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Sudden Impact: Coming Home to Bound For Glory

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Hey fans, DK Wrestling Savior here with another edition of Sudden Impact where it's all TNA, and not guys who beat up the fans on live TV. :-)

Bound For Glory, TNA's biggest PPV of the year, is just 3 days away. And I gotta tell ya, this week's Impact had a PPV caliber card itself. And, as with all my other coming home to PPV blogs, I'm going to put my predictions at the end. And since there's a lot going on with this PPV, I promise to be as in-depth as I can.

So, let's get to it.

Austin Aries vs James Storm

First, a quick shout out to a very lively crowd this week. I was happy to see and hear that. Hopefully, it translates to a better rating that what we've seen recently. Not sure, but opening the night with this match is certainly a good thing. These two put on a very nice match to open things up. I kind of sense a CM Punk'esque type heel turn coming for Aries. Either way, a great match between two current top favorites. James Storm a little more so. Sucky ending but it served its purpose. Roode got major heat from this loud crowd tonight. Aries took advantage in a way that reminded me of Punk/Cena at Raw 1000. But, we'll save further speculation for my predictions. Great opening.

Hogan, Sting, Bully, Segment - Sting/Bully vs Kazarian/Daniels

Kaz called Hogan, Thunder Lips. I laughed for about 5 minutes. Good segment. Bully Ray is quickly becoming one of the best things going. I have my prediction for how that's all gonna go down later, but for this segment, he really got over with the crowd, and I like the semi-at odds thing going on with Hogan and Sting in the midst of all of this. I like the match that came out of it as well. "BULLY, GET THE TABLES". Powerbomb through the table. It was a good match. While it did just throw it out there about Sting and Bully being a team, the champs weren't completely jobbed out. I like how that happened. They held their own, as the tag champs should in a situation like that. And I love Daniels' theme. I think I say that every week.

AJ Styles vs Hernandez

Before this match, AJ and Kurt Angle had a bit of a falling out. We see that Briscoe kid again too. Rumors and reports have him as part of Aces & Eights. I don't know. You all know I don't listen to reports, so we'll see. But for this match, a good, competitive match. I hate the term, "Beast Mode". I liked "Beast" or "Beeeeeast" when it was cool like 5 years ago. But Hernandez is definitely a beast. He trucked AJ and I thought that finisher was pretty weak. AJ went down clean. Chavo and Hernandez got all the momentum going into BFG. We may be seeing new tag champs. Hmmmm.

**Quick Aces & Eights video. They revisit the question of whether they locked them out, or in. We might just be seeing them again tonight**

RVD in the X Division

Gotta say, I like it. It's something for him to do right now, and Zema needs a legit X Division opponent. So we get "Real F'n Dangerous" vs "The Whole F'n Show". Now, I'm almost 100% sure this is a filler, and Zema will win this match. However, I think the X Division is a good spot for RVD right now. He's not in the World Title picture, and hopefully the TV Title will become a very legit mid-card title with Joe on top of things and now battling with Magnus. So I like this match for BFG and I expect to be very entertained by it.

**I hate, hate Hate, HATE this Tara gimmick. HATE IT. It makes me not like Tara and they are destroying this heel turn. Don't make her, Melina. Please. However, does anyone think this Hollywood Boyfriend will be anyone of importance? Maybe, Eric Young???**

**Did Magnus say "Millions" of people to pay for Bound For Glory???**

Gail Kim vs Miss Tessmacher

I was very outspoken about Gail losing to Miss Tessmacher, TWICE. Well, now we get a Knockouts non-title match prior to her defense against Tara. I didn't expect too much of this match, since the quality of Knockouts matches has been down lately. But I was pleasantly wrong. Great Knockouts match. I should have known better than that. Gail Kim was wrestling. Great action. Close calls. Kind of a sudden ending, but overall, I'm very happy with the match. Tara attacks afterwards, as could be expected, and we almost saw a Widow's Peak. Tessmacher stood victorious.

Jeff Hardy vs Bobby Roode

When this match began, I just thought to myself the quality wrestling card we had this week. It was everything I've consistently praised TNA for over the past several months since starting this blog. I'm happy Roode attacked Hardy to start the match, because Hardy was taking too damn long slapping hands with the fans. This was a great match for a tv main event. They hit each other with everything. And of course, Roode hit the low blow and we got a DQ. Crap ending to an excellent match. But it wasn't about the ending of the match. It was about A Double heel turn. I do like how he threw in that new theme thing. I believe I said that two weeks ago. And when it seemed he was gonna stay tweener, he attacked Hardy and laid him out to a chorus of boos.

In my opinion, GREAT coming home show. Everything served its purpose and I am amped for Bound For Glory. And now it's time for my predictions.

Television Title Match: Samoa Joe vs Magnus

This should be a very good match. Things have been boiling between these two since the BFG Series began. The TV Title is going to mean something and it starts here. I think Joe pulls this one off, but it leads to more battles with these two.

Joey Ryan vs Al Snow

I've speculated for weeks now about this match and how this will go down. I think it's a okay match, not great, but the purpose being that Joey Ryan will become a full member of TNA. I think in the end, Al Snow will have him beat, and then give him the match, much to the chagrin of Brother Love and Taz. Joey Ryan wins and is a full member of TNA.

