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Cobra Commander

The Snake Pit! Bound for Glory?

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Somebody wanted it so now you got it! A new edition of The Snake Pit!

Here I will talk about my prediction in the BFG PPV and maybe a little review of impact! on 10/11/12.

Joey Ryan vs Al Snow

Well this match will just be a butt kicking by Al Snow followed by an upset win for Joey Ryan. I have to admit I am one of the 87%er out there. I think Joey has had the most talent in the ring and on the mic out of all of their Gut Check participants. On the other hand that is not really saying to much since the rest lacked in one way or the other and some of them lacked in both. It will be nice to see at least one of the Gut Check people not only wrestle on TV but wrestle on a PPV.

Winner: Joey Ryan


Tara vs Ms Tessmacher

Here we go one more time. The "student" vs "the teacher" for the KO Belt. Well the big news here is we get to see Tara "Hollywood" boyfriend. The have me stumped on this one with no clues as to who it could be. I think Tara will win this one after being put down by Tess on impact and the fact that Brooke Hogan hates her and her BF will be there that night all signs point to Tara winning. I should note she will win by cheating.

Winner: New KO Champion Tara


RVD vs Zema Ion

This is a match they dropped in on impact with Zema running his mouth and RVD shutting it for him with a Vandamanator. I must admit I am hyped about this match because now we can see what the X division champ can really do. With RVD on the other side you know the match will be 5 Star but now we can see if Zema can wrestle a great match of if he is just a midcarder who got lucky. On a side note a few weeks ago RVD said the next time he plans to use a Vanterminator would be at BFG. If RVD uses it I will be very happy and this will make the price of the PPV worth it or at least close to it. As far as winners go it could go either way. RVD would bring a lot of prestige to the belt while Zema winning would give him something to really brag about and show he can be a great champ. It is a hard call but I am going with...

Winner: New X Division Champion RVD

TV Championship

Magnus vs Samoa Joe

Now this will be a brawl more or less. You have two heels going at it with the TV Championship hanging in the balance. IT will be a hard fight but I think Samoa Joe is gonna beat Magnus in the end. Only because Samoa Joe just got the belt and he is already mad at Magnus. On a side note I don't think this will be the end and I think Magnus will claim the belt on another night but as far as BFG goes...

Winner: And still TV Champion Samoa Joe

Tag Team Titles

Styles and Angle vs Daniels and Kazarian vs Chavo and Hernandez

This is going to end up being a free for all. There will be bodies flying all over the place but Kaz and Daniels shall retain their title because good is stupid. A Spaceballs reference for the ones who get it and the rest of you need to go watch the movie. Anyways they makeAJ Styles look like he has no brain at all by letting Kaz and Daniels get in his head again at impact. I mean really? If what happened to AJ happened to me I would not believe ANYTHING Kaz and Daniels said. They could tell me the sky is blue and I would know they are lying because their lips are moving and if you go outside it will most likely be raining. I know they have to make a way for Kaz and Daniels to win but it would of been better for them to fool Super Mex or Chavo instead of AJ again. Oh well you Tag Team Champions will be...

Winner: Kaz and Daniels

Street Fight

Bobby Roode vs James Storm

Now it is time for the match of the night and the REAL main event. This should of been the BFG main event but I understand they did not because they think Jeff Hardy will get them more buys and the may be right but for any TNA fan this is the true main event. This match will not be pretty, this match will not be graceful, this match will not be for small children. The match should be a bloody beat down to the tenth level. I will be disappointed if there is no blood at the end of this match. We had to wait almost a whole year to see this and now we will get to see it. Since this is a street match there is no DQ, no cheating, and no mercy. We will finally see the end of the battle that broke up Beer Money. I can go on and on about this match but I won't and just say

Winner: James Storm (or we RIOT!)

Aces and Eights vs Sting and Bully Ray

I hope they have a metal detector before this match because someone is going to get stabbed in the back. For the last few years BFG has marked the changing of the guard if you will for TNA. New on screen management takes over and the old guard is thrown out. They did it to Dixie, they did it to Eric, and now it is Hogan or Stings turn, maybe both. The obvious is Bully turns on them or the shocker is Sting turns on them or Hogan cost them both the match, who knows. The only thing I know is Aces & Eights will come out on top.

Winner: Aces and Eights

TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Austin Aries vs Jeff Hardy

Well well well here we are at the other main event. The funny part is neither person in this match is a true heavyweight. This match will be high flying, risk taking, over the top wrestling. Sounds more like the X division but no this is the WHC match and we have a heeel(?) champion Austin Aries going up against the reborn Jeff Hardy. Everyone wait no not everyone but a lot of people want to see Hardy win. I am rooting for A Double to win. I think I am rooting for the losing side because Jeff has overcame a lot and this would be great for him and TNA for his hard work to finally pay off and become the champ once more. Also with heels taking over managment they will need a face champion.

Winner: And New TNA Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. Sahu's Avatar
    Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
    Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries (C)
    Winner: Jeff Hardy

    Match for the Tag Team Championship

    Kurt Angle/AJ Styles vs. Hernandez/Chavo Guerrero vs. Kazarian/Christopher Daniels(c)
    Winner: No Contest

    Street Fight Match
    James Storm vs. Bobby Roode
    Winner: No Contest

    Match for the Knockout's Championship
    Tara vs. Brooke Tessmacher (c)
    Winner: Brooke Tessmacher

    Aces & Eights vs. TNA
    Sting & Bully Ray vs. Aces & Eights
    Winner: A&8s

    Match for the Television Championship
    Samoa Joe (C) vs. Magnus
    Winner: Samoa Joe

    Grudge Match
    Al Snow vs. Joey Ryan
    Winner: Joey Ryan

    Match for the X Division Championship
    Rob Van Dam vs. Zema Ion (C)
    Winner: Zema Ion
    Updated 10-14-2012 at 05:25 AM by Sahu
  2. Rick Starr's Avatar
    I've always been a fan of Austin Aries. Given that, I honestly have to say this past Thursday, it looked like he was ripping off CM Punk's character really hard. Maybe it was just just because I just saw Punk's documentary right before Impact, and saw a lot of similarities...who knows.

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