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The Tap Out - Ending the Streak

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Hi All,

I have been away from this site for a while for 2 reasons;

1.Personal reasons, let's just say me and my 'tag team partner' parted ways after many years.
2.There was a point on here where everyone just became venomous (I was told to sick black cock just because of my blogs title!) and weren't really helpful when it came to improving blogs, they would just be offensive and crass if anyone outside 'the clique' decided to write a blog. Hopefully things have now become less hostile.

So after a few months away I finally got the urge to blog again and just to keep the 'black cock' folk happy I have re-branded the blog as 'The Tap Out' hopefully this blog title will not get anyone as hot under the collar as the last one did..anyway to the blog

The annual rumour of the Undertaker preparing to return are starting to circulate with rumours of a Lesnar match or CM Punk. There is a lot of speculation as to whether the streak should or shouldn't end and if it should, who would be the man to do this?

Vince McMahon has stated on many occasions that nobody is bigger then the business and I fell that if there is one man that is an exception to this it's the dead man himself. While Mark Calaway fully deserves to leave the company on top with his head held high and the streak intact I find it only more fitting for the business and the character of The Undertaker if his final ever match end's with the streak broken.

I think it would be the ultimate send off for the dead man to go out like this, granted I think it would be extremely difficult for fans to accept that anyone could end taker streak and the person who ends the streak will be hounded and hated by the fans..but depending on the person this might just help the reach new height's.

With that being said here are so of the potentials for ending/not ending the streak;

1.John Cena
This match is talked about alot. Many people believe that the only person that could take the dead mans crown is Cena himself I have my reservations. I don't think Cena needs this to further his career, he has come as far as he can and I truly believe he should be winding down his career. Cena is already a marmite character with most people falling into the 'hate it' category and If the E' were to let Cena win..I believe they would loose a hell of a lot of respect and fans.

The up and comer Ryback is another possibility to end the streak. He has the physical power to dominate, he's getting the fans behind him at the moment and could well have the get up and go to put the deadman back in his grave for good. The only issue I would have is that currently Ryback is very green, he could do with moving to the main event as he is doing now, staying there until mania 30 and then maybe it would be time to let the dead man 'rest in peace'.

3.CM Punk
This is the guy that everyone is looking to this year...CM Punk Vs. The Undertaker, while I agree that the prospect of Punk, the Indy wrestler who has defied all odds and sits on top of the E's mountain is a mouth watering prospect for taking down the dead man I also feel that he just doesn't look like he could do it. He is not physically big and the E' have built him around being either lucky and cowardly to win. A few month's of booking him as a straight winning heel that can out shoulders to mats cleanly and I think he'd be ready. It could knock Punk into the stratosphere as an all time greatest heel if he were to take down Taker. Punk would be my choice for ending the streak.

4.Brock Lesnar
Correct me if I'm wrong but this is a match that has never happened. Taker and Lesnar have never had that fight and people must be dying to see it. While I personally wouldn't want Lesnar to win I think that it wouldn't be believable if he didn't. Taker is past his prime and Lesnar is still a beast of a man. If Lesnar were a company man who planned to stay around and help the younger generations then I would be fine with this but If he just showed up, de throned the dead man and would I.

5.Kurt Angle
I hear rumours years ago that Taker himself wanted Angle to be the one to take his streak and bury it. While I loved Kurt and hope that one day he will return to the E' for one final run I think he is also past his prime and the point where a win over Taker would do him any good.

Overall I think it needs to be a guys who has either just hit or is about to hit the big time that needs to end the streak. My personal favourites would be Ryback or Punk as they would get the most out of it.

Thanks to anyone who reads this blog and any feedback is welcome (hopefully this will be constructive and not related to the coloured mans anatomy!)

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  1. stone cold bruiser brody's Avatar
    That is all.
  2. MattElder's Avatar
    Great Blog and well written.

    Id like to disagree with the Punk section as I think he is proven himself to be "The Best in the world".

    Now here's the big 1 for me...... I think Cena should be the 1 to end the streak....Alot of people wont agree on this but here are my reasons.

    Once in every generation there is a moment which shakes the wrestling world to its core. Im talking about the famous SCSA promo and King of the Ring, Im talking about Hogans heel turn and the NWO, Foley of the cell....

    Cena with a dirty win over taker!!!
    Yes thats right the streak ending and a Cena heel turn all in 1 night..Lets face it Cena as done all that can be done in the business with the exception of the streak. He's knocking on and a new guy needs to be the face guy of the company giving a Cena heel turn more than possible.

    Whilst Cena doesn't need to be "Put over" by taker its about more than that, Its about a creating a moment which could possible change the whole direction of the "E".
  3. smellmycooking's Avatar
    I think the e missed an opportunity here. I might be wrong but Didn't lesnar sign before wrestle mania? Instead of having hhh, taker and hbk hug it out at the end of the match the undertakers gong should have hit, lights out, and 20-1 appears on the tron before Lesnars music hits and he destroys all 3 in the ring, with taker eating an f5. That way we have a taker lesnar match set up 4 the next mania and potential feuds with hhh and hbk to fill the gap. For the record I am not a lesnar fan
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