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Sudden Impact: Bound for Glory Inches Closer

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Hey wrestling fans, DK Wrestling Savior here with another edition of Sudden Impact, where it's all TNA, all the time.

We are inching closer and closer to Bound For Glory. It always gets exciting when we get closer to a big event. Not just any PPV, but for TNA, it's their Wrestlemania. So, needless to say, things are getting interesting. I'm happy to see that despite BFG being right around the corner, they did go back to focusing on wrestling and, other than the decision on who will be Sting's partner, they didn't do much Aces and Eights stuff and focused more on everything else that's hovering around the big PPV.

So, let's get to it, shall we?

Choosing Sting's Partner

So Sting has his eye on everyone tonight to choose the best partner to go against Aces & Eights. I actually liked the idea, there really was only two or three realistic possibilities. However, many people made their case. Backstage we saw Kurt Angle putting his name into the hat, even though he has a match. BTW, Christopher Daniels is funny as hell. Then we saw Bully Ray make a very valid case, which resulted in Sting telling him HE NEEDS A BULLY. And the decision to make Bully his partner while a bit predictable, sets a nice table for the potential Bully Ray turn. They teased an Anderson choice, but that was never a real option. As soon as they announced it, I knew something was gonna happen to prevent him from being the one.

Gunner vs Mr Anderson

Anderson has a message for Sting to watch him if he needs a partner. His opponent is Gunner. A pretty decent opening match. I'm not the biggest Anderson fan but I'm happy he won. I don't think it takes too much away from Gunner, since they've currently got him involved in a tag team with Kash. TNA has a shortage of tag teams right now, so they might as well make use of some of the talent you don't see much of. Anderson hits the mic check for the win, and then nails Kash with it after the match. I think Sting got the message on that one.

Tara and Gail Kim vs ODB and Tessmacher

It's good to see Gail Kim back. It's not good to see this old school Melina wannabe gimmick for Tara. Be that as it may, I hope the Knockouts get more of stuff like this. They have good talent and should be used. As for the match, not the best, but it served its purpose. Tara is all about herself, and takes care of the champ via my favorite finisher of all...The Widow's Peak. I smell new champ coming.

Al Snow and Joey Ryan

YES. A Joey Ryan sighting. This time, it's official. Al Snow introduces him. They had their segment and confirmed their match for BFG. I like the heat Joey Ryan got. I also liked the way they went about it. It was pretty predictable. I'm just glad that all the build up over the past several months with him has come to fruition and I'm looking forward to seeing a new star. Now that he's in, I hope he delivers.

The Samoa Joe Era Begins

Okay, not quite. But now that he's TV Champ, it looks like we'll be seeing him on every episode, which is a good thing. His reign as new TV champion officially kicks off tonight with his first title defense against RVD. A good competitive match. RVD looked like he might get him, but as he went for the five star, Joe got him with the muscle buster and the win in his first title defense. They also confirmed Samoa Joe vs Magnus for BFG. I hope they use next week to build on it, instead of just letting it be a match.

Chavo Guerrero vs Kurt Angle

Kurt had a nice rivalry with Eddie Guerrero once upon a better era in the other company. (that's my weekly cheap shot). I love watching Kurt Angle matches. They always seem to be among the best of the night, though you can tell that thigh injury has slowed him down right now. These two had a very good match. I was surprised to see Chavo get the win. There was good action and I'm really looking forward to the triple threat tag title match at BFG.

Zema Ion vs Douglas Williams X Division Title

At this point, we're over an hour into the show and we've already got the same amount of matches as any of the last three weeks. Zema Ion made very short work of Douglas Williams as he continues to injure people with that nasty looking submission. I wonder who his opponent will be at Bound For Glory. Is Jesse Sorensen okay to wrestle yet? I haven't seen or heard from him in a while, but I'm assuming that as bad as that neck injury was, he's not ready yet. Whoever Zema's opponent is, I hope it's someone who's going to put on a great match.

James Storm, Bobby Roode, and King Mo

James Storm and Bobby Roode are on a collision course. Bobby Roode promises a blood bath. I'm holding him to it at BFG. I want blood in that street fight. Then, Roode had to talk shit about King Mo and bite off more than he can chew. I think I might like King Mo. But I'm interested in what gimmick he will have. I want to see a character in him. Not a washed up Brock Lesnar. We will see.

Aces & Eights Segment

Joseph Park has seen better times. So far, he's been kidnapped, smashed in the head with a hammer, stayed abducted for two weeks, and got some electric shock treatment for his trouble this week. He can endure a hell of a lot of punishment, for a lawyer. I hope everyone senses my sarcasm here.

Bully Ray vs Jeff Hardy vs Austin Aries

Bully Ray wants to make his point to Sting. He got sucked into a triple threat. As could be expected in this match, Hardy and Aries were at each other and trying to one up each other, but without actually wrestling each other too much. Bully got the win in a match that was much shorter than I anticipated. I like how they're truly saving Aries and Hardy for the PPV. I'm not sure if I like the idea that Aries is going to be going heel. Not 100% sure it's going to happen, but it sure looks that way.

