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WWE: Missed Opportunities Segment 3

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Hey guys, hope all is well. I am bringing you another "Missed Opportunities" blog. Now with the debate of Ryback getting pushed to the main event too quickly, I thought I would look at other superstars who were pushed too quickly in their careers to a world championship.

Now some of you may disagree with me, but in all honesty, winning the most prestigious title in the WWE within a year of being their takes away the credit of the title.So your saying if I was only in the WWE for a few months I could get atleast the United States Title. It is irritating. First off, him coming to Raw was not a bad idea, and him competing in the intelligent idea of the Breakout Battle Royal was not a bad idea either, but him winning was. It took away the possibility of a star who has already been there for a long time to get their break in getting to that main event scene with the WWE Title on the line. Length should matter. Anyways, although Sheamus got alot of heat, he was not built up properly and he has no true intriguing history in the WWE as he only had like two feuds before facing Cena at TLC. In my opinion, it could of been alot greater for him if he won the RR this year and actually won his first world title at WM in an actual match. It was just too early, I really do not know what else to say but please comment for an objection.

Alberto Del Rio
I know he wrestled before entering the WWE, but really? On his first night he comes and beats the former world champion Rey Mysterio. And he even did it cleanly, by making him tap out! WWE really pulled it here when they make it look so easy to get in the main event and beat a former world champion. No newly signed superstar should be given a victory like that. I hope you can see why as it takes away from a wrestler's performance. Anyways, within 4 months, he would receive his first world title shot at TLC. 4 months? It took R-Truth years to get his first even shot at one, but for Del Rio it only took 4 months. Again, apparently loyalty, length, and hardwork in the WWE can mean absolutely nothing. Later he would win his first RR match, the biggest of them all.
Apparently expierience means nothing here either. Let me put it this way, if someone came into your house and challenged you at what you were best at with only a mid-line expeirience and beat you at it, that just makes no logical sense. Besides this guy was already poor on the mic. His ring skills I won't argue with, except his finisher, not really caring into the match as like no big star taps out anymore. He would lose at WM (his first time at WM already main eventing a world title match, what the flip?) He would move on in winning MITB (another match some other already developed superstar could of won) and cash it in for a month reign title only to lose it to John Cena. This is a slap in the face to every WWE Hall of Famer/Legend as they worked their bottoms off with blood, sweat, tears, and more blood to get in the area he was. WWE Creative Team was very lazy in ADR's character development and progression. POINTLESS

Jack Swagger
Poor Jack Swagger. I actually strongly disliked the guy at one time, but looking at where he started to now is sad. Hopefully he comes back with something new. Anyways, to me, he was pushed too quickly through his world title reign. He shockingly won MITB at WM26 and cashed it in the following Smackdown to become World Heavyweight Champion. In reality, this only hurt Swagger as well, although he had two credible victories., (Triple Threat Match vs Jericho and Edge, Randy Orton at Extreme Rules) it was way too early for him claiming victories against guys of this calibur. Seriously, his reign would end and he would go straight back to the mid-card. This only hurt him as again another slap in the face to WWE Legends who never won a world title. He would go straight back to mid-card, all the way to the low-carders. Ouch. Do not know what else to say about that.

The Miz
I understand if yall think would debate me on this one, but the Miz went from being WWE Champion to a losing streak to Intercontinental Champion. Just like Swagger in a way as Swagger did have that losing streak in between. Anyways, the Miz, although very developed as a character, and was with the WWE for a long time, it just was not as rememorable as I would of liked it to be the night he became world champion. Its suppose to be the the greatest night of a WWE's superstars career, or atleast one of them. I just feel the Miz should of waited longer or cashed it in for a better feud instead of with Randy Orton.

Dolph Ziggler
So Dolph Ziggler, the Mr.Showoff, the man who is an amazing performer and a brilliant seller, the man who leaves it all in the ring won his first world championship by having Edge stripped of it, only to lose it in the exact same night with maybe a 10 minute match. Again, takes away that emotion and passion of winning your first ever world championship. Now when Ziggler cashes in his money in the bank (successfully of course) he is going to be a two time World Heavyweight Champion. Really? The guys first reign is a dud, but his second will be great, though it hurts him. He gets to be a guy known as who won his first world title through him claiming it through it getting stripped. Its the first world title reign that alot of people look at. Guys like John Cena and Batista. I remember their first world title reigns, not so much their seconds, because it is what brought them to the top. WWE should just expunge his first reign as champion and say the title was just stripped and vacant, not rewarded to him for 10 minutes. Mr.Ziggles is great talent, just should of not won his first world title the way he did.

The Great Khali
Just........NO! He is boring, tasteless, and irrelevant. Done. Should have never been world champion.

Thanks for reading and please I am up for any heated arguments aslong as thier respectful though I do accept hate comments, but again in a respectful way. And if there was someone on here that should of been on here, please tell me, cause I forget things. Also what are your thoughts on Ryback's quick push to the main event. Hope all is well. Remember the Cross, and who died on it.

"That if you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved."-Romans 10:9

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. MattElder's Avatar
    Good Blog.

    Sheamus I think comes down to his age as he's not much younger than Cena and it was a good shock him winning IMO.

    ADR should be jobbing out anybody and everybody...If there is 1 person on roster that should gone its him.... Nothing major in the ring, Mic skills are poor and is so repitive it annoys me!
  2. smellmycooking's Avatar
    I sort of see your point in terms of new guys being pushed too early can ruin prestige of a title, but by this happening it also adds to that moment when a long serving mid carder finally grasps the brass ring. My favourite title build up in recent memory was hardy winning his 1st wwe championship. Shit I was even happy 4 mark Henry, but u need to balance this with fresh faces like the mix and shamus surprising us all and winning their championship.
  3. DR.X313's Avatar
    imo, you are right about all the wrestlers you mentioned, for me swagger is the biggest fail by the creative team. all he needed was a sweet suplex hold, or different power bomb was all he needed t get relly over. but giving him that wc so soon killed his character.

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