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What it should be Series October 15th 2012

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Hey this is my second blog/posting what it should be creative series. Each week I will continue to be writing what I believe Raw should be in order to gain ratings and entertain the fans. Each week my blog will follow from the previous actual Raw and provide a realistic approach in how the WWE should write the next show. This week follows the highly entertaining Vince and Punk brawl on Raw. Sorry for any grammar issues or incorrect spelling, and please post your thoughts and opinions, they are very much appreciated.

Monday Night Raw in Nashville TN

(Note: Sunday Night on they announced that Mr. McMahon was attacked in his own home in Stanford late that afternoon and more information will be announced on Raw).

WWE Video intro package “Then, Now, Forever”

The commentators (JBL, JR and Michael Cole), address the fact that Vince M was assaulted in his own house yesterday afternoon and he is currently in hospital under observations as he suffered a concussion from being hit from the back of his head. They show pictures on the titantron of police outside Vince M house and the living room where the crime took place. The announcers state that the attacker is unknown, but many people are speculating the possibility of CM Punk based on last weeks episode. They also mention that tonight CM Punk must decide whom he will face at Hell in a Cell, John Cena or Ryback.

CM Punk appears on the titantron

CM Punk, “I just wanted to set the record straight with everyone, I did not attack or have anything to do with Vince M getting assaulted in his own house late yesterday afternoon. But Vince on behalf of the best in the world and your WWE champion, I would like to wish you the best and hope you have a speedy recovery”.

“See it’s quite ironic that last week on Raw I was kicking your ass so badly that you would have ended up in a hospital bed, and now you are in one, one week later. Vince I’m not going to lie, I wish I did attack you, to teach you a lesson in respect but in reality I didn’t and for those people who want to be disrespectful and don’t believe me for my word, ask anybody in the WWE locker room but John Cena because I was at the Knoxville Civic Coliseum at a WWE super show late last afternoon. So Vince since I didn’t do it there is only one other possible culprit and that is your beloved poster boy John Cena.”

“Now you and the rest of these dumb witted fans might not be able to comprehend this but truth be told John Cena was nowhere to be seen yesterday, and its no lie that with Cena’s age and current injuries, you Vince are looking for your new poster boy and you think you found it in Ryback. See it’s been eating Cena alive, that after all his sweat and tears for this company, you are ready to push him to the side and replace him and that didn’t set too well for Cena, did it? Cena actually believed that you wanted him to face me at HIAC in two weeks, but after your stunt last week Cena is starting to second-guess himself and his position in this company, resulting in him attacking you in your home to prevent him from losing his position. But what you, Cena and everybody else don’t understand (starts yelling) is that I overcome the odds I beat the so called poster boy and became the face of the WWE because, I’m the WWE champion, I make this company what it is, my face is on the poster, I have the DVD’s and its because I’m the best in the world and I still don’t earn your respect and its because of this disrespect that I have to choose my opponent at HIAC later tonight, when neither wrestler is in my league and I should be having the night off”.

“So I will be hear live, later tonight and I will choose my opponent, but I want to make it clear that whoever I face in the cell, they will be facing the best wrestler in the world and will get their ass beat, because after HIAC is over and done, I will still be the WWE champion.”

Announces run through some segments tonight
• CM Punk will choose his opponent, Ryback or Cena
• Kane vs. Dolph Ziggler
• The Big show vs. Randy Orton (Raw active)
• Miz TV with Kofi Kingston

Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara make there way to the ring (commercial Break)

Match 1-Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs. Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow (Tag-Team Tournament Finals)

Winner: Cody Rhodes and Sandow (12 minute match with 1 commercial)

The ending saw, Sin Cara miss a top rope splash to the outside resulting in Cody Rhodes distracting the referee and Sandow hitting Rey in the head with Brass Knuckles for the 3.

After the match Sandow and Rhodes celebrate while Cara is checking on a knocked out Rey.

Commercial Break.

Eve is on commentary

Match 2- Layla vs. Kaitlyn vs. Natalya vs. Beth Phoenix (Fatal 4 way Number 1 contender-ship)

Winner: Beth P via Glam slam on Kaitlyn (5 minutes)

After the match, Eve holds her championship in the air while Beth looks at her. Beth then gets out of the ring and charges at Eve. They Brawl around and on the announce table where referees and agents rush to the scene and break them up.

Backstage Ryback is walking in the corridor and he is in action next. (Commercial Break)

Match 3- Ryback vs. Hunico and Camacho (2 on 1 Handy Cap)

Winner: Ryback (3 minutes)

Ryback wins with his finisher on both Hunico and Camacho.

After the match Ryback signified with his hands that he wants the WWE championship around his waist.