Knockouts Title Match: Tara vs Miss Tessmacher

We get the student vs teacher match, one more time. This time though, Tara wins the belt. She lays Miss Tessmacher out with the Widow's Peak. But more importantly, who is this Hollywood Boyfriend? They wouldn't have brought it up if it wasn't going to play a part. So, is it Eric Young, like I stated earlier, leading to a few with ODB? Or is there a new person being introduced into TNA? Maybe John Morrison? or Chris Master? I'm just speculating.

Tag Team Title Match: AJ/Angle vs Chavo/Hernandez vs Kaz/Daniels

This should be one of the best matches of the night. Angle being hurt is going to put a lot of the work on AJ. The champs are cunning and always find a way to win. But I like the position Chavo and Hernandez are in. So I'm gonna go with the champs retaining, over AJ or Angle while they're disputing, leading to a feud between the two.

X Division Title Match: RVD vs Zema Ion

Zema Ion has injured everyone in the X Division. I'm not sure the injury angle be what does RVD in, but I do expect Zema Ion to win this match. But not without a very good showing by RVD. These two should work pretty well together.

Street Fight: James Storm vs Bobby Roode w/ King Mo as Special Enforcer

I expect nothing short of a war. A blood bath. And just an all out onslaught. Some people say that they're sick of this feud and this match and all, but honestly, I'm fine with it. This could be the best match of the night, and it will be all over the place. I'm not sure what part King Mo will play, but I think James Storm takes the win with a last call out of nowhere. Probably the third one of the match.

World Title Match: Austin Aries vs Jeff Hardy

Up until tonight, TNA did a great job keeping these two from having any real altercations. But that all went out the window at the end of tonight. So at Bound For Glory, I think we're in for a special treat. I expect a lot of high spots, close calls, great action, and in the end, Austin Aries wins this match. He will draw major heat and probably win with some underhanded tactic. But he keeps the title. I'm just not sure how much sense it makes, considering he was a target of Aces & Eights for quite a bit there.

Aces & Eights vs Sting & Bully Ray

I put this at the end of my predictions because this has the most speculation behind it. It may be the last match of the night. It could be second to last with the title match being the closer, but either way, I think this match goes down like this. Sting gets "attacked" backstage prior to the match. Hogan stands in for him with Bully. Bully is in there for a bit, but Hogan takes the brunt of the beating here in a virtually one-sided battle.

Hogan hulks up. He battles back and as he gets ready to tag Bully, Bully jumps off the apron. The rest of Aces & Eights comes out through the crowd and get into the ring. Hogan is battered and surrounded. Sting's music hits. He hurries to the ring. Aces & Eights bail out. Sting helps Hogan up. And drops him with the Scorpion Death Drop. Bully and Aces & Eights get into the ring and lay waste to Hogan. No other revelations are made. And on second thought, this will close the show.

These are my predictions. I'd love to hear your ideas on how this will go down.

Two quick notes.

First, I'm going to plug my filmmaking facebook page again. Check out the page and "like" it. Become a fan of Voltage Entertainment. We'll be doing short films, web series and other really cool things. I'm trying to grow my fan base and if you guys "like" the page, that would be really awesome.

Second, I'm going to do a Special Sudden Impact following Bound For Glory. Then I'm shutting it down. I got way too much going on right now with work and school. It's just not feasible until the end of the semester. So for the next two months, I'll still keep in touch, but there won't be anymore blogs after Sunday.

I hope you enjoyed this week's Sudden Impact. Thanks for reading. Thank you to those who liked my FB page. And thank you to those who will like the page. Be Safe Everyone.

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  1. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    Hey DK just watched Impact and wow they did something that the WWE shows before last Wrestlemania didn't do and gave us an excellent night. Maybe a little too much actually.

    The only part of the night I didn't like was Hernandez winning with that shoulder push move. It's a cool move but it wasn't a finisher and against AJ Styles (especially when Hernandez isn't a main eventer) he shouldn't win like that the first time.

    When you say Aries winning cheaply wouldn't make sense with him being a target of Aces & Eights remember that the group attacked Bobby Roode even though he was a heel. To me that's part of what made them interesting they weren't just attacking the "good guys."
  2. BigMich1's Avatar
    I have to say, great review of what was a great IMPACT! I didn't catch the last five minutes since my DVR and I had a minor disagreement, and am surprised that they are turning AA full heel this quickly. This may however be a sign of a face turn for Bully or Bobby soon and needing a top heel. My quick thought on the A&8's match at BFG is that it will be a Sting heel turn, not a Bully and Sting turn. Also about the use of the "Pounce" finisher by Hernandez....I have to admit that I geeked out a bit since the "Alpha Male" was one of my favorites back in the day and think they are using this as a "safe" finisher for Hernandez, also SICK bump and sell by AJ!
  3. alcrissam's Avatar
    The entrances to these blogs get better and better ahahaha
  4. johnnyvine's Avatar
    I don't see a heel turn by Sting or a Bully swerve either, Joesph Parks interferes for Aces and Eights.
    Like to see Aries keep the belt, but that keeps Roode out of the main event scene too long.
    So a Hardy win is coming.
    Kaz and Daniels keeps the belt by pinning Angle, starting a Styles vs Angle war.

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