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The Problem With Surprises (TNA BFG Aftermath)

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The Way I See It (TWISI) - The Problem With Surprises (TNA BFG Aftermath)

I didn't plan on writing another blog so quickly, but after watching TNA's Bound for Glory this evening, I have a lot to say. Most of this blog (if not all of it) is simply going to be my opinion, thoughts, etc. on what happened at TNA's biggest pay-per-view of the year. I hope you guys enjoy the read and please feel free to leave comments - agree with me, disagree with me, yell at me, call me a girl - I don't care, just leave whatever is on your mind in a comment!


The Matches

First and foremost, I was incredibly wrong on my predictions I posted a couple of days ago. In that blog, I said this pay-per-view wasn't very predictable and that was evident this evening. While I predicted most of the outcomes incorrectly, I am fine with some of them. However, there are two outcomes in particular that irritate me:

1. Rob Van Dam winning the TNA X-Division Championship

Listen, I know RVD is over with TNA fans around the world. And, along with that, he probably brings in quite a bit of money on merchandise, etc. That's fine, but why have him win the X-Division Championship? In my previous blog, I said I'd be okay with it if he won, but I lied. It accomplishes nothing. The beauty of TNA's X-Division is anyone can beat anyone -- it has a "any given Sunday" feel to it. No one is a bigger star than the division. By putting the belt on RVD, that is no longer the case. When he wrestles the current guys in the division -- Sonjay Dutt, Zema Ion, Douglas Williams, etc. -- it'll constantly be a "David vs. Goliath" battle. He's bigger than the division and because of that fact, he's going to harm the division by being champion. All of his matches are going to appear one-sided on paper and the only way I see him losing the title is in some sort of three-way match where he isn't involved in the finish or something. Bad move, TNA.

Zema Ion was starting to establish himself. When I listened to the crowd's reaction for him at BFG, people hated the guy! That's what you want out of your heels. You want the fans to dislike the individual. Ion was getting over; and he needed that one solid victory to really solidify his spot. And RVD would have been that victory, but instead TNA gave the win to RVD, a win he didn't need. RVD doesn't even want to be in TNA -- and yet, he's now the champion in the division that made TNA what it is today. I hate it. I just hate it.

2. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez winning the TNA Tag Team Champions

I don't know if I'm more disappointed with the finish or the match as a whole. There were some good spots throughout; none better than that springboard move to the outside by AJ Styles. But I guess I hoped they'd accomplish more in this match. For example, they've been building tension between Angle and Styles the past few weeks, so I figured they'd use this platform to set a feud between the two of them in motion. They did not, which was disappointing. Also, I really think Daniels and Kazarian needed to keep the belts because they are TNA's only real solid tag team -- and on top of that, much like Zema Ion, they are over as heels! To me, Guerrero and Hernandez are a formidable team, but they're the kind of duo that is booked for filler purposes only. Extra bodies in a match. I don't think they should have won the belts, at least not yet.

But I digress, it's not as upsetting to me as RVD winning the X-Division championship. I was just really surprised TNA took the belts off Daniels and Kazarian.

3. Spanish announce table

This isn't a match complaint, but it irritated me -- so it fits in this section!

Okay, so while the situation was funny, I couldn't help by wonder why TNA made the Spanish announce team commentate the majority of the show with the monitors on their laps. Seriously, how hard would it have been to move the broken table and replace it with a functioning table? I mean, it's already embarrassing anyway -- Tenay and Taz have a sophisticated announce table, while they had a wooden table with a cloth over it.

It was humorous, but I couldn't understand why they just didn't give them a new table for comfort.

But overall...

The matches were fantastic. The match between James Storm and Bobby Roode was ridiculous! Roode is one of my favorite wrestlers today, but I have so much more respect for him after he took the tacks -- not once, but twice! Super legit and kudos to him. Those two put on a great match, as well as the tag title match -- and of course, the main event was tremendous from start to finish.

I guess I'm okay with Hardy winning. I just thought it would have been better to have Aries retain -- and perhaps have them face off once more and Hardy could win that match. But it's not too upsetting, I just really like Aries. And judging from the fans, so does everyone in Phoenix! I couldn't believe the amount of cheers Aries received to go along with the amount of boos Hardy received. Crazy stuff.

Oh, and I want to mention the Al Snow vs. Joey Ryan match. I was wrong about Al, he can still go in the ring. Matt Morgan coming out during the match caught me off-guard. I was actually surprised by that, so that was cool. I thought he was going to kick Joey too, but apparently not. I'm not sure if those two are going to do something as a tandem now, or if Joey was just in the right place, at the right time. My only complaint: isn't Morgan supposed to be kept away from the ring? I'm not sure why security didn't chase him off -- instead, TNA allowed him to take in the glory inside the ring. That was surprising, but it's not a big deal.

But I repeat once more -- great show, great matches... very solid.

The Problem With Surprises

I'm going a bit of a different direction with this section. The focus is still on Bound for Glory, but I want to talk about some of the "surprises" and "reveals" that went down throughout the show. You see, as the title says, there's a problem with surprises. So much hype, build-up, etc. goes into a "surprise" or a "reveal" that by the time it happens, it's kind of a let down, you know? And there are two in particular that let me down at Bound for Glory.

1. Tara's "Hollywood" boyfriend

First of all, I'm disappointed that I didn't see this one coming. I remember reading an article on this website a while ago that TNA had signed someone from Big Brother. And of course, Tara's boyfriend is "Jesse" from Big Brother. Who in the hell is he? This is what I'm talking about. Tara talks about her "Hollywood" boyfriend for weeks; and in an interview she did this weekend, she said he's a huge star. And again, I repeat, who in the hell is that guy? No one watches Big Brother!