As Ryback is walking up the ramp, Cena’s music hits and he stares at Ryback and then he heads to the ring while Ryback heads to the back.

Commercial Break

John Cena, “Earlier tonight CM Punk accused me on attacking Vince M in his own home late last afternoon. Well that is a whole load of crap, and you CM Punk know it, Vince knows it, and the WWE Universe knows it. Why the hell would I attack my boss and risk doing what I love? In case there are any doubts on where I was yesterday afternoon, I was visiting a hospital, putting a smile on kid’s faces. So CM Punk don’t you dare shift the blame and accuse me. How do we know you didn’t set the whole thing up and get someone to do your dirty work for you? (Yells) You are nothing more than a sorry ignorant son of a bitch, and come later tonight you will choose me because you want to gain respect, but sorry jack come Hell in a Cell I will kick your ass and be the next WWE Champion”

Triple H music hits, he walks to the ring and stares at Cena, who has a concerned look on his face.

Triple H, (who looks pissed). “Cena get the hell out of this ring, I got some business to take care of”.

Cena looks at Triple H and leaves the ring, walking up the ramp and heads to the back.

Triple H, “I didn’t come out here to be Triple H the professional wrestler, I came out here as Paul Michael Levesque. I wanted to tell everybody that whoever attacked my father in law Vince, I will deal with you personally and give you much more of a punishment than any flimsy assault charge. Do you understand what you have done; you have brought pain and tears to my wife Stephanie and children. See I’m not worried about Vince, because he is a grown man who will be fine in a couple of days, I’m worried about my family being scared that the culprit, will attack them to send another message to Vince, because this is not a random burglary like the police think, this is someone who has a personal vendetta against Vince. So let me make this clear, whoever you are, I will find you, and when I do you better be prepared. I will give you the worst beating in your lifetime that it will send you straight to a hospital bed, permanently. So everyday when you are lying in bed, eating your food out of a straw, I want you to remember that you messed with the wrong family”.

He throws the microphone and leaves the ring.

Commercial Break.

Match 4- Antonio Cesaro vs. Justin Gabriel

Winners: Antonio Cesaro (4 minutes)

After the match Ceasro attacks Gabriel and goes for another neutralizer, but Tyson kid runs out for the save and hits a spring board drop kick on Cesaro, who then bails.

Backstage in AJ’s office Rey and Sin Cara walk in:

Rey, “AJ I’m not one to complain but Rhodes and Sandow cheated against us to win the number one contender ship for the tag-team championships. “
AJ” Rey I can see where you are coming from, but with Mr. McMahons recent attack, I’ve got a lot of things on my plate. What exactly do you want me to do because I cannot reverse the officials decision”.
Rey: “We just wanted a rematch, but if you’re too busy we can go talk to booker T”
AJ, “what no, don’t worry about it. I will deal with it later tonight”.

Commercial break with the announces answering that tonight’s main event of Orton and Big show has Raw Active stipulations with a. 2 out of 3 Falls b. Submission c. Street Fight

Match 5- R-Truth, Brodus Clay and Santino vs. Drew M, Heath Slater and Jinder M (six man tag-team match)

Winners: Drew M, Slater and Jinder M (4 minutes)

Backstage they show Kane walking ready for his match next.

Commercial break

Match 6: Kane vs. Dolph Ziggler

Winner: Kane via DQ (9 minutes)

During the match Rhodes and Sandow come out with chairs and attack Kane. Dolph joined in and it was a three on one assault. Daniel Bryan’s music hits and he comes out for the save, but eventually the three on two advantage catches up to him and Rhodes, Sandow and Ziggler, beat down both Kane and Bryan with chairs. Rey M and Cara come out and clear the ring. They help Kane and Bryan get up.

When Sandow and Rhodes are on the ramp, AJ’s music hits.

AJ, ”Due to Sandow and Rhodes cheating tonight in the Tag-team championship finals, I see it fitting for at HIAC, we have Daniel Bryan and Kane defend their tag-team championships against, Cody Rhodes/Damian Sandow and Rey Mysterio/ Sin Cara in a triple threat tag-team match”.

AJ walks off, while Rhodes and Sandow are complaining, with Bryan and Kane now staring at Rey Mysterio and Cara in the ring.

Announced next Miz TV with Kofi Kingston –Commercial break

Miz is in the ring.

Miz, “Ladies and Gentleman welcome to the single best talk show in sport entertainments history, I am you host the must see intercontinental champion The Miz. Tonight my guest is the man I will beat and retain my IC champion this Wednesday Night on WWE Main Event, Kofi Kingston”

Kofi Kingston music hits and he comes to the ring.

