on every match on the Bound for Glory PPV card. TNA has done a huge success in my opinion this summer. By just going live was a wonderful thing to do. But what’s sad to me is that even if we had a very nice BFG series for example TNA is still where it was before going live. We have seen really good matches every week and have seen good storylines over this summer, but still we have the ratings talk (and I should be included in that) because if more people actually saw TNA they would see a good wrestling show from the first second to the last second.

I think that TNA have shown that they actually have a chance to push WWE to a limit where WWE needs to do something. But if TNA doesn’t show their product to the whole “world” how they can go to the level WWE is at now. I hope from the bottom of my heart that TNA can go up in viewers a bit so they can expand their product even more. And maybe we get a new battle which doesn’t end in the same ending that it did in 2001.


Anyone interested in AJ? Well not me. I was at the time she was with Bryan but the whole GM thing doesn’t fit her. I was never positive about her as GM of Raw but I thought I should give it a chance because it cannot be worse than Adamle. I was right it wasn’t worse than Adamle but it wasn’t that good either. But I don’t blame AJ that much but the WRITERS! I have been writing on Excel Office about my own Wrestling brand. I included almost every WWF superstar from 2000 and put them in matches and storylines. For the first couple of months it wasn’t that hard to include them in matches and storylines but as the month went it was harder and harder to use my mind and have interesting matches (even if it was only for me I find it amusing)

But if we look at the WRITERS! We have seen no type of effort to entertain us wrestling fans. They use the same type of matches every week. We have a couple of tag matches here and a couple of Singles matches there. Sure it can be interesting if we see it say 3-6 times a month or so but have a Tag Team main event 3 times in a row is just laziness. I would example have maybe a Tornado tag or why not a triple threat steel cage match. Just a nice stipulation so the “Fans” doesn’t change the channel because it’s the PTP vs. Sin Cara and Rey in a regular tag team match or Del Rio vs. Kingston in a singles match. Put a stipulation, not every week maybe but so we can actually wait for the match and don’t regret it later after we figured it out that the match was boring or wasn’t that good.

This was maybe everything that was in my mind about wrestling. I am very known that these type of things get posted on EWN almost every time but I think this was a bit different than the others even if it’s not it was my opinion and I hope you guys can post your own or else my time I wrote this was meaningless.

Thank you EWN for this site so we wrestling fans can talk, express our feelings, be mad, be happy about wrestling in general.

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  1. TheGreatBlueski's Avatar
    I think maybe you picked the wrong six months to study though bro. I think the peak of the Attitude Era for me (can only speak for me) was say 96 to late 99ish. I'm not saying it wasn't good after that but it was slowly changing for the worse. After Russo went over to WCW and WWF was bitchslapping Ted every week I think they took their foot off the gas a little. Basically the company was no longer under threat so some of the cutting edge/OMG factor went out of the product.

    Personally I think Vince is playing a long game with his product. I caught onto wrestling in what is now called the 'Golden Era': Hogan, Savage, Warrior etc etc and when I got to be a pissed off teenager the product changed to match the same mood. The Attitude Era felt like the product growing up with us. The PG Era hopefully will grow up and get edgier and more exciting again when the PG era fans get older and Vince is faced with a choice: change to keep their attention or lose them. I could be giving Vince too much credit though. Maybe he just got edgier in the 90's because he saw the response ECW was getting and cos WCW was kicking him a new hole every week. I dunno.

    It's funny tho if you study hip hop of today compared to the late 90's or rock or even movies... it was all edgier, hipper and cooler back then. It seems like the world is still expanding on and reworking the concepts born in the 90s and a decade and a half into a new millenium we're still waiting for this era to become original and really define itself.

    I also agree with ewantu2 to an extent. Whatever you grew up with you will always look back on with rose tinted glasses. That's how human beings have always been. The first man to live in a mud hut was bitching all day long about how good his old cave was in comparison, trust me.....
  2. nothingmusic42's Avatar
    I'm 33 and have been watching wrestling since Wrestlemania 5. Too me, each era is different, but not necessarily good or bad. In the 80s, it was "Rock and Wrestlin." The matches were atrocious a lot of the times, but the characters were larger than life. I quickly began to hate Hogan (which I still do today). My guys were Piper and Savage.
    Next came the "New Generation" with breakouts by Hart, Micheals (who is another one I've never been a fan of, sorry IWC), etc. Smaller guys who but on far more athletic shows.
    The Attitude Era is remembered so fondly, not because of the matches per se, but because the competition with WCW, with a copious amount of insanity from ECW. That was what makes fans remember the AE so fondly; who was going to be crazier that week: NWO or DX?
    Today, we have WWE going PG so Linda can run for Senate. They also went more family-friendly after the Benoit tragedy.
    I love TNA because they are more adult oriented. Let's face it, competition is good.
    It annoys me when i see the same people complaining about WWE being crap, then screaming that TNA is full of WWE has beens. Guys like RVD and Mr. Andersondon't fit in PG WWE. So, they go to a company where they do fit.
    We, as fans, need to stop bitching about one company or the other sucking, and start promoting all companies, as the competition will only improve the business all around.
  3. Vondraco's Avatar
    Is anyone interested in AJ? Well. I wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating crackers, if you get my meaning!
  4. swanny316's Avatar
    I have to disagree with your AJ Lee comment although sometimes i believe wwe could have gone a different way with the gm story line.
    With regards to the wwe product, the main problem is this PG rating especially when you consider that it restricts C M Punk form really delivering more top promos. On the other you have John Cena Hard working but i hate to see him, he now needs a big character change and he should of turned heel instead of punk. Cena as a heel and punk still a baby face the promos would have sold every pay per view
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