He's unnecessary. He won't accomplish anything in TNA. The company has so many people that are "green" on their roster already: Alex Silva, Rob Terry, etc. They don't need someone else like this "Jesse" guy. He wasn't a big reveal. Everyone was curious who her boyfriend was -- so, I guess in a way TNA accomplished something -- but now no one cares because no one knows who he is!


2. Devon in Aces and Eights

Okay, I have a lot of negative things to say about this "surprise," but I have to say one thing: kudos to TNA for keeping it hidden. As far as I was concerned, Devon was no longer with the company. He was perhaps on his way back to the WWE and that was that. When I thought of the Aces and Eights possibilities, Devon never popped into my head. So, again -- kudos on that, TNA.

And I want to say one thing! No one will believe me, but I knew it was Devon as soon as he hit the ring and put Bully through the table with the Spinebuster. Maybe others had the same thought, but I said openly: "that's Devon." And I'll be damned. I'm proud of myself on that one.

But anyways.. here is the problem.

No one cares about Devon! It's what I was saying earlier: you build something up. Make people care about it so much. You have the attention of everyone. We all want to know: who's it going to be? And it reaches a point to where it's built up so high, that practically any "surprise" or "reveal" is going to be a disappointment.. But come on, Devon? I'll admit, it was a bit shocking in terms of: "what the hell is he doing?" But I wanted it to be someone bigger! TNA thinks Devon is a star, he's not someone I care about! For such a big spot, I expected someone better. But you know what? Like I said, I probably would have been disappointed with anyone in that situation.

I just -- I don't know, I've never liked Devon, so this is very disappointing to me. TNA hid it well, but the disappointment bunny takes the cake for me.


And that's all I really had for you guys. I had so much I wanted to say after watching the show, I just had to post something. Don't get me wrong, I bought this pay-per-view and I'm willing to say that it was $40 well spent, but I just wasn't happy with how a few things went down. But overall, it was a good show -- it had great wrestling and man, oh, man -- that crowd in Arizona was into it!

But yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed the read.

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Thoughts and Opinions


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  1. Sicksnuff17's Avatar
    I agree with Taras BF , Who the hell is that guy ? Seriously I don't know, no joke
  2. Sicksnuff17's Avatar
    I mean agree with almost everything u said like Devon and Ion but Taras BF was such a let down thats like finding out who the killer in "Saw 5" was .. Who the fuck cares
  3. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    To be fair, the thing with Tara was played off as so over the top as it is it makes sense for it to be someone lame.

    I have never been a Devon fan, but at the same time I wonder if that was because he never really had much of a gimmick to go on (or storyline really) or because he was personally lacking. You never hear Devon on the mic.

    If he is the leader of Aces and Eights this is his one shot to be big time if he pulls it off successfully. I can see it working and I can also see it blowing up in their faces.

    I'm only happy to see Rob Van Dam win the X Division Championship because it used to be that the biggest stars would win it and not just "cruiserweights" who would be jobbers if they faced anyone else in the company. It's what made TNA unique and I'm glad to see they put it back on someone who definitely belongs in the X Division based on his moveset but with a bit more star power.

    Just because someone lacks a title does not mean they will fail as heels by the way. I hoped the world tag team champions of the world would retain but let's see where it goes before judging things so harshly.
  4. johnnyvine's Avatar
    I guess not really knowing who Jessie Goddrez is, means that we are going to see some rather stupid stuff from them.
    I thought it would be someone bigger, but I kinda understand why not.

    If Devon is just another member of Aces&Eights I don't care, he has always been boring to me.
    If he is the leader, again I don't care, but if he a preacher like leader and the Aces are his acolytes it might be interesting.
    RVD winning means nothing to me, he is a BORE too.

    Wish Aries could have kept the title, after all he has basically only defended the belt against Roode, since winning it.
    It would of been nice to see him defend it against some others. but somehow I knew Hardy was going to win.
  5. lewism173's Avatar
    sorry but I skimmed through this blog and all I see is bitching and moaning. I watched a great wrestling event last night with not one terrible match. Ryan vs snow wasn't great but oh well. Also you are not giving enough credit about how good the x division, tv and tag matches were.

    Devon was not what I expected therefore I liked it. Remember they still have at least 3 guys to reveal.
  6. alcrissam's Avatar
    Whoever just said Devon has no mic skills........ I can't, I just really can't with some people. Just testify. I leave it at that.

    And to the blog writer, did you see bully ray's reaction? What about hulk hogan? Remember how when Devon was TNA champ hulk used to kayfabe praise him? It was shocking, and to me, my jaw was on the ground too.
  7. Delirious's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by lewism173
    sorry but I skimmed through this blog and all I see is bitching and moaning. I watched a great wrestling event last night with not one terrible match. Ryan vs snow wasn't great but oh well. Also you are not giving enough credit about how good the x division, tv and tag matches were.

    Devon was not what I expected therefore I liked it. Remember they still have at least 3 guys to reveal.
    Perhaps you should have read it? I praised the event many times. I said the matches were terrific. I said I spent $40 on the event and it was money well spent. I didn't have an issue with the event as a whole, I just had some things that irritated and frustrated me. And, again, if you read the blog -- I said from the beginning it was going to be "my opinion on things from BFG."

    Thanks for skimming, though!
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