Miz, “Kofi Kingston how does it feel that in two days you will be losing to me? Kingston you’re nothing more than an afterthought, who works himself up the ranks but then always falls when it comes to hitting the next level. Doesn’t it make you feel pathetic that the last relevant thing you accomplished was in 2009, vandalizing Randy Orton’s car? Since then Kofi what have you done? Won a couple of tag-team championships with nobodies, while I became the WWE champion and Main Evented Wrestle Mania beating John Cena. Kofi your career is simply a failure, and you will continue to fail when you lose to me”.

Kofi grabs the microphone of The Miz

Kofi, “Miz you might be right, yeah I have not accomplished as much as what I intended to since 2009, but that all changes this Wednesday night, when I beat you and become the IC champion. See I am sick and tired from taking the back seat and watching others rise to the top, especially people who don’t deserve it, isn’t that right Miz? So why don’t you shut the hell up, because from this day forwards it Kofi’s time”

Kofi hits Miz and they brawl on the couch and the rest of the set, Kofi then goes for trouble in paradise, but Miz bails, leaving his championship in the ring. Kofi picks the IC championship up and raises it.

Announced next Orton vs. Show Raw Active and later punk must choose who he will face at HIAC- Commercial Break

Match 7- Randy Orton vs. The Big Show (Raw Active- Street Fight)

Winner: Randy Orton in 15 minutes (commercial break in-between)

During the match, Big show choke slammed Orton threw the announce table, they used steel chairs, kendo sticks, road signs, trash can bins and lids, aluminum pans and a aluminum kitchen sink.

Also During the match when Orton had the upper hand, Del Rio ran out and attacked him, resulting in Sheamus coming out and saving Orton. Sheamus also hit his finisher on Show and Orton won with an RKO on a set up steel chair.

Advertise Kofi vs. Miz on Main Event and highlights with Punk promo and Triple H interrupting Cena

Commercial Break- next CM Punk must choose who he faces.

When we are back from commercial break John Cena is already in the ring, and Ryback’s music hits and he also goes to the ring. Cena and Ryback look at each other, until CM Punk’s music hits. CM Punk comes out with Paul Heyman and 20 security guards, they all head to the ring.

CM Punk with a microphone, “Now before I choose who I will be beating at HIAC, I wanted to say that I brought out these 20 security guards for the benefit of both of you, because I am extremely angry that people don’t believe me when I say I had nothing to do with Vince M attack, and its because of this anger I am protecting you both from getting your asses kicked tonight by the best in the world. However, come HIAC I wont be too nice, because I will destroy either one of you and show why I’ve been the WWE champion for 320 plus days. However, before I choose Paul would like something to say”.

Paul H, “I just wanted to say that Vince, I’m appalled by your actions last week, when you punched me in the face, but I give you my word that I had nothing to do with you being assaulted in your own home yesterday. However, because you hit me last week, I will be filing an assault charge and you will be dealt with in the forthcoming weeks”.

Cena grabs a microphone, but punk moves away from wall of security and goes face to face with Cena.

Punk, “you want to know who I’m going to face ha”

Punk kicks Cena right bellow the belt and then goes face to face with Ryback (with Ryback and Punks heads touching) Ryback punches Punk, resulting in the 20 security guards grabbing Ryback while Punk and Heyman bail up the ramp.

Ryback then shows his strength and pushes all 20 security guards and starts attacking them one by one, throwing some of them outside of the ring, and hitting clotheslines and slams. The remaining two security guards get finishered by Ryback simultaneously.

Punk then says, “Ryback my opponent isn’t you its John Cena”

Ryback looks pissed and as Cena is getting up Ryback hits his finisher on him.

Punk and Heyman are about to walk to the back when Stephanie M music hits, she comes out and slaps Punk across the face (on the entrance stage) and says, “next week my father will be back on Monday Night Raw and he wants to see you punk man to man in the Cell”.

She walks away and Raw ends with punk and Heyman with a concerned look on their faces.

Note: when Stephanie mentions the cell it just means that the two will meet inside HIAC next week in a confrontation (not a match) similar to what happened at the end of Raw last week, when they simply did not really have a match, but more of a really good brawl. Also Brock would have been revealed as the attacker in the next couple of episodes leading to Triple H, Ryback, Vince M and Cena vs. Punk, Heyman, Brock and someone else in a survivor series match.

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    Keep going with this. Lots of effort put into a really good blog. Pity wwe creative don't have your initiative!
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    You are definetly a master mind. I enjoy how every promo is completely believeable with the character in place as well as how deep and legit they are. Plus the matches are definetly different from what WWE usually gives. One day, WWE Creative Team is going to read your blog on a series like this and completely plagerize it cause they are really well done. Enjoy the effort. Keep it up

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