This was an awesome episode of Impact. It had a great mix of wrestling, PPV build, well played out segments. It just had a great feel to it from beginning to end.

Before I close this out. I just want to touch on the Aces & Eights one more time. I mentioned in the Sting partner segment that the table is set up nicely for Bully Ray to be the turncoat in this situation. And while I've been calling it for several weeks, since he never really ever got attacked, it just seems a little too easy now, doesn't it? How much of a curve ball would it be, if Sting was the turncoat. I know it's about 99.999% unlikely, but talk about a heel turn of 1996 Hogan-like epic proportions? That would be a jaw-dropper if there ever was one. Think about it. Anyone else, is just sort of like, "eh, okay", but if was Sting. There's a WOW for ya.

Also, it was brought to my attention in a comment on last week's post, about how the talker when they abducted Hogan & Sting was Eric Bischoff. I listened a few times and while audio can easily be edited, Bischoff's talking style is hardly replicated. After listening during the actual recap on tonight's Impact, with the Aces & Eights voice changer in place, I picked up on a lot of Bischoff-like style of talking. Now I'm not sure if that's really the intention here, or if he was just the person to sit in for that segment, for whatever reason. But I now think it was him doing the talking last week.

I hope you enjoyed this week's edition of Sudden Impact as much as I enjoyed writing it. It was a good show and next week is the coming home episode before Bound For Glory. So that means, next week's Sudden Impact will have predictions at the end.

Thanks for reading everyone. Be sure to become a fan of my filmmaking facebook page by liking me.

Be Safe.

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  1. TheGeneral's Avatar
    Thanks DK. Keep up the good work.
  2. Sahu's Avatar
    Hey DK, while reading the initial portions of your blog, I too felt what if Sting turns on...that would be great...but it can't be at Hogan's proportion..because we have seen hogan doing it n any such heel turn will remain second to it...

    I loved the fact that Chavo won over Angle...Chavo is getting good build in TNA...they have not placed him on the top of mountain..instead they kept him in Tagteam division....which needs some veteran to carry forward..n occasionally they are showing him winning against top guys in singles action...I'm always a fan of Chavo....n I'm loving it...
    Updated 10-05-2012 at 11:36 AM by Sahu
  3. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    Great recap... As Konnan would say, "Let me speak on this!"

    Sting - I don't get how people can say Sting isn't "solid" on the mic. The Joker character he has going if fully entertaining. The exchanges with Kurt and Bully were great. I even loved the subtle turn of Bully getting him to tell Hogan that he wants a Bully having his back. Sting still has that ability to make me pay attention to what he does, be it subtle or exaggerated. I am under the impression that Bully will turn at the PPV because its logic and it's more towards what the new regime of writer’s style of writing is, but I can see Bischoff going for broke and throwing a "better than Russo" swerve with Sting. Would he be a big enough payoff for the fans of this angle? I would be happy, but I don't see it happening since Sting will be the first inductee into the TNA HOF and it would be a direct stab at the company to do it on that night... but TNA has done crazy before.

    Anderson - Thank you TNA for not letting this happen. I like Anderson but I like Anderson in the TV title hunt, not the headline. I have said before (during the Anderson/RVD/Hardy series) that Anderson was the weaker link. I see him improving for sure, but I feel that he still has some strides to make in the ring for me. I love him on the mic, but Stings partner needed to be solid all around, and I don't see Anderson in that role.

    Joey Ryan (trending world wide, btw)- For a mid-card match, this is a good one. Decent build since the second GutCheck and I can't help but feel that Poot-Hair was right in that the twist should have been Taz vs. Ryan. That would have set up Snow turning and giving Joey the win for the contract and Snow as the Manager... After all, Snow did say yes.

    Joe - Grand slam champion and he should be. I think if they give him some decent build, he could be the "devastation machine" (to quote Hulk) that the MidCard title needs to give it some more credibility and help the fans past the fact that Devon (the peoples champ, imagine that) left. They are starting out right with a feud that has been building to start Joe's reign. I see Joe retaining over Magnus @ BFG, but the feud just beginning between the two.

    Chavo vs. Kurt - I liked the match, but I really wish Kurt would get back to 100%. I love that he is a trooper about it, but this could have easily been AJ vs. Chavo with the same point. I guess the win over Kurt makes Chavo look more of a threat, but I'd rather them protect the guy on his last legs. That being said, I loved the end of the match. Sets up for the New LAX (I'm gonna call them TexMex at this point because I can't think of a better name) to show that they'll win, no matter how they do it.

    Ion - I love this character now. Glad to see Williams back and I wish this would have gone longer, but it furthered the character. I honestly don't see Sorensen in a match at BFG, but I see Ion in a successful title defense (I hope they bring in a past X star for a match, even if it's a 1 off with Williams, Bentley, LowKi, or I'd love for a Jerry Lynn match) only to be interrupted during his after match promo by Sorensen. This will set up a match at Genesis, which is when I predicted Sorensen’s return.

    King Mo - I wasn't looking forward to this. I honestly don't like the idea of him being a part of TNA... But I do like how they put him as the enforcer for the match. The conflict with Roode was well done, but you are right DK. I need to know more about the character he will have before I make a judgment, but I am a little less pessimistic of this guy now. I will say one thing though; that robe is pure sparkles.

    Triple Threat - It had a good feel and kept me waiting for that Aries vs. Hardy moment, but without giving the payoff. I got it with the Twist, broken pin, into Last Chancery. I think that TNA made a wise "business" decision with putting Hardy in the match, and the build that they are currently doing has me thinking that this might have been the right "wrestling" decision as well. I hope Aries stays face without a blatant heel turn, but I will be happy either way so long as he retains. I think Hardy is almost there for the true comeback, but I don't want him taking the title @ BFG... I'd rather see it at Genesis after they let this program have a good build to it.

    And as for you not know that it was Bischoff the first week, DK... I don't want an "apologment" for it, I demand you to say you're sorry!

  4. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    Nice review DK. Personally I was disappointed in the X Division match we didn't see much X Division type stuff but man I love that submission that Ion does. I wish they would have gone with the Tara as a jealous mentor thing rather than this Hollywood obsessed lady. Good to see a giant jumping muscle buster (seems rare these days to see it at all) and I think its funny how much Joe is staring the camera down lately. Agree about the heat Joey Ryan got. It was classic predictable but well done and I'm glad the fans care.

    Chavo is not doing it for me yet as a singles wrestler he doesn't have enough of a moveset. I liked King Mo's push down of Roode he didn't hold back though I'm not thrilled at the idea of him getting involved in the Roode vs. Storm street fight. As far as the main event, I was disappointed when I heard it was going to be a triple threat only because I want Hardy and Aries to not battle until then so I was pleasantly surprised with how the match was worked.

    It's now almost a guarantee that Bully Ray is in Aces and Eights but that's okay with me even though it's not like he needs any extra heat. I think they make a mistake any Impact they don't let Calfzilla get on the microphone to either say "Do You Know Who I Am?" or talk about his Twittah Machine.

    Oh and Daniels and Kazarian are one of the best things in wrestling right now. Cracks me up every time they pull an appletini out of the locker

    Definitely a better show than the last couple weeks.
    Updated 10-05-2012 at 11:01 AM by JohnnyV123
  5. nothingmusic42's Avatar
    I've been saying for a while that A&8 should have three leader. Sticking with the biker theme:
    Jeff Jarrett as President- he's pissed that he founded the company, and got sent off to Mexico (and for the live of God, no Karen!!!)
    Bully Ray as V.P.- he'll be the one actually going after the title.
    Parks as Sargent-at-Arms -Parks reemerges as Abyss (or creates a new persona, ala Foley) as the enforcer/hitman of the group.

    Right now, everyone is thinking about who the leader is. I think by using a triad-leadership, it could make things far more interesting.
  6. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Don't like the card this year because I think they could have done better with the card.

    Shoulda had team 3-D team to face Aces & 8s at BFG. Be weird seeing Bully Ray team with Sting. That would be a helluva moment to remember win or lose. The fans would be off their seats for sure if that happened.

    Don't like Tara doing this hollywood crap either however, I do like the fact she is no longer stale.

    Havn't been in to Joey Ryan that much at all. Not that into him at all. Don't think of any of the people of gutcheck has deserved a shot in TNA. Gutcheck has been a bit of a disappointment as I was hoping it would be tougher to get a contract. Make it more meaningful instead, more people gets contracts than the wave goodbye.Screwed up having Taz to start the fued with him knowing he can't go no more. I would have enjoyed watching Taz do Tazmission to him o more so than watching Al Snow hit him with his head. Even a low-down by D-Lo would have been more intriguing to me.

    Glad one good match is being booked for the show in Magnus vs Joe for the TV title. I can't wait to hear who Ion will face for the X-Division title. Hope it is a good one possibly RVD. RVD and Mr.Anderson should be a tag team. Mr.PPV, Monday, Thursday, ect with Mr.Anderson would intrigue me. Neither has anything to do anyway. Hopefully RVD can give him a rub at the ppv. Rather see him than Anderson by the way.

    Understood why they booked the match, but never was a big fan of Chavo's. Angle and AJ are both my favorites being used as a tag team on the apron rather than in the ring. Disappointed most by their use along with AJ again facing Daniels. Claire storyline was torture, but Daniels riding his coattails was even worse. I was hoping after she left, they would have Daniels defend tag titles vs someone else. Terrible use of top stars....tag division and knockouts division is at its worst.

    Roode vs Storm again? The only thing positive about this is it isn't for the world title.
  7. Y2JLionsault's Avatar
    I'm hoping for the swerve of Sting being the leader. I would take anyone to be the leader but Bully Ray. Bully is Ono such a role that he doesn't need it and I don't want him winning his World title on the back of Aces and Eights, I want him to keep going and earn it. Also I'm hoping for another big swerve with Hardy turning heel rather than A Double. Hardy cheating to win or something